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Chapter 703: Wife Went Missing

Qingfeng Li held his hand against his chest and rushed towards the house. He had a bad feeling…Xun Lin…something must have gone wrong with her.

He ran back home very quickly and pushed the door open, "Honey, are you home?"

Qingfeng was very loud because he was worried. So loud his voice echoed the entire house.

The bad feeling got stronger and stronger as his stepped upstairs.

His face turned into pale when he got into the bedroom upstairs and almost tripped. The bed was a mess, filling with shredded pieces of paper.

It was the painting Xue Lin did for the wedding. Qingfeng Li was in his groom suit and Xue Lin was in her wedding dress. Their faces were filled with happy smiles at the wedding while they wore exchanging rings and toasted to their marriage.

The painting was torn up into tiny pieces.

He remembered Xue Lin told him that this was her favorite painting because it was the symbol of their love. She told him that she would treasure it for the rest of her life and that was exactly how their wedding would be like.

However, her favorite wedding painting was in pieces now. The pieces were stabbing his eyes like hundreds of blades, crying out for their owner.

There were obvious tear stains on the

paper so someone must have cried on there.

Crying? How would be crying in Xue Lin's room? No one but herself.

"Get here now, Ziyi Miao." Qingfeng Li shouted in worry.

Ziyi Miao walked out of a corner at Qingfeng Li's command, "Master, is there something you need me for?"

"Let me ask you, where is Xue Lin?"

"She said that she was going on a trip and asked me not to follow or she would cut me lose."

"Trip my ass. Where would she be going on a trip to in a midnight snowing like this. Can't you use your stupid brain to think?" Qingfeng Li cursed Ziyi Miao in fury.

She wasn't happy about being insulted, but knowing that he was extremely mad, she could only hide it inside.

She suddenly remembered and told him, "Xue has been crying ever since she came back. I have never seen her crying so bad like that."

Xue Lin cried?

Qingfeng Li was surprised since he knew how tough Xue Lin is. He had never seen her cry since her grandfather's funeral. There must be something wrong to get her crying so bad.

"Ziyi Miao, answer me. Why did she cry?"

"Xue saw her BMW parking in front of Ruyan Liu's house so she knew you were there. She went to her place to find you

you but then she came back in a few minutes crying badly."

"What, Xue Lin…was at Ruyan Liu's place?" Qingfeng Li was astounded. He didn't know what to think as the bad feeling got more and more strong.

Xue Lin went to Ruyan Liu's place but he was in the living room the whole time and never saw her coming in. This means she must have been at the door.

No, Xue Lin must have heard mine and Ruyan Liu's conversation. Qingfeng Li was smart enough to think of the key of the situation.

She cried and left the house because she found out about my and Ruyan Liu's child.

Qingfeng Li looked at the pitch dark sky. Where could she have gone in this freezing snowy weather?

He was extremely worried about Xue Lin. He would never be able to forgive himself if anything were to happen to her.

Damn it. There is no concealing the truth after all. What he was afraid of the most had now happened.

Qingfeng Li took out his cellphone and dialed her number. It couldn't go through because her phone was turned off.

Calm down, calm down and think, where could Xue Lin have gone after running away from here?

Yes, she may have gone back to her parents because that's where women usually go when they

when they are heart-broken.


Qingfeng Li quickly reached out for his phone to dial Shi Lin, his father in law's number. Shi Lin was sleeping since it was 1:00am at night. It took him a long time to answer the phone.

"Why are you calling me in the middle of the night Qingfeng?" She Lin complained, still half asleep.

"Dad, did Xue Lin go back home?"

"No, why would she come back when it is snowing outside like this."

"Dad, She ran away from home. Do you know where she might've went?" Qingfeng Li didn't want to tell Shi Lin the truth initially. But he was too worried and wanted to find her as soon as possible, so he told him upfront.

What? Xue Lin ran away from home?

Shi Lin was surprised by what he heard. He knew clearly that her daughter was very stubborn with a strong sense of pride and self-esteem.

Shi Lin didn't treat Xue Lin very well when she was little and she once ran away from home. She would've been dead if she weren't rescued by a kind person that time. Xue Lin would never run away if there weren't something very bad happened.

"Did you get into a fight, Qingfeng? Did you make her mad?"

"Dad, it was all my fault. You are her father so you must so you must know where she usually goes?"

"Take a look at the bars and coffee shops. She might have gone to a hotel in such bad weather as well." Shi Lin thought for a second and came up with some places.

Qingfeng Li nodded and started the search for Xue Lin after he hung up the phone.

He went through the places near the house, went to every single bar, café and hotel but still didn't find her.

Ziyi Miao and Shiwei Guo also went looking with him but they didn't find her after searching all over the hotels nearby.

Shiwei Guo learnt the Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li's wife from Ziyi Miao's words. That Ruyan Liu was also with him. It was obvious that Xue Lin found out about Ruyan Liu's pregnancy and left.

Shiwei Guo was worried seeing how devastating Qingfeng Li was.

Qingfeng Li couldn't find her after searching crazily for a long time.

"Wolf King, Eastern Sea City is too big for the few of us to find her. We need everyone to start looking." Shiwei Guo reminded him.

Yes, everyone.

Qinggeng Li hit his own forehead with his hand. He was too focused on looking for Xue Lin and lost his mind. The few of him wouldn't even be able to search through the big city until tomorrow morning.

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