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A+ A- Chapter 706: Everyone Fighting for Xue Lin

"Mengyao, you found Xue Lin." Hearing this, Qingfeng Li's eyes were filled with excitement and happiness.

He rushed over to the computer, which was the police station's surveillance system that could see th entire Eastern Sea City.

It was a good thing that Xue Lin was found. But his heart ached when he saw her crying in the video with tears dripping down her cheeks.

It is all my fault that she is sad. Qingfeng Li blamed himself for making her cry.

"Mengyao, what's in the northern suburb?"Qingfeng Li asked.

"There…"Mengyao Xu hesitated not knowing what to say because it involved a top secret.

"Mengyao, Xun Lin is missing and you are still hiding something. Am I still your friend?"

"Alright Qingfeng, I'll tell you. There is a forbidden area called Sky Fate Mountain and no one is allowed there."

"Why not?"

"Sky Fate Mountain is where the Sky Fate Sect is and you should know that it is one of the mysterious forces above the secular powers."

Sky Fate Sect?

Qingfeng Li frowned upon this unheard name. They must not be ordinary people who called themselves Sky Fate Sect. But so what? He must go get Xue Lin if she went there.

"I'm going to the Sky Fate Sect." Qingfeng Li murmured and walked out of the house.

"Wolf King, the Sky Fate Sect is no ordinary place so let me go with you." Shiwei Guo followed him. As the Boxing King in Thailand, he had

been to Sky Fate Mountain with his Shifu and knew that there were some hidden masters residing there.

Qingfeng Li noted and drove Shiwei Guo towards Sky Fate Mountain.

He didn't let anyone else go along since he knew that the Sky Fate Sect was a mysterious force and must be very powerful, so an ordinary person wouldn't help at all there.


Qingfeng Li stepped on the gas paddle because he was too worried about Xue Lin. The car headed towards Sky Fate Sect with a loud engine noise.

At the same time, all the mysterious forces, families in Huaxia who saw the white snow lotus up in the ninth heaven were sending people over to the Sky Fate Mountain. It was where the white lotus appeared.

Blood Demon mountain, Crimson Blood Sect.

As the saying goes, where there is righteousness, there is viciousness. Where there is a right way, there is the wrong way as well. And the Crimson Blood Sect was one of the latter.

There was a giant blood-red palace on the humongous red mountain, which was the headquarters of the Crimson Blood Sect.

A tall man sat in a chair in the middle of the palace. His cape was red, as if it was soaked in blood and it blinded whoever set eyes on him.

Another wicked young man stood underneath the tall man. He was handsome but his eyes shined with bloodthirsty light.

His name was Cold Blood, the son

son of the tall man and the young sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect. He was also a destined person.

"Cold Blood, the irregular scene of the appearance of a snow lotus means a destined person was born at Sky Fate Sect. Go take a look and see who it is. Kill him if it's a man and take her here to be our human cauldron (TL: cultivation human cauldron is where a woman is taken to absorb natural energy and then pass it on to another being through the practice of sacrifice or sex, so basically a cultivation catalyst) if it's a woman."

"Yes, father." Cold Blood smiled sinisterly and left the palace.

"Destined person. Interesting. Hope it's a woman so I can make her mine. I do need a human cauldron that can warm my bed." Cold Blood sneered and walked towards Sky Fate Mountain.

Tianjing City.

Xianzhi Qin was having tea in the house when she got her dad's message from thousands of miles away, asking her to go to Sky Fate Mountain to take a look at the destined person.

Not everyone could see the snow lotus in the sky. Not Xianzhi Qin, Cold Blood or Qingfeng Li. Only masters like the lord of Crimson Blood Sect and Fiery Emperor Palace could see it.

Thousand-mile-messaging was a secret technique and it costs a lot of vital essence and spiritual force. But the lord of the Fiery Emperor Palace

Emperor Palace still used it for the destined person.

"Don't worry father. I will find the destined person and bring them here." Xianzhi Qin ended the message and headed to Sky Fate Mountain on a helicopter.

Of course, not only the Crimson Blood Gate and the Yanjuang Palace, other hidden powers such as the Ghost King Palace and the four Ancient Martial art families were all heading to the Sky Fate Mountain to find the Destined Person.

The entire Huaxia was welcoming an earthquake because of Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li had no idea about any of this when he was driving to Sky Fate Mountain.

His phone started to ring on the way. Honestly, he was in a rush driving to see Xue Lin and didn't want to pick up the phone. However, it kept ringing.

"Fatty, answer it for me."Qingfeng Li looked at Shiwei Guo and said.

Shiwei Guo noted and pressed down the answer button, "the Wolf King is driving now, what's up."

"I am Elder Doaist Daozang Lu. Hand the phone to Qingfeng. Tell him I have something urgent to tell him." Daozang Lu's voice came out of the phone.

Daozang Lu?

Qingfeng heard the voice even though he was driving.

He has full respect for Danzang Lu not only because he is the master of Wudang Mountain but also because he gave him the "True Martial Emperor Technique". It is a grandmaster Level cultivation technique and helped him improve a lot.

Qingfeng Li knew that Li knew that Daozang Lu must have something urgent to speak to him so he parked the car on the road side and picked up the phone (TL: wow, such safe driver)

"Temple master, this is Qingfeng Li. What is up?" said Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng, a destined person was born on Sky Fate Mountain. I was looking at my eight trigrams and it told me that even though there was a magnificent scene of a sky lotus happening, there will be death and disaster following. You had better not go there anytime soon." The old monk sounded worried.

Magnificent scene of a sky lotus? Death and disaster?

Qingfeng Li had no idea about what the old monk said and nor did he want to know. He only knew that his wife Xue Lin is there so he must go there.

"Temple master, I am sorry but I cannot agree to it. I have to go to Sky Fate Mountain even if there will be death and disaster because my wife is there." Qingfeng Li hung up the phone and kept driving.

Wudang Mountain.

The Old Daoist looked terrified at the phone. He had no idea the Wolf King's wife would be at the Sky Fate Mountain.

"No, Qingfeng is in danger and my life was saved by him. Looks like I have to make a re-appearance in the world." The old daoist frowned, took his Dao duster and headed to Sky Fate Mountain.

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