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A+ A- Chapter 694: Screwing Over the Hell King

"Hell King?"

Seeing it was Hell King made Qingfeng Li's expression chang. His face was filled with rage and hatred.

Qingfeng Li hated the Hell King who almost killed Ruyan Liu. He wanted to kill him but couldn't because they were at the auction. Without the Luo Family's permission, they couldn't fight.

"Well then let me complicate the matter for you." Qingfeng Li decided that he would not let Hell King get .

"Five hundred million." Qingfeng Li suddenly said loudly and his voice filled the whole room.

The excited Hell King's expression suddenly blanked out, and then it was filled with rage. He obviously didn't think someone would dare to compete with him in Tianjing province.

When he saw it was Qingfeng Li who called the price, it made him pissed off even more.

Qingfeng Li wanted to kill the Hell King and the Hell King wanted to kill him as well. The both of them wanted to make the other die.

The time before Qingfeng Li was saved by the elder Daoist and Hell King was saved by Black Face. The two once again started their fight.

"Six hundred million." Hell King said.

"Seven hundred million." Qingfeng Li immediately followed.

"Eight hundred million." Hell King continued.

"Ten hundred million." Qingfeng Li's eyes lit up and added two hundred million.

"Twelve hundred million."

Hell King looked at Qingfeng Li and threatened him.

"Eighteen hundred million." facing Hell King's threat, Qingfeng Li immediately bumped the price to eighteen hundred million.

"Twenty hundred million." Hell King was pissed off and yelled out his price. He had almost gone mental because of Qingfeng Li.

Hell King had only one thought and that was to beat Qingfeng Li and acquire .

Impulsiveness was the devil and everyone had to pay for its price.

"You won, belongs to you now." when Hell King made the twenty hundred million call, Qingfeng Li smirked and stopped.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you toy with me." Hell King's whole body was shivering.

Twenty hundred million was not a small number.

The whole auction room was quiet and everyone looked at Hell King with a hint of mockery. They wanted to laugh, but wouldn't dare to.

This guy had so much money and wasted it recklessly. He didn't know how hard it was to make money did he?

Hell King's expression was extremely ill. He had now understood he was tricked by Qingfeng Li.

"Congratulation to Hell King, he acquired for twenty hundred million." Cuicui Luo said happily, but her tone was filled with mockery as well.

Twenty hundred million, it was twenty times the its original price of one hundred million.

Even though it was

was a Higher Heaven tier movement technique, it was only worth around ten hundred million. But Hell King used twenty hundred million to buy it.

Hell King was extremely pissed. In addition, the loss of his reputation made him pissed off even more.

Hell King's glare towards Qingfeng Li became extremely cold; it even had a killing intent.

Facing Hell King's killing glare, Qingfeng Li only laughed and ignored him.

Qingfeng Li turned away his body and started chatting happily with Niching Luo. The two's chatting pissed off Hell King once again.

The first item was sold with the price of twenty hundred million made Cuicui Luo extremely happy. This was because the higher the bidding price, the more commission she could get.

"The second item is special. It is a drop of blood from a mysterious animal that couldn't be identified by our analytical machines. The man behind this blood doesn't want money as payment. He wants ten vitality stones." Cuicui Luo brought out a drop of blood and said.

The blood was inside a tube and it was dark red. It was extremely mysterious.

Even though the blood was mysterious, the crowd shook their heads when they heard the price was ten vitality stones.

Vitality stones were more important than money and was extremely rare. Even with money, one couldn't

one couldn't get their hands on to vitality stones.

Vitality stones, like the name suggested, were stones filled with vital essence. When martial artists absorbed the vital essence inside it, it would increase their strengths and extend their lifelines.

But the vitality stones grew hundreds, if not thousands of meters underground and formed over thousands of year. It was extremely rare and the majority of the ancient martial artists didn't have it.

Even some of the clans and families didn't have it as well. Only the extremely powerful clans had some, but they only had a small number of stones.

Seeing how the room was filled with people but no one wanted to buy this blood made Cuicui Luo extremely awkward.

The blood was too mysterious and it didn't even have a description of what it was. In addition, its asking price was ten vitality stones. Naturally, no one would buy it.

"My bloodline is boiling." Seeing the red blood made Qingfeng Li's body boil up. There was a voice inside his body that was telling him to acquire the blood.

Qingfeng Li knew the blood was extremely crucial for him. Maybe it could even evolve his totem's blood once again.

Qingfeng Li had a feeling that the blood will help him surpass pinnacle Lower Heaven tier and send him into the him into the Higher Heaven tier.

Just when Qingfeng Li stood up and was about to buy the blood, his left hand froze and his face was filled with awkwardness.

If it was money then Qingfeng Li wouldn't have any problems. With his current status and power, even if it asked for hundred thousand million, it would be an easy task.

The key was that the blood needs vitality stones, not money. But Qingfeng Li didn't have any vitality stones.

"What should I do, the blood is extremely important to me, but I don't have any vitality stones." Qingfeng Li was worried.

Niching Luo was extremely smart and knew Qingfeng Li needed the blood.

"Wolf King, I can help you buy the blood, but you would have to do me a favor." Niching Luo smiled and said.

"What favor?" Qingfeng Li's brows tensed up. He knew that she didn't have anything good in mind.

"Wolf King, you don't have to worry. My request is simple: join our Luo family. Of course, our family isn't going to treat you badly." Niching Luo smiled seductively.

Niching Luo was too attractive for people to reject her.

Even though Qingfeng Li wanted the blood, he shook his head. He said, "I cannot join your family. If possible, I will help you do three favors in exchange for the blood."

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