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Chapter 709: Qingfeng's Anger

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Everyone was filled with disbelief when they saw Sky Fate elder kneeling before Qingfeng and referring to him as 'Young Master'.

The Sky Fate elder was the Sect master of Sky Fate sect. 15 years ago, he was a grandmaster level fighter. However, his strength declined steeply after an assassination attempt. It was said that he was only a Higher Heaven tier fighter now. Still, it was notable that he was once a grandmaster level fighter.

A grandmaster level fighter could not be disrespected. Every grandmaster level fighter had their pride and dignity. Everyone was stunned that a grandmaster level fighter would kneel before Qingfeng. It revolutionized their image of a grandmaster level fighter.

Cold Blood and the others only dared to enter Sky Fate sect because the Sky Fate elder's strength had declined steeply. After all, they were all powerful pinnacle tier Higher Heaven tier fighters.

Qingfeng's heart skipped a beat when he saw Sky Fate elder at his feet. This was a big surprise for him. He never expected Sky Fate elder to be one of the ten demon Kings loyal to his father.

He was prepared for a bloody battle today, but he was no longer afraid of Cold Blood and the others since Sky Fate elder was his subordinate.

Suddenly, Sky Fate elder turned around and said to the handsome young man and pretty girl, "Why are you still standing? Kneel down to Young Master."

The siblings' expressions

were grim when they heard Sky Fate elder's words. This was especially true for the handsome young man. He had just fought with Qingfeng so it pained him deeply to kneel before Qingfeng.

As for the pretty girl, she was the granddaughter of the Sky Fate elder. Typically, others sucked up to her so it was difficult for her to kneel before Qingfeng.

Sky Fate elder became furious when he saw the siblings disobeying his words. He said furiously, "Bastards, this is Young Master. If you guys refuse to kneel, you guys can leave Sky Fate sect right now. I will no longer be your grandfather."

The Sky Fate elder was furious. 15 years ago, he was pursued by a mysterious force. He almost died with the pair of siblings. They only lived because the Conqueror saved them. To save them, the Conqueror had injured himself and angered the mysterious men in black.

Sky Fate elder was extremely grateful towards the Conqueror. Therefore, he was willing to serve the Conqueror and became one of the ten demon kings.

The siblings were ghastly pale when they heard the Sky Fate elder's words.

Pang pang!

The handsome young man clenched his teeth and kneeled before Qingfeng along with the pretty girl.

"Greetings Young Master, I am Ying Lu."

"Greetings Young Master, I am Ping Lu."

The siblings said respectfully. In order to maintain their relationship with their grandfather, they could only kneel before Qingfeng and recognize him as their Young Master.

Qingfeng looked at

at them and said, "Sky Fate Demon King, everyone, please stand. There is no need to kneel."

"Thank you, Young Master," Sky Fate elder said with a nod as he stood up with the siblings. He then made his way to Qingfeng's side.

Shiwei Guo had come together with Qingfeng. He looked at Qingfeng with admiration and gave him a big thumbs-up when he saw the situation.

What's called swag? This is swag! The sect leader of Sky Fate sect immediately kneeled when he saw the Conqueror's badge.

Cold Blood and White Impermanence looked at Qingfeng with astonishment in their eyes. They previously wanted to kill Qingfeng and steal his wife. But in the blink of an eye, Qingfeng had conquered the Sky Fate elder. What just happened?

"Cold Blood, White Impermanence, today is your death date," Qingfeng said coldly after he placed Xue Lin back on the ice bed.

Qingfeng held onto grudges for a long time. The words of Cold Blood and White Impermanence had triggered his killer intent. He was determined to kill the two of them.

"Hahaha, I am a pinnacle-tier Higher Heaven tier fighter. I am the number one fighter on the Higher Heaven ranking list. Are you sure you can kill me?" Cold Blood said with a disdainful laugh.

Naturally, Cold Blood was strong since he dared to come and steal from the Sky Fate sect. He was the number one fighter on the Higher Heaven ranking list. He was known as an invincible

an invincible force that was only weaker than grandmaster fighters.

Everyone within the hall was a Higher Heaven tier fighter. Naturally, Cold Blood was unafraid of Qingfeng.

"Sky Fate Demon, kill Cold Blood for me," Qingfeng said with a cold smile to Sky Fate elder.


Sky Fate elder suddenly appeared in front of Cold Blood and smashed his Eight Trigrams towards Cold Blood's body.

Eight Trigrams was a treasure that not only could not predict the future, but could also be used to attack others.

"Blood Demon Fist," Cold Blood said in a low voice. He right fist turned bloody red as it striked towards Sky Fate elder.


The Eight Trigrams collided with the Blood Demon Fist with a loud boom. The two of them both took a few steps back.

The two had drawn for the first strike.

"Old fellow, I didn't expect your power to have recovered to pinnacle tier Higher Heaven tier?" Cold Blood said coldly when he sensed the strong power within Sky Fate elder's body.

"Bastard, if it was 15 years ago, I would have killed you with a single strike. You wouldn't have the chance to behave atrociously before me," Sky Fate elder said coldly



Cold Blood and Sky Fate elder roared as they struck again. They were both pinnacle tier Higher Heaven fighters so it was difficult for one to gain the upper hand.

Qingfeng did not engage in the battle between the two. Instead, he walked towards White Impermanence. He deeply resented Ghost King Palace since King Palace since Yama belonged to the Clan.

Just as Qingfeng was about to attack White Impermanence, Baidao Jiang suddenly said, "Qingfeng Li, White Impermanence did not really have the wish to steal your wife. Why don't you let it go?"

Let it go?

Qingfeng broke into a smile when he heard Baidao Jiang's words. He smiled arrogantly and said, "Baidao Jiang, I am determined to kill White Impermanence. I will kill whoever is in my way."

"Qingfeng, I am doing you a favor. Don't be ungrateful! You are no match for White Impermanence with your strength," Baidao Jiang said with disdain.

Baidao Jiang had spoken up since both White Impermanence and himself were both strong forces within Tianjing City City. Furthermore, Jiang Family and Ghost King Palace have also formed partnerships in the past. He did not expect Qingfeng to disregard his words.

"Baidao Jiang, your favor is worthless in my eyes. I am determined to kill White Impermanence today," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he disregarded Baidao Jiang's words and walked towards White Impermanence.

Baidao Jiang's expression darkened when he saw Qingfeng disregarding his words. He stepped forward to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

Niching Luo suddenly said, "Baidao Jiang, stop meddling. This is a matter between Qingfeng and White Impermanence."

"Yeah, Baidao Jiang, this is a matter between them. You are a top three fighter on the Higher Heaven ranking list. Don't meddle with their matters," Xianzhi Qin's thin eyelashes blinked slightly and she also spoke.

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