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A+ A- Chapter 697: Niching Luo's Offer

"The incomplete map of the Grandmaster's tomb is sold to Baidao Jiang for 10 billion Yuan!" Cuicui Luo declared in a loud voice.

10 billion was the highest bidding price at Luo's Auction House that day.

This price was 8 billion Yuan higher than that of Walk on Water.

As the last item, the incomplete map of the grandmaster's tomb, was sold, the auction came to an end.

The people began to leave the hall at the end of auction. When Hell King and Yoshichiro Izu took their leave, they both cast a chilling glance at Qingfeng Li's compartment, murderous intent steaming from their eyes.

Xianzhi Qin also took a meaningful look at Qingfeng Li with an unreadable expression in her eyes.

Seeing Niching Luo draw Qingfeng Li to her side made Xianzhi Qin a bit uncomfortable. But however powerful she was, Xianzhi Qin didn't dare to make trouble here at the territory of the Luo Family.

Qingfeng Li was not aware that his closeness with Niching Luo had caused resentment in Xianzhi Qin who had tried unsuccessfully to draw him in earlier.

"Wolf King, this is a five-star VIP card of our Luo Family which will allow you to use in any establishment owned by the Luo Family and will grant you a starting fund of 10 billion Yuan." With a smile on face, Niching Luo handed a five-star VIP card to Qingfeng Li.

Engraved with the character of Luo symbolizing the Luo Famliy, the five-star VIP card was made with gold, giving off sparkling golden light.

For some reason the Luo Family was very partial to gold. Even their

VIP cards were made with gold, which rendered Qingfeng Li quite speechless.

Although the gold VIP card was heavy with value, Qingfeng Li accepted it anyway since he regarded the super powerful family with respect.

Just think about it: will a family with the capability to auction dragon blood be an ordinary one? Of course the Luo Family had not known that the drop of blood was actually dragon blood, thinking like everyone else that it could even be mouse blood for all they know, or they would never have put it on auction.

"Wolf King, you'd better not go out that way or those people will try to kill you." Naturally, Niching Luo had noticed the intention around him and tried to warn him.

Now Qingfeng Li was quite popular with his enemies, like a delicious sausage in the middle of a herd of hungry dogs. Previously he had only three to four enemies and now most of the people were vying to get his blood.

Qingfeng Li knew the reason behind Niching Luo's warning. That drop of dragon blood helped him gain the breakthrough into the Higher Heaven Realm, increasing his strength tremendously. He was not afraid of Yoshichiro Izu but he had to remain alert for those stronger ones lurking in the darkness.

"Miss Luo, I can't stay at your place for my whole life. It's useless to avoid what is coming my way and I will have to go out eventually." With a slight smile, Qingfeng Li said.

He wanted to test his strength and those people with malicious intentions towards him were the best subjects

subjects of his experiment. Those people wanted to kill him and he wanted to kill them, both parties wanting to be hunters instead of prey.

"The Grandmaster tomb will open three days later. You may wait here during the time and then we can go to the graveyard together." Niching Luo said.

Grandmaster's tomb?

Qingfeng Li frowned with a puzzled expression and asked, "Didn't you sell the incomplete map of the grandmaster's tomb to Baidao Jiang? How could we go there?"

"Who told you that there is only one copy of the map?"

"Are there several copies?"

"Yes. There are altogether three copies and we only sold one of them." Niching Luo said with a sly smile, looking like a fox who had manipulated everyone.

F**k! You even have the audacity to mess with Baidao Jiang, the Furious Saber of Tianjing City. Speechless, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes.

Qingfeng Li had heard that Niching Luo, the First Beauty of Tianjing City, liked to play with people. It was no big deal if she had just teased some common person but this time, she was bold enough to tease Baidao Jiang, one of the top three masters on the Higher Heaven List and the oldest son of the Jiang Family which was one of the four Ancient Martial Artist Families.

 If Baidao Jiang found out that there were other copies to the incomplete map of the grandmaster's tomb which he purchased for 10 billion Yuan, he would definitely make trouble for Niching Luo. Since Qingfeng Li was now very close with Niching Luo, he would probably get f*cked somehow too.

"Don't worry. With your

With your big sister's protection, no one would dare to make trouble for you." Her red lips pouting slightly, Niching Luo said with arrogance and fierceness, which were softened by the sensuousness in her voice.

Qingfeng Li snorted at Niching Luo's declaration of giving him protection because he believed in only himself.

"Miss Luo, I am going back to Eastern Sea City and I will come back for you three days later." Qingfeng Li stood up, ready to leave.

Though Niching Luo wanted him to stay here for three days, Qingfeng Li had to decline her offer because Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were waiting for his return in Eastern Sea City.

Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were waiting for him at the exit when he walked out of the compartment.

"Young Master, we had checked outside and found many people lurking out there. We are afraid that it is not safe to go out now." Lion Demon King walked over to Qingfeng Li and said in a low voice.

While they remained inside the auction building, those people had no choice but to wait, no matter how much they hated Qingfeng Li, because no one dared to offend the Luo Family. But once Qingfeng Li and his men left the grounds of the auction and out onto the territory not belonging to the Luo Famliy, the people outside would certainly try to kill him.

"We'll deal with the problem when it comes. Whoever comes out for my life, I will kill him. Let's go."

Was Qingfeng Li a moron? The answer was naturally no. Was he a hothead? he a hothead? Of course no. The reason that he dared to walk out in such a flagrant way was that he had confidence in himself, otherwise he would have stayed in.

On the auction pedestal, Qingfeng Li drank that drop of dragon blood, which sent him directly to the Higher Heaven Realm.

But many people, such as Yoshichiro Izu, didn't know that Qingfeng Li had entered the Higher Heaven Realm and still thought that he was in the Lower Heaven Realm, which was Qingfeng Li's advantage over them.

Lion Demon King and Green Demon King exchanged a look and were worried about Qingfeng Li. But since the Young Master had walked out, they had to follow him.

Qingfeng Li had not walked far from the auction house when several black-clad men blocked his way.

The black-clad men were all clothed in kimonos of the Pacific Island and the leader was none other but Yoshichiro Izu.

A little while after Yoshichiro Izu showed himself, Black Impermanence and Hell King appeared behind Qingfeng Li, blocking his retreat and giving him no chance to escape.

"Qingfeng Li, you must die today." With a sullen face, Yoshichiro Izu said the words with a cold killing intent in his voice.

Since he didn't dare to make a move inside the auction house, Yoshichiro Izu had been lurking outside and waited until Qingfeng Li came out. This was the best chance for him to kill Qingfeng Li and he would never give it up.

Of course, other than retaliation, one important reason that Yoshichiro Izu desperately wanted to kill Qingfeng Li was that he wanted Qingfeng Li's blood.

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