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A+ A- Chapter 702: The Heart-Broken Xue Lin

Xue Lin left the house with the suitcase. It was midnight in the windy and snowy winter.

The falling snow flakes in the sky made it seem even colder than it actually was.

Xue Lin could not feel the coldness at all because her heart was frozen inside.

Xue Lin's dad wanted a boy to carry the family on so he kept a mistress. He even kicked Xue Lin out just because she was a girl.

She didn't have a happy childhood and was insecure when she was little. She was scared of men and that was the reason she studied so hard and got into the best university and became the top ranked student.

Xue Lin never had a boyfriend in university due to her insecurity. She even rejected many blind dates she was set up for after graduated from university and poured all of her time and energy into work.

The lack of security and her fear of men resulted in Xue Lin;s germophobia and frigidity. She was disgusted by men and didn't like to be touched by them.

Getting the marriage certificated with Qingfeng Li was all arranged by her dad. She didn't like him at all when she met him the first time since she disliked all men.

Her frozen heart slowly melted with her interactions with Qingfeng Li. Her mysophobia had gradually disappeared as she started to accept him and fall in love with him.

She even thought of handing her body to

Qingfeng Li several times, but he wanted to wait till after the wedding since she was injured.

Xue Lin has always dreamt of the wedding with Qingfeng Li. She didn't get to hold the wedding ceremony when they got the marriage certificate and nor did she get the congratulations and wishes from all her family and friends.

It was her dream to get into the wedding dress and veil, and put on the wedding ring since it was a symbol of love.

It was half a month until Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li's wedding and they were planning to sleep together and have their own baby then.

But now everything was just going to stay a dream with Ruyan Liu's pregnancy.

Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li slept together and were now having a child. It was like a steel needle poking into Xue Lin's heart and was making her heart-broken with tears ceaselessly running down her face.

Finding out that Qingfeng Li betrayed her and had a child with another woman hit her even more than when her grandfather passed away.

It snowed heavier and heavier. The ground started to turn white as well as slippery.

There was barely anyone on the streets of Eastern Sea City in the snowy midnight. It was completely quiet.

Xue Lin walked forwards with her suitcase in the empty street. She had cried out all her tears with a broken heart.

There was a thin line between love and hate. Her deep love for

for Qingfeng Li had turned into a deep hatred for him.

There wouldn't be hatred if there wasn't any love in the first place.

When a woman hated a man to the core, it was because she used to love him to the bottom of her heart.

The heavy snow blocked some of the roads and Xue Lin was aimlessly walking in the streets.

She didn't realize that she was heading towards the suburbs from the city.

It was absolute white in the suburbs and so was Xue Lin's pretty face. Where was her home and where should she go?

Everything was unknown and she had no idea where her future was.

Xue Lin kept walking with the suitcase until she was in front of a snow-covered mountain.

She was freezing but she never turned back. Behind her was Eastern Sea City's direction. The city she wanted to leave behind, along with the man who broke her heart.

Xue Lin started to climb up the mountain. She was the only one so she could cry as loud as she wanted without worrying about being seen by others.

This was an unknown mountain and few people would come here due to the steepness.

Xue Lin was climbing up when the cold wind blew by her and snow flakes fell onto her. She was the only person in the complete whiteness between the sky and the ground.

She slipped when she reached a cliff and started to roll down.

Bam Bam Bam..

She ran into many trees as

trees as she was falling down the cliff and rolling down the hill.

Thanks to the snowy weather, the stones were covered by a thick layer of snow. Xue Lin would have died from colliding into the stones if they weren't covered by snow.

Even with the snow, her body still got many injuries from falling off the cliff. Her face was scratched by branches, her clothes were ripped apart and her body was covered with blood.


Xue Lin's body eventually landed under the cliff and her head knocked into a tree. She was feeling dizzy while blood was running down her forehead and onto her clothes.

"Am I going to die?"

Xue Lin started to lose her consciousness. She couldn't open her eyes and kept bleeding with acute pain coming from her body.

The most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City who was as gorgeous as the pure snow was now covered with blood and in critical danger.

"It is not too bad if I die. Then I don't have to see the man who broke my heart ever again." She mumbled in a low and weak voice.

She laid in the snow with her eyes looking into the snow in the sky, while her thoughts drifted far far away.

"Maybe he…he can be with Ruyan Liu, that vixen after I die."

"But…why is my heart hurting so bad."

"Will he..will he miss me after I die?"

"Probably not. He is the Wolf King and has so many admirers. I may have been may have been only one of the passer-bys amongst all the women who loves him."

"Farewell the man I loved, farewell the man I hated."

"I wish to never see you again if there is a next life. It was too tiring to love you, and to hate you."

Xue Lin's voice got weaker and weaker until it was completely gone. She lied in the snow under the cliff like a sleeping angel.

The snow flakes swirled around Xue Lin as if they were trying to tell the sad story of her.

Qingfeng Li didn't walk far from Ruyan Liu's place when he felt an acute pain in his heart. He felt as if there was something important slipping away from his life.


 A mouthful of blood burst out of him as he felt the heartache. Qingfeng Li crouched down in pain.

Luckily, he had already left Ruyan Liu's place, otherwise she must have been startled by the sight of this. He only had a meal there, how come he was spitting blood?

"Wolf King, are you alright? You were just fine, how come you are spitting blood now?" Seeing this, Shiwei Guo was scared.

In Shiwei Guo's mind Wolf King so strong and can handle Yoshichiro Izu's assassinate. He didn't understand where the blood came from.

"My heart aches."Qingfeng looked very pale. He pitted out another mouthful of blood. His heart hurt and he felt like the most precious thing in his life was slipping away from him.

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