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A+ A- Chapter 707
Chapter 707: The Death Curse

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Sky Fate Mountain, Sky Fate sect.

Xue Lin laid on an ice bed inside of the giant palace. She laid there silently, unconscious.

Sky Fate Elder, the elder who had saved Xue Lin, stood in front of the ice bed. His expression was dark.

"Grandfather, why is this beauty still unconscious?" a handsome young man asked with surprise.

It had been a while since they rescued her. They even fed her a healing elixir. Logically, she should have awakened by now. It was strange that she was still unconscious.

The healing elixirs of the Sky Fate sect were very precious. The healing elixirs were made of precious herbs and special techniques. It was so precious that the disciplines of the clan did not use it on normal occasions. They only used it to rescue Xue Lin but they not did not expect the elixir to be ineffective.

Sky Fate elder furrowed his brows as he walked to Xue Lin's side. He placed his hand on Xue Lin's wrist and pushed some of his vital essence into her body. Then, he started to examine her injuries.

Suddenly, a strange force appeared in Xue Lin's body. The force was extremely powerful and knocked away Sky Fate elder's body.

One must know that Sky Fate elder was the sect master of Sky Fate sect. He was a powerful elite but to everyone's surprise, he was knocked away by the power in

Xue Lin's body.

"Death curse? She was cursed with the death curse?" Sky Fate elder said fearfully.

He finally understood the reason the beauty was unconscious and the reason her bloodline power did not awaken. A legendary fighter had cursed Xue Lin with the death curse.

How vicious! The Sky Fate elder has never been so angry in his life. The beauty in front of him was of the Ice Phoenix Bloodline, she was the chosen one by god but she was cursed with the Death Curse.

"Grandfather, you're saying the beauty will die soon?" The handsome young man asked with concern.

The handsome young man had some feelings for the unconscious beauty. It would be too unfortunate if the beauty died. A beauty would attract men's affections wherever she went.

"Not necessarily so. She would not die if she doesn't use the bloodline of the Ice Phoenix. In simpler terms, she will live as long as she does not become a fighter and leads an ordinary life," the Sky Fate elder said with some regret.

An ordinary person?

The handsome young man's face was also filled with regret. She was cursed with the Death Curse and could not activate the bloodline of the Ice Phoenix. This beauty was too pitiful.

"Grandfather, can you wake her up?" the handsome young man asked with hope in his voice.

Even though Xue Lin could not become a martial warrior, the beauty was so beautiful. It was would be nice

nice if he could pursue her.

Sky Fate elder shook his head and said, "She is in a deep sleep state, caused by self-induced hypnosis. She must have met something sad in life. She is in a deep sleep because she doesn't want to see the people who caused her pain."

The Sky Fate elder has heard of this condition in the past. It typically happens after the patient suffers tremendous sadness, so they went into deep sleep.

Suddenly, a young man ran hurriedly into the room and said, "Sect Master, there is trouble! A ton of people have gathered outside. They demand to see the destined person."

The young man was in his twenties and was wearing the Sky Fate sect uniform as he was a gate keeping disciple of the Sky Fate sect.

"Who are they? How dare they? Don't they know that the land of Sky Fate sect is prohibited to outsiders?" the handsome young man said angrily.

"They are not ordinary people. There is Xianzhi Qin from the Fiery Emperor Palace, Cold Blood from the Crimson Blood Sect, Niching Luo from the Luo Family and Baidao Jiang from the Jiang Family," the young man reported weakly.

Even though the Sky Fate sect was a powerful hidden sect, the people outside the door were all from the super powers of Huaxia. Each of their respective families were as strong as the Sky Fate sect. In combination, they were stronger than Sky Fate

Sky Fate sect.

Sky Fate elder seemed to have predicted their arrival. He said calmly, "Bring them to the Great Hall."

"Yes," the young man said before running away. He was afraid that if he was a second late, the crowd would knock apart the Sky Fate sect's door. After all, they all came from influential backgrounds.

Soon, Xianzhi Qin, Cold Blood, White Impermanence, Niching Luo and Baidao Jiang walked into the hall. Some of them, such as Cold Blood and Xianzhi Qin, were destined people while others were super geniuses. They were here to see the new destined person.

"What a beautiful woman," Cold Blood's eyes became heated when he saw Xue Lin. The woman before him was too beautiful. She had a charming face and a majestic presence. She looked like she had walked out from a painting.

"Sky Fate elder, can you gift me this beautiful woman?" one had to admit that Cold Blood was very arrogant. He immediately asked for Xue Lin when he walked into the hall.

"Cold Blood, you have spoken out of line. The Fiery Emperor Palace has not spoken yet, I want this beauty," Xianzhi Qin said with a charming smile.

"Ghost King Palace is also interested in this woman," White Impermanence said lightly. He was the Senior Brother of Black Impermanence and one of the four protectors of the Ghost King. He was much more powerful than Black Impermanence.

Qingfeng had just walked into the Great Hall when Great Hall when he heard the arguments of the crowd. His expression darkened. He thought, "F**k, Xue Lin is my wife. How could you guys fight over her? You are disrespecting me and ignoring my existence."

Bam bam bam…

Qingfeng stomped loudly on the ground as he took large strides into the Hall. His eyes flashed coldly.

"This woman is my wife. Go away if you don't wish to die," Qingfeng said proudly as he walked before the crowd.

What? Your wife?

Everyone was dazed for a moment. Their eyes were filled with disbelief. Even Sky Fate elder was surprised. Clearly, he never expected the woman to be married or for her husband to appear.

Qingfeng's eyes were filled with concern and sorrow when he looked at Xue Lin's figure. He carried Xue Lin in his arms and prepared to leave. However, he was stopped by the handsome young man of Sky Fate sect. The handsome young man said coldly, "Who said you could take her away?"

"F**k off." Qingfeng was in a terrible mood. Firstly, Xue Lin was unconscious. Secondly, these people were fighting over Xue Lin like she was an object.

A flash of anger appeared on the handsome young man's face. He said coldly, "Do you know who I am? I am the Young Lord of the Sky Fate sect, Ying Lu. How dare you speak to me this way?"

Ying Lu was furious that he was insulted in front of everyone on his own territory.


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