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A+ A- Chapter 696: The Incomplete Map of Grandmaster's Tomb

Everyone was looking at Qingfeng Li with the greedy intention to drink his blood which contained the dragon blood. Frustrated with the situation, Qingfeng Li had a desire to flee the place immediately.

It was fortunate that Niching Luo stood up at this critical moment and said in a loud voice, "Come to my side, Qingfeng Li."

Everyone shivered at her words and dared not to stare greedily at Qingfeng Li anymore because Niching Luo had taken him under her wing.

With a slight smile, Qingfeng Li walked from the middle of the auction block into the seating area where Niching Luo was waiting for him.

As soon as Qingfeng Li stepped into the compartment, he regretted his decision because Niching Luo stared at him with the same greed in her eyes, looking like she wanted to rip off his clothes and drink up his blood.

"Hey, Miss Luo, I only promised to do three tasks for you and I ain't here selling ass, so don't plan anything with my body please." Covering his body, Qingfeng Li acted like an offended woman.

"Phew! I don't like your body. I am only interested in drinking your blood." A flash of heat appeared on Niching Luo's seductive face.

She regarded the man standing before her as a lucky star because he had drunk the legendary dragon blood. Even though it was only one drop, it was still dragon blood.

After the episode, the atmosphere in the auction heated up and everyone was getting

ready to fight for the next item.

Just a moment ago, Qingfeng Li purchased a drop of dragon blood so the next item must be more precious than that.

"The last item from Luo's Auction House today is an incomplete map of a powerful grandmaster's tomb."

Incomplete map of a grandmaster's tomb?

Hearing this announcement, the auction hall was seething with excitement because very few people had reached the Grandmaster Realm. Every grandmaster had the ability to establish his or her own school with martial techniques that allowed one to fly in the air, kill with a leaf and taking an enemy's head within the distance of 100 feet.

Needless to say, there would be many precious objects in a grandmaster's tomb, such as martial technique scripts, exercise manuscripts, and weapons, etc..

With fever in their eyes, everyone was eager to acquire the incomplete map of a grandmaster's tomb.

"The bidding for the incomplete map of grandmaster's tomb starts at 1 billion Yuan, with a minimum increment increase of 1 billion Yuan." Cuicui Luo announced with a tremor in her clear voice.

As soon as she finished, everyone in the hall turned their eyes towards the auction block feverishly.

The sensation caused by the incomplete map of a grandmaster's tomb was tremendous due to the scarcity of grandmasters.

The members of the Higher Heaven Realm families were all seething with excitement, thinking that as long as they could find the grandmaster's tomb, they would obtain the treasures in it.

With everyone wanting the incomplete map,

map, a fight among the powerful participants was about to begin.

"2 billion!" Yoshichiro Izu stood up with eagerness in his face as the first bidder.

However, the incomplete map of the grandmaster's tomb was too big a temptation. As soon as Yoshichiro Izu finished his bidding, Shiwei Guo declared with a loud voice, "3 billion!"

"I bid for 4 billion! I'll see who dares to compete with me."

"Hehehe! It's ridiculous that you think you can buy an incomplete map of grandmaster's tomb at 4 billion Yuan." A clear voice sounded suddenly.

With that sound, a charming woman with white and soft skin and dressed in ancient costume slowly rose from her seat.

The first impression the woman gave people was shockingly beautiful, like a peony in full bloom, making heaven and earth seem colorless.

"It's you, Xianzhi Qin." Hell King said with a gloomy face.

Who was Xianzhi Qin? She was the oldest daughter of the Dragon Palace which was even more powerful than the Ghost King Palace and so she didn't have to care about the Hell King's feelings.

"Xianzhi Qin, how much do you offer?" Hell King asked gloomily.

"8 billion." Xianzhi Qin said with an expression of indifference on her face, glancing around.

Of course, the direction of her glance was toward Qingfeng Li who was now sitting in the same compartment with Niching Luo, which gave her some resentment.

As the oldest daughter of the Dragon Palace, she exhibited her power and determination by going directly for 8 billion Yuan, twice

Yuan, twice of the previous bidding price, which left the people in the hall dumbfounded.

With one bidding, she pushed the price up by 4 billion Yuan to 8 billion Yuan, making everyone's heart beat faster with tension.

It was a very high bidding price which even the Ghost King Palace could not afford in one payment.

Everyone was amazed at how deep the pockets of Dragon Palace were.

"You can all quit the competition. I will take the incomplete map of grandmaster's tomb for 10 billion Yuan." A loud and aggressive voice sounded suddenly.

Hearing the domineering voice, Xianzhi Qin, Hell King and Yoshichiro Izu all frowned.

A surge of fury rose in them, wondering who had such audacity to say that?

But they were taken aback when they saw the aggressive youth in an ancient costume, whose huge size and bulging muscles portrayed his great strength.

"Baidao Jiang! He is Baidao Jiang, also called Furious Saber of Tianjing City, and that explains his dominant manners." Niching Luo explained to Qingfeng Li with a charming smile.

As the oldest son of the Jiang Family, one of the four big families in Tianjing City City, Baidao Jiang had tremendous strength.

Nicknamed Furious Saber of Tianjing City, Baidao Jiang was acclaimed as the first master in the younger generation in Tianjing City City, ranking in the first three places on the Higher Heaven List.

Faced with such a powerful competitor, neither Hell King or Yoshichiro Izu dared to have a conflict with him and could only quit.

The hall was quit.

The hall was dead silent with all the people frightened by Baidao Jiang's bidding price, or more importantly, by his identity.

All the people were afraid of Baidao Jiang except Xianzhi Qin because she was the oldest daughter of Dragon Palace.

Xianzhi Qin was about to increase the bidding price when Baidao Jiang sent her message saying, "Miss Qin, you don't have to buy it. After I purchase the incomplete map of the Grandmaster's tomb, we can go find the tomb together."

Hearing Baidao Jiang's words, Xianzhi Qin nodded her agreement because she knew the map was auctioned by Luo Auction House which was part of Niching Luo's property. Since she didn't like Niching Luo, she would hate to see Niching Luo make more money from it.

"Ok, Baidao Jiang, I can let you have the incomplete map and in return, we will go to the tomb and find the treasure together." Xianzhi Qin said in a low voice that only two of them could hear.

Cuicui Luo was stupefied for a moment and then quickly regained her composure. She announced with great excitement, "10 billion! Is there anyone who has a higher bidding price?"

She asked three times and the whole auction hall remained silent.

They had obviously recognized Baidao Jiang with whom they would not be so stupid as to compete unless they had a death wish.

"Since no one bids against it, I will declare the result now." Cuicui Luo said with a trace of excitement in her voice.

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