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Chapter 692: The Most Beautiful Woman of Tianjing

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Carriages are usually drawn by horses, but this carriage was being dragged by tigers. This was definitely a testimony to the prestige of the owners of this carriage.

The fur of the tiger was red, bristled like steel needles and its body was about four meters high. This tiger had keen teeth and a strong body which gave a feeling of power. The tiger looked like the definition of the king of animals.

Among the beasts, tigers were well-known as 'The King of Millions of Beasts' for their enormous strength, fierceness, and difficulty in being tamed.

Yet these tigers were being used to drag carriages, which accentuated the powerful identity of the passenger.

The chauffeur who was sitting in the front of the carriage was an old man. Although he was over 70, his eyes were sparkling. With just one glance, you could tell that he's a master.

The old man was wearing a red coat, and holding a red long whip. A feeling of swiftness and fierceness arose from his body, arousing everyone's guard.


Arriving at the auction house, the carriage stopped. The old man opened the door, and stood aside reverently.

A beautiful snow white arm gradually reached out from the carriage, and then an enchanting woman in a red coat appeared.

She had a charming face and snow-white skin. She was shining, enchanting and beautiful. She had a seductive

figure with charming curves, The red chiffon dress she wore emphasized her exquisite breasts, making people want to grasp and rub them.

This charming lady, like a delicate rose, attracted everyone's eyes.


Everyone around swallowed. Their faces were red and their eyes blazing.

"She is so beautiful. It'd be brilliant if I could marry him."

"You're dreaming. A beauty like this out of your league."

"She is Miss Nishang Luo, known as the Thorny Rose in Tianjing. I bet you are courting death if you try to chase her. "

Thorny Rose, when hearing this name, everyone's faces changed.

In Tianjing, if one had to name the most vicious woman, there's no doubt that it would be the Thorny Rose. She liked to hunt for sexy men and then torture them to death. Of course, these men were not pitiful, some wanted to molest her. Anyway, she was a terrifying woman.

A faint of amazement flashed through Qingfeng Li's eyes. Thorny rose, was she the famous Thorny Rose Nishang Luo in Tianjin?

Qingfeng Li had heard of this title before before. She's a powerful woman, not only beautiful in appearance, but also vicious in her heart.

"Madame, the auction is about to start, please hurry in." The old man took a bow and said reverently.

Nishang Luo moved slightly, sexily and enchantingly, like a rose in blossom.

However, when Niching Luo was about to leave, the old man beside her sighed and looked at Qingfeng Li who

who was not far away.

"Grandpa Luo, why aren't you leaving?" Niching Luo stopped and showed a faint confusion on her charming face.

"Madam, the man in green is the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent. I've heard that the daughter of Dragon Palace Xianzhi Qin is trying to get close to him." The old man in red thecoat whispered.

The Wolf King?

Niching Luo frowned. Although she was from a family of ancient martial arts, she knew about the powers of the secular world. This Wolf King is a man who came to power in the recent two years. He wrapped the under world around his fingers and his wolf fang team inspired awe throughout the world.

But no matter how powerful the Wolf King was, Niching Luo wouldn't take it seriously because she was a practitioner of ancient martial arts, who was more powerful than ordinary people.

What really mattered to Nishang Luo was Xianzhi Qin. She was known as the Peony Fairy, and was an enemy to her, the Thorny Rose Fairy. They had a very bad relationship.

The Wolf King must have something special to be recognized and recruited by Xianzhi Qin.

Nishang Luo decided to recruit the Wolf King herself because she needs to rob everything Xianzhi Qin wanted to have.

Now the four family of ancient martial arts were in fierce competition to fight for talents. The Dragon Palace was also fighting for talents since the Forbidden District of

District of the Kun Lun Mountain was about to open. The party with the most talents could take the initiative and achieve better things.

Niching Luo twisted her skinny waist and came in front of Qingfeng Li and said, "Wolf King, nice to meet you. I'm Nishang Luo."

Nishang Luo had a charming face, sexy figure and tender voice. She had a charm that was hard to resist.

"Hi, I'm Qingfeng Li." Qingfeng Li smiled and reached out his hands to shake with Nishang Luo.

The hand of Nishang Luo was small, white and soft, feeling boneless and tender, like fine and smooth ribbon of silk.

Seeing Qingfeng shaking hands with Nishang, everyone around them felt envious, especially the Black Imperanence, flowing a sense of hatred from his eyes. He felt like chopping Qingfeng up into pieces because Nishang Luo was the woman he wanted to conquer.

Seeing his favorite woman being friendly with another man, he felt like he was being cucked. It felt miserable.

Qingfeng Li felt good under the blazing and envious looks around him. I'm so charming that, just by standing here, the most beautiful woman in Tianjin would come and shake hands with me.

"Wolf King, I'd like to invite you to enter the auction house together. Are you willing to join me?" Nishang Luo smiled enchantingly. The whole world seemed a bit brighter, like the prettiest flower had bloomed in the forest. Everyone around was dumbfounded.

"Of course. It's my course. It's my pleasure." Qingfeng Li nodded and said.

With the envious look around, Qingfeng and Nishang entered the auction house.

Black Impermanence, Hell King, Jiang Gang Seven and many others looked at Qingfeng with envy, feeling like killing him. But Qingfeng Li didn't care at all.

"Luo's auction house deserves to be the most revered in Tianjing. There are so many people." Once Qingfeng entered the hall, he felt the grand atmosphere reverberating throughout.

The hall was decorated throughout with gold, and was crowded with people, hustling and bustling through the passages.

Among the crowd, Qingfeng Li also saw some big names in Tianjing. There were the sons and daughters from the big families, some millionaires, and also people from ancient martial art sects.

Nishang Luo took Qingfeng Li to the No.1 VIP room. Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King were not entitled to enter so they could only stand outside the room.

The room was over 50 square meters in area. It was extremely luxurious and plated in gold.

It had to be recognized that Nishang Luo had a preference for gold. No matter if it was the decoration of the auction house or the room, there were all golden decorations. There were also some furniture and appliances made from silver, pearls, diamonds, crystals, etc.

Nishang Luo was sitting on the golden chair, with her eyeballs slightly rotating. She was definitely trying to get close to Qingfeng Li.

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