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A+ A- Chapter 699: Beheading You with One Swing

"Want to run away now? You think you can?"Qingfeng Li's eyes filled with murderous look when he saw Hell King and Black Impermanence trying to run away.


Qingfeng Li waved his sword towards the Hell King's head. The long sword in his hand transformed into a sword shaped flame and struck directly towards him.

He held more grudges towards the Hell King than for Black Impermanence, which was why Hell King was his first target.

Hell King looked terrified seeing the sword transforming in Qingfeng's hand and he felt the strong murderous look emitting from Qingfeng Li.

Hell King used to be an SSS Level Master. After Ghost King sent him to practice in the 18 level hell, he reached the peak stage of the Lower Heaven tier after having mastered the Ghost King Technique.

He thought there would have been no problem in killing Qingfeng Li with his respectable strength at the peak stage of the Lower Heaven realm. But who knew Qingfeng Li had already reached the Higher Heaven Level. Son of a b*tch. He felt so depressed as if his entire life was suppressed underneath Qingfeng Li.

Hell King had had a miserable life ever since he met Qingfeng Li. They were fated enemies.

"I must not die. The Wolf King took away my woman and murdered my family. I have to get revenge!" Hell King said with a ferocious and malevolent look.

Qingfeng Li's sword was already behind him. One death for every swing of

the sword was a sure thing.

At this moment, Hell King dragged Black Impermanence in front of him as a shield.

"Hell King, I am your senior brother and you are using me as a shield?" Black Impermanence was frightened when he felt himself being dragged backward.

He had no idea that his junior brother would sell him out at this critical moment.

"Senior brother, I cannot die so you have to die for me." Hell King smirked and kicked Black Impermanence towards Qingfeng Li's sword. He then turned around and ran away.


Qingfeng Li's sword cut right through Black Impermanence's head and whipped it over seven meters. Blood splashed out from his neck, painting the sidewalk red.

Black Impermanence, the first place of Lower Heaven Ranking list --- Dead.

His head landed on the ground with his eyes still open, filled with grudge and hatred.

If he was killed by Qingfeng Li up front then he would have been less furious. But his own junior brother used him as a shield to run away.

Black Impermanence did not hate Qingfeng Li for killing him. He hated Hell King for being a little b*tch and throwing him under the bus.

"Damn, Qingfeng Li is formidable. He beheaded Black Impermanence with one chop of his sword."

"Right, one chop of his sword and the top rank on the Higher Heaven level is dead."

"Seems like Qingfeng Li must be a master of the Higher Heaven level now. But the Ghost King Palace wouldn't forgive him

him for killing Black Impermanence."

"The Ghost King Palace has a huge influence in Tianjing City. Qingfeng Li probably can't even leave the city."

Everyone around them started to discuss with a surprised look on their faces.

Some of them were counting on getting some of Qingfeng Li's blood. But seeing how strong he was, they were too scared to step closer to him, let alone speaking of killing him.

Qingfeng Li wasn't too happy about killing Black Impermanence with one chop of sword. He didn't expect Hell King to take this opportunity to run away so fast.

Hell King was Qingfeng Li's priority target, not Black Impermanence. Hell King was like a serpent who knew him well and could sneak out to bite him any time.

Enemies weren't scary. What's scary are the enemies in the dark.

Qingfeng Li didn't take a look at Black Impermanence's body. He walked to the other side where the Boxing King Shiwei Guo and Yilong Park were fighting.

Yilong Park was watching when Qingfeng Li was fighting with Yoshichiro Izu and Black Impermanence so he was frightened when Qingfeng Li walked this way.

The information Yilong Park got from the Tiger Continent was that Qingfeng Li was a peak stage Lower Heaven Tier, which was why the Taekwondo family sent him, a Higher Heaven tier master, to defeat him. But, it turned out that Qingfeng was actually a Higher Heaven level master, which was beyond his expectations.

From the speed of Qingfeng Li's sword, he could

he could tell that Qingfeng Li was not just any master of the Higher Heaven tier. He must be very formidable.

"Wolf King, you hid it well. I didn't know you were this good." Shiwei Guo was astonished by how strong Qingfeng Li was.

"Fatty, surprise!" Qingfeng Li joked. They were very close before and would always joke around with each other.

Yilong Park saw that Qingfeng Li was talking to Shiwei Guo and completely ignored he, making him unhappy.

"Wolf King, you think that you are impeccable since you are Higher Heaven tier fighter? Well, I am one as well." Yilong Park smirked and said with a ruthless voice.

Yilong Park and Shiwei Guo were both in the beginning stages of the Lower Heaven tier, so neither of them could defeat the other one after a few rounds.

Yilong Park also noticed that Qingfeng Li was in the beginning stage of the Higher Heaven level as well so he wasn't scared of him at all.

Hearing that Qingfeng Li smiled, "If you want to go to hell earlier, then let me grant you your wish."

"Send me to hell? I am not some crappy Lower Heaven level fighter. You can't kill me."

"What a dumb ass, I'll behead you with one wave of my sword."

"One wave of your sword? Hahaha, you're too funny! This might have been the funniest joke I have ever heard this year." Yilong Park laughed ignorantly.

Yilong Park sure had his pride as a Higher Heaven level master. Shiwei level master. Shiwei Guo couldn't even speak of killing him so easily, so how on earth could Qingfeng Li say it.

Qingfeng Li laughed at Yilong Park's ignorance. He didn't even use his sword techniques when killing Yoshichiro Izu just now. If he did, Yoshichiro Izu would have been shredded into dust by now.

"Red Fiery Blast!" Qingfeng Li said in a low voice. Vital essence gathered around his sword and transformed into flames. The blade ripped through the air and whipped right towards Yilong Park's head.

Yilong Park was frightened at the terrifying power gathered by the sword and tried to dodge the strike, but Qingfeng Li appeared right in front of him in no time.


Yilong Park's head was chopped off by the sword and sent flying into the air. Blood started to crazily gush out of him. Up until then, his eyes were still filled with terror.

Yilong Park suddenly remembered what the leader of Taekwondo family told him: a peerless talent is impeccable even amongst the same level.

It was said that the peerless talents only appeared once every hundred years and they were undefeatable amongst the same level. Qingfeng Li was actually the kind of peerless genius who only appeared once every five hundred years.

One swing of a sword to kill Yilong Piao, everyone around them were shocked, and were even more amazed than when black impermanent was killed just now since Yilong Park was a master at the Higher Heaven level.

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