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Chapter 695: The Mysterious Blood Drop

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Niching Luo's brows tensed up after hearing what Qingfeng Li offered. Her eyelashes were twitching and she was thinking.

Niching Luo wanted to get Qingfeng Li into her family, but Qingfeng Li rejected her and counter offered to do three tasks for her in return.

Niching Luo decided to accept Qingfeng Li's offer after some thoughts. She didn't believe him, but she believed in Xianzhi Qin. Xianzhi Qin thought of Qingfeng Li with great importance.

Even though they were enemies, but she knew Xianzhi Qin was Dragon Palace's mistress and was extremely arrogant. People that she thought were important were definitely not simple.

Wolf King definitely had some special skills that Niching Luo didn't see yet. She believed that as long as she made Qingfeng Li part of her family, he will surprise her eventually.

"Wolf King, I will take up on your offer. In exchange for the blood, you will complete three of my requests." Yizang Luo smiled. Her tone was like a fox spirit; it was always seductive.

Yizang Luo, with her jade like fingers, took out ten vital stones and gave it to Qingfeng Li.

As the mistress of Tianjing province's Luo family, she only had ten vital stones, but in order to solicit Qingfeng Li, she used all of her capital. After

all, vital stones were extremely important for any ancient martial artists.

Qingfeng Li was investigating the vital stones because it was the first time he had seen it. It was around the size of an egg, crystal-like, and emitting lights.

Qingfeng Li inhaled one breath and felt his whole body was nurtured.

"This blood drop wanted ten vital stones. Does anyone want it, if not then I will auction the third item!" Cuicui Luo felt awkward after seeing how no one wanted the blood after a long time.

As an auctioneer, the most awkward situation was when no one wanted the item. It was bad for her reputation and big clients might not hire her as their auctioneer anymore.

"I will buy it." Qingfeng Li stood up and said.

Cuicui Luo stopped worrying after she heard what Qingfeng Li said. Her reputation was safe now.

Cuicui Luo was extremely happy and looked at Qingfeng Li with eyes filled with happiness. The crowd thought otherwise; their eyes were filled with mockery.

"Is he dumb? The blood obviously wasn't something good. It might be chicken blood."

"You are right. Even the blood of a tiger would not be worth ten vital stones."

"So dumb. He is the dumbest person I have seen in my entire life."

The crowd was chatting and shot belittling looks at Qingfeng.

Hell King wanted to prevent

prevent Qingfeng Li from buying the blood. After all, he just got tricked by Qingfeng Li and wanted to trick him back.

But after Hell King saw Qingfeng Li was trying to buy the blood drop, he laughed. There was probably not need to do more to embarrass Qingfeng.

No one else thought the blood was precious, making Qingfeng Li the only one who knew how important the blood was.

Qingfeng Li felt the blood was too crucial to him. He started walking to the middle of the room and gave Cuicui Luo the ten vital stones. He took the blood into his hand in front of the crowd.

"This blood is so mysterious." Qingfeng Li was excited from feeling the blood.

He clearly felt how lively and powerful the blood was.

"Drink it, drink it..." a mysterious voice sounded in Qingfeng Li's mind. It was the native power of his vitals.

Qingfeng Li was standing in the middle of the room. Cuicui Luo was beside him and the crowd surrounded him.

He didn't want to drink it now, wanting to find somewhere safe first if he had to drink it, but the voice deep from his bloodline was craving for it. It wanted Qingfeng Li to drink the blood immediately.

Qingfeng Li's body was out of control. He took the blood and poured it into his

into his mouth.

Everyone was looking at him with a mocking tone when they saw Qingfeng Li put the blood into his mouth. Everyone thought he was crazy.

The blood flowed into his bloodstream through his mouth, throat, and his vitals.


An extremely powerful force exploded from the blood drop. It was like a volcano exploded and the heat began tempering Qingfeng Li's skin, muscle, vital, and bones.

Qingfeng Li's power was increasing exponentially and the vital essence in his dantian was spinning out of control. It was like a black-hole that was gathering everything.

In the same time, a dragon howl came out from his body. It was from an ancient dragon that was desolate, vast, and majestic.

The blood was golden and formed a golden whirlpool within Qingfeng Li's body. It formed a contrasting view with Qingfeng Li's original black whirlpool. It was like two galaxies had formed on two parts of his body.

One had to say, the blood was extremely powerful, as it wasn't swallowed and consumed by Qingfeng Li's original bloodline.

"What did I hear, it sounded like the roar of a dragon?"

"You are right, it was a roar from a dragon."

"Impossible. There are no dragons in this world, how can there be dragon roars?"

"The dragon roar came from Qingfeng Li. Was that blood from a dragon?"

Everyone was chatting and looking at and looking at Qingfeng Li with eyes filled with puzzlement.

They were all humiliating Qingfeng Li because they thought the blood was useless. But now everyone was envying him because they caught a glimpse of how rare and powerful this blood was.

Dragon blood was a legendary existence. The dragon was one of four legendary beasts and its blood contained tremendous power. It could even increase its user's life span.

"I am now at Higher Heaven level." Feeling the power inside his body made Qingfeng Li extremely excited.

If it wasn't because of this blood, Qingfeng Li couldn't reach Higher Heaven tier in such a short time.

When Qingfeng Li opened his eyes, he was surprised because everyone was looking at him hungrily. It was like a hungry wolf gang that saw a rabbit.

"I am not Tangseng (TL: the monk from Journey to the West, and his flesh could, apparently, make a monster immortal), stop looking at me like that." Seeing the eyes made Qingfeng Li extremely uncomfortable.


After hearing the name, it made everyone's eyes lit up even more. In their eyes, Qingfeng Li was exactly like Tangseng.

He just drank dragon blood. Even though it was only one drop, it was a legendary dragon blood. As long as they drank Qingfeng Li's blood, maybe they could increase their power and life spans as well.

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