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A+ A- Chapter 705: Xue Lin is the Destined Person

On the Sky Fate Mountain outside of Eastern Sea City.

Xue Lin lied in the snow under the cliff. Her body was covered with blood yet she looked like a beautiful and elegant elf who was sleeping soundly in the snow.

A phoenix totem became partly visible on Xue Lin's chest. When her blood flowed onto the totem, a white phoenix struggled to fly out.

The phoenix is the king of all birds and the mother of all animals and is regarded as a legendary beast. In common folktales, the phoenix was fiery red and known as the fire phoenix as they could breathe in and breath out fire. There was actually another type of phoenix called the ice phoenix which could breathe out ice.

Since Xue Lin was injured and about to die, the phoenix bloodline inside of her woke up automatically to save its master, although only a small part awoke.

The ice phoenix was awoken and the snowflakes danced and swirled around Xue Lin.

A snow lotus appeared high in the sky. It was so high up in the sky, hundreds of kilometers away and was pure and white. It was unobservable to the human eye unless one was a peerless master.

All the animals around her bowed down in awe, feeling the majestic spirit high in the sky.

Animals bowing, a snow lotus appearing in the sky, supernatural images happening between the ground and the sky, Xue Lin was like a god, ruling heaven

and earth.

"Look grandpa, the snowflakes are dancing over there." A young girl pointed at the swirling snowflakes and smiled.

She was a young girl about seventeen or eighteen years old. She had a beautiful delicate face and innocent eyes as if they haven't been polluted by the world even a little bit.

A young man in his twenties was beside her. He was quite handsome with his eyebrows sharp like swords and his eyes shine like stars. He was the girl's elder brother.

An old man in his seventies followed the brother and sister. His hair is grey but he looked very healthy. His eyes shined with light from time to time with his back straight up.

They were in ancient costume and didn't fit in with the modern world at all.

The old man was holding an Eight Trigram and using it to navigate as if he was looking for something.

He looked into the direction the girl pointed at and did see snowflakes dancing in the sky. The eight-trigram pointed itself in that direction at the same time.

"Hah hah hah, we have found the destined person." The old man laughed happily.

He was a hermit hidden master, practicing deep in this mountain. He found out that the destined person would be here while he was using the eight trigrams to make predictions.

The old man had been waiting for days to find this so-called "destined person".

Destined, meaning chosen by the heaven.

He quickly took the brother and

and sister towards the snowflakes and found a beautiful woman lying quietly on the snow.

This woman is so pretty. She had a delicate face like a peony, long willow-like eye-lashes and charming red lips like a cherry. No woman was as beautiful as this.

Amongst the countless women the elder had seen in his life, this woman was the most beautiful he had ever see. The young man beside him was staring at Xue Lin in astonishment.

The old man walked around her with the eight trigrams. He mumbled some strange spells and eight mysterious characters appeared in the sky. It was neither Chinese characters nor Huaxia Characters, but some ancient characters.

The characters magically reflected golden light as if they had some sort of superpower. The snowflakes suddenly froze still in the air.

Snowflakes staying still in the sky. It sounded weirdly strange but was actually happening.

The eight characters read, "Black Ice Immortal; Ice Phoenix Bloodline." They disappeared into light and rain after a little while, as if they never existed.

The old man was so excited he almost fainted in excitement. Black Ice Immortal, Ice Phoenix Bloodline. Others might not know but he knew exactly what that meant. It meant she had a strong physical power and unique bloodline and might become the master of the earth in the future.

"Grandpa, calm down, who is this woman?" the young man looked bemused at the old man.

He knew that his grandpa is a hermit hidden master

hidden master from the mysterious Sky Fate sect. He was so powerful that he can predict the future. But he wasn't even this excited when he saw the top ranked master in Huaxia.

"You don't understand. This woman is the destined person." He looked up into the sky in awe. It almost seemed like there was something looking down at them as well.

Destined person?

The man and the girl were both surprised with their mouths wide open.

They are from the Sky Fate Sect so the sure knew what was a destined person. A destined person is someone chosen by the heaven and may become the master of the world.

The earth is mysterious and the world is big. There are other mysterious powers than the known ones and they were spread around the secretive corners of the world and are very unfamiliar to the world.

The destined person symbolizes one of the strongest living entities on earth and was the representative on earth chosen in heaven.

There sure is more than one destined person. There was also Xianzhi Qing, the eldest daughter in the Dragon Palace; Cold Blood, the young sect master of the Crimson Blood Sect and Augustine, the eldest son in the Sky God League of the Tiger continent…

Each Destined Person would fight over the Sovereign of Earth title. However, their bloodlines weren't awakened yet.

Such as Xue Lin who had no idea that she is a destined person. All she knew was that she was that she was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation, a person of the secular world.

"Grandpa, this beautiful lady is injured. Let's save her before she is seriously frozen." the handsome man smiled.

His thoughts weren't so pure when he found out from his grandpa that she was a destined person.

Him and his sister were both very strong yet they are still not the destined people. If he could court this beautiful woman and make her fall in love with him, he may become the husband of the future ruler of the earth.

"Humph, Brother, your thoughts are not so innocent." The girl saw through her brother's excitement in his eyes.

To be honest, the girl was a little jealous of the woman in the snow. She not only is so pretty but was also the destined person.

"We are in the suburbs and leaving her here is sure to be unsafe so let's take her away from here." The old man smiled. He asked the girl to pick up Xue Lin and they left.

Eastern Sea City, Villa 13.

Mengyao Xu and the police are watching the camera of all the streets in Eastern Sea City. If Xue Lin went away from home then she must have been walking and the cameras must have caught her.

"Qingfeng Li, we found her. She was heading towards the northern suburb with a red suitcase at one o'clock last night." Mengyao Xu spotted Xue Lin's figure and shouted out.

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