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Chapter 704: Searching for Xue Lin

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialed King Kong's number. It was picked up after the first room even though it was already 1:00 at night.

"Grand Daddy Li, anything happened?" King Kong got out of the cover without even getting dress because he knew there must have been something wrong to make Qingfeng Li calling him in the middle of the night.

"King Kong, my wife Xue Lin ran away from home. I want you to order Qingfeng League to help me find her." Although Qingfeng didn't want to disclose his family affair to an outsider, he couldn't think twice in order to find her.

King Kong was stupefied knowing how urgent the situation was and said, "Don't worry Grand Daddy Li, I will notify every important member of the underground Eastern Sea and send them to search for Xue Lin."

King Kong put on a shirt and started to head out after saying that.

His wife was woken up by him. She opened her eyes and asked, "Kong, where are you going in the snow at one o'clock in the morning?"

"Go back to sleep, honey, I have something to do."

"Kong, tomorrow is Sunday and our son was looking forward to going out with you."

"No time for that, I need to help Grand Daddy Li with something." King Kong waved his hand and stormed out of the bedroom.

The woman felt

a little upset seeing her husband leave. He valued Grand Daddy Li so much that he would go help him in the middle of the night and stand their son up for their fun day tomorrow.

She knew that Grand Daddy Li is a God in King Kong's heart. Let alone running some errands, he would even die for him if he had to.

Qingfeng Li dialed Mengyao Xu's number after getting off the phone with King Kong.

Mengyao Xu was on night shift so she answered the phone pretty quick, "Hello, what made you think of me? I thought you completely forgot about me."

She was a little bitter since the last time she made him sleep with her. They haven't contacted much ever since due to the embarrassment and some other reasons.

She was happy to receive Qingfeng Li's call but then she wasn't so happy all of a sudden.

"Mengyao, my wife went away from home and I think she might be in danger so I hope you can help me find her." Said Qingfeng Li.

He knew that Mengyao Xu was the Captain of the Criminal Police Brigate and can assist him in searching with the police force.

"Okay, I'll transfer some people for you."Mengyao Xue knew how urgent this must be and started helping.

Qingfeng Li still felt something more needed to be done so he dialed the Mayor's number after

after hanging up the phone with Mengyao Xu.

He saved the mayor's father's life at the hospital last time so he owed him one. Now was finally the time he could use this favor.

Qingfeng Li reached the Mayor and told him directly that he needed help finding his wife. Jianguo Tang surely agreed to help without hesitation and started to arrange the search.

The entire Eastern Sea City, both upper ground and underground, were in search for Xue Lin.

The deserted street were crowded with people just because of Qingfeng Li's phone call. All the bars, hotels, coffee shops and malls were searched.

The entire Eastern Sea City was looking for a woman named Xue Lin.

However, they still couldn't find her after an hour's search.

Xue Lin disappeared as if she evaporated into the air.

At the same moment, Xue Lin's house was also crowded with important people. The Mayor, the Director General, Mengyao Xu, the in-laws Shi Lin and Xiaoyun Mu.

"Qingfeng, I'm not trying to pick on you but how can you upset her when it's only half a month away from your wedding?" Xiaoyun Mu, the mother in law looked disgruntled.

They say a daughter was a piece of their mom's heart, and so was Xue Lin as to Xiaoyun Mu. Xue Lin hadn't had the best life ever since she got married to Qingfeng Li. The accident on the last wedding almost turned

wedding almost turned her into vegetable and almost costed her life.

And this time Xue Lin even disappeared after running away from home.

No one knows the daughter better than the mom. Xiaoyun Mu knew that Xue Lin would never leave the house if she weren't devastated.

Qingfeng Li kept his pale face down and didn't say a word.

What could he possibly say? There was nothing he could do but to keep silent because it was all his fault.

"Qingfeng, don't blame your mother in law for scolding you. Take a look outside. It is now 2 o'clock in the morning and it is a snowy winter day. Xue Lin is all alone outside somewhere. Let alone being safe or not, she could have even been frozen to death. 

Shi Lin frowned hearing Xiaoyun Mu scolding Qingfeng Li, "That's enough. Can't you see he is very sad himself?"

"Enough? You kept a mistress when Xue Lin was little cause you wanted a boy. That time you kicked her out she almost froze to death. Don't you forget, it was snowing like this too." Xiaoyun Mu was furious about Xue Lin being missing and cursed.

The truth was Xiaoyun Mu was usually very afraid of Shi Lin and never talk back to him. Now she was blaming him in front of other people for Xue Lin.

"Honey, it was my fault. Let the past be the past and what's past and what's more important now is to find Xue Lin." Shi Lin's face was blushing in embarrassment. He wasn't happy about his faults being exposed by Xiaoyun Mu but he didn't dare to fight back.

Xiaoyun Mu looked at Shi Lin with a cold look and said, "I will divorce you and leave you alone if we can't find Xue."

Shi Lin opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, only closing it afterwards.

The other people didn't dare to say anything seeing Shi Lin and Xiaoyun Mu were fighting. It was their personal issue and it related to the Wolf King's wife.

Time went by but there was still no sign of Xue Lin in Eastern Sea City.

"Why can't we find a single person?" Xiaoyun Mu cried.

"Don't worry honey, Xue must be alright because the heaven rewards the good." Shi Lin patted Xiaoyun Mu's shoulder.

Qingfeng Li sat on the sofa with a gloomy face. He had no idea that while he was pressing into the teacup it broke into pieces and the pieces of glasses cut through his skin. Blood ran out of his hand yet he could not feel any pain.

The pain in his heart was way more obvious than the pain on his body.

Qingfeng Li was the most miserable because she was his wife, the woman who loved him the most and the woman he loved the most.

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