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Chapter 698: The Killing Intent Outside of the Auction house

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"Qingfeng Li, I shall kill you today." Hell King smiled coldly, his eyes flashing with a chilling light.

Now Qingfeng Li was surrounded by enemies, with Yoshichiro Izu before him and Hell King and Black Impermanence at his back.

The people coming out of the auction had not gone very far and they stopped to watch the drama unfold when they saw Qingfeng Li was encircled by his enemies.

Some of them had recognized Qingfeng Li as the guy who had been with the peerless beauty Niching Luo after gaining a drop of dragon blood.

Looking at Qingfeng Li, everyone was filled with envy, jealousy and a bit of murderous intent.

"Haha, look! Qingfeng Li is going to be killed."

"Although getting the dragon's blood may not have been a problem, keeping it is another matter entirely. If he doesn't have enough strength to keep the dragon blood, he will only be slaughtered."

"Let's wait here and watch them kill Qingfeng Li. After that, we may have the opportunity to grab some of his blood."

While talking excitedly among themselves, the spectators were all looking at Qingfeng Li as if he was already dead. No one showed any sympathy and everyone wanted him to die, intending to get some of his blood after his death.

And they had also recognized Yoshichiro Izu and Hell King whose frightening strengths were well known already. With all these powerful enemies surrounding him, Qingfeng Li was surely dead meat.

"Several people bullying

one man. What a bunch of scum." With a light voice, Shiwei Guo strolled in from the distance. He was a fat man with great agility.

You could hardly imagine that this fat man was actually a boxing champion and a Higher Heaven Realm master.

Shiwei Guo was Qingfeng Li's good friend and he always appeared whenever Qingfeng Li was in danger.

"Fatty, you have me to deal with." A cold voice came from the side and a middle-aged man in a Taekwondo dobok walked out from a dark corner.

The man was about 40 years old with a firm face and bulging muscles. Anyone could see in one glance that he possessed great strength.

"Yilong Park, what do you mean?" Seeing the middle-aged man, Shiwei Guo changed his expression.

Shiwei Guo knew the middle-aged man. His name was Yilong Park and not only was he a genius in Korean Taekwondo but he was also a Higher Heaven master.

"The Wolf King killed my junior brother the Taekwondo King, so he must die today." Yilong Park smiled chillingly with murder in his eyes.

He had lurked in the darkness to ambush and kill Qingfeng Li until the unexpected arrival of Shiwei Guo. He knew he couldn't hide anymore, otherwise Qingfeng Li would be rescued by Shiwei Guo.

"Wolf King, you have too many enemies." Shiwei Guo glanced at Qingfeng Li and said sullenly.

With a Pacific Islander in front of him, the guys from the Ghost King Palace at his back and a Taekwondo master at the side, Qingfeng Li was

was indeed under the siege of his enemies.

"Shiwei Guo, sorry for the trouble. Please stop Yilong Park for me and I will buy you a meal." Qingfeng Li waved his hand.

"Qingfeng Li, do you think you will be fine as long as Yilong Park does not join in the fight? I will kill you today." With a long sword in hand, Yoshichiro Izu said coldly.

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, carefully regarding all of them as if they were beneath him. He definitely would have been defeated if he did not drink the dragon blood. In the end, the blood became an ace in the hole for him.

With a whistling sound, Yoshichiro Izu's long sword tore through the air, leaving a blurry shadow as it stabbed towards Qingfeng

The sword was so fast that an ordinary person couldn't even see anything other than a blurry shadow in the air. As the seventh Sword King and the second ranked master of the Lower Heaven List, Yoshichiro Izu was godlike in terms of the fast-draw sword arts.

The moment Yoshichiro Izu moved his sword, Black Impermanence and Hell King in the back moved too, leaping in the air and striking at Qingfeng Li from two different directions.

Faced with the assaults from three opponents, Qingfeng Li remained calm, knowing that to win the battle, he had to kill one of them first. Since Yoshichiro Izu was the only one with a weapon and thus the biggest threat to him, Qingfeng's eyes darted towards him first.


Drawing out the Red

the Red Fiery Sword, Qingfeng Li held his wrist in front of his body and his sword cut directly into Yoshichiro Izu's long sword.


The long sword in Yoshichiro Izu's hand was cut into two halves by Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery Sword.

"Damn it, Wolf King! How dare you break my longsword!" Looking at the broken sword in his hand, Yoshichiro Izu had fury in his eyes.

Yoshichiro Izu had kept the long sword with him for a long time since his Master gave it to him when he obtained the title of the seventh Sword King of the Pacific Island. One could imagine his fury when the long sword was broken by Qingfeng Li.

Ignoring Yoshichiro Izu's insults, Qingfeng Li stabbed his sword from the side into Yoshichiro Izu's heart like a red lightning bolt engulfed by hot air.

Feeling the sharp pain and looking down at his pierced heart, Yoshichiro Izu was filled with fear.

How could it be possible? How could the Wolf King be so powerful that he killed me with one move of his sword?

With bafflement in his eyes, Yoshichiro remembered that only a few days before at the Master battle arena in the Tiger Continent, Qingfeng Li had been at the pinnacle tier of the Lower Heaven Realm just like him! How had Qingfeng grown so much more powerful since then?!

No, Wolf King could not be at the pinnacle tier in Lower Heaven with such powerful strength, so he must have reached the Higher Heaven Realm. Thinking of Qingfeng Li's current strength, Li's current strength, Yoshichiro Izu was filled with fear and regret.

If he had known Qingfeng Li had gained the strength of the Higher Heaven Realm, Yoshichiro Izu would never have dared try to kill Qingfeng Li, unless he had a death wish.

It was a pity that there was no going back now. Yoshichiro Izu was killed by Qingfeng Li with one move of his sword because he had misjudged Qingfeng Li's strength.

What?! Yoshichiro Izu was killed by one move of the sword?

Hell King and Black Impermanence both changed expressions witnessing this unbelievable outcome. Since they had the same level of strength as Yoshichiro Izu who had been killed by Qingfeng Li with one move of his sword, it was possible that Qingfeng Li could kill them in the same way.

At that moment, they were appalled to find that they had been fooled, regarding Qingfeng Li as a Lower Heaven master when he was probably a Higher Heaven master.


Pale-faced, Hell King and Black Impermanence stopped in their attacks and hurriedly retreated.

The watching crowd was stupefied when they saw them retreat, wondering why the two masters from the Ghost King Palace had run off before the fight even began.

However, when they remembered how Qingfeng Li killed Yoshichiro Izu with one move of his sword, the people watching shivered and some of them even turned white because they had said some malicious remarks about Qingfeng Li and even predicted that he would be killed. The result had just slapped them right on the face.

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