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Chapter 691: Ancient Martial Arts Auction

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After Qingfeng Li and his followers came out from the Unmarked Common Graves, it was almost morning. There were wisps of smoke emanating from houses, possibly from people preparing their breakfasts.

"Go, let's go to Luo's Auction Company." Qinfeng Li smiled. He was satisfied, driving with Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King towards Luo's Auction Company.

Luo's Auction company, the site of the Auction for Ancient Martial Arts. Those who were here all practiced ancient martial art. It was the biggest auction company in Tianjing City and also a branch of the Luo family's companies.

It was said that the Luo family was very rich with a strong background and long history. It was prosperous in both money and honor for thousands of years, experiencing countless storms but still standing tall in Huaxia.

The Luo Family, as one of the four biggest ancient martial art families, was very powerful and famous. It was an extremely powerful existence which made a lot of people submit to this family.

Because of this, many other families were envious of the huge profit made by Luo's Auction Company, but they could only look, or they would have been turned into ashes by the Luo family.

Luo's Auction Company had a good location, located in the most prosperous area of Tianjing City.

The decoration here was splendid and magnificent, with gold bricks and silver tiles covering the roof. The floor was

tiled with crystals and diamonds decorated the walls. It was incredibly luxurious. The power of the family was displayed to each passing person.

"How auction company is really luxurious!" Qingfeng Li looked at the extravagant building in front him and couldn't help himself from exclaiming.

Today was the day of the auction. A lot of big families and powerful gentlemen and ladies were gathering here.

At the Auction, there were many weapons, techniques, medicines and other precious things that were coveted by many practicioners of martial arts.

Not only the masters from Tianjing City, but also masters from other places were here. Even some foreign masters were here since the status of Luo's Auction Company was very high and was very famous in the Ancient Martial Art World.

As soon as Qingfeng Li came to the entrance of the auction, he met someone familiar. Instead of being familiar, it would be more accurate to call him an enemy.

This familiar guy was wearing a kimono and there was a stroke of black hair under his nose. He had a long sword in his hand. That was Yoshichiro Izu, the seventh sword king of the Pacific Island, and the second strongest master on the Lower Heaven List.

Following Yoshichiro Izu, there were a few other men from Pacific Island. They were clearly together to attend the auction here.

"Hey, isn't that Wolf King? We meet again." Yoshichiro Izu smiled coldly and said to Qingfeng Li.

"Master Izu, those from

from Huaxia are all garbage. The one in front of you is clearly trash."

"That's right, our master Yoshichiro was talking to him but he didn't answer him and even frowned at him."

"I hate those from Huaxia the most."

Those from Pacific Island around Yoshichiro Izu were loudly mocking Qingfeng Li.

"As slaves, how dare you insult others. You deserve a slapping!"

Qingfeng Li's body flashed in front of these men in a sudden and slapped them four times on their faces.


The faces of the four men suddenly became red and swollen as they spat out bloody teeth.

"Wolf King, how dare you hit my people?" Yoshichiro Izu stepped forward and coldly said to Qingfeng Li.

"Yoshichiro Izu, I am trying to teach these slaves a lesson. If you want to save them from this, then come. Let's have a competition."

Qingfeng Li stared at Yoshichiro Izu, ready to fight any time.

In Europe, Yoshichiro Izu tried to kill Qingfeng Li. Thanks to the Boxing King, Shiwei Guo, Qingfeng was spared ultimately. Now looking at his enemy, Qingfeng Li would not let him go.

Yoshichiro Izu looked at Qingfeng Li fiercely with the long sword in his hand, wanting to fight obviously. The atmosphere was suddenly tense.

"Ha, Wolf King, you really are disliked by everyone. Everyone wants to kill you." Suddenly, a mocking voice came from the back.

Black Impermanence, together with the Hell King came this way.

"Look, that is Black Impermanence from Ghost King Palace. He is the first

the first on the Lower Heaven List. I thought he wouldn't be here today."

"It's the auction day today. I heard there is good stuff here. Black Impermanence would definitely be here."

"Look, Black Impermanence brought his Junior Brother Hell King with him. Looks like they are prepared this time."

The people around were discussing with shock in their eyes.

In the City of Tianjing, the Ghost Palace was very powerful, as powerful as the four most powerful families of ancient martial arts.

"Black Impermanence, Hell King, you two hateful things come again." Qingfeng Li said with a sneer and insulted them immediately.

Qingfeng Li would never forget that earlier on, Hell King kidnapped Ruyan Liu and almost killed their baby. If it wasn't that he appeared on time, Ruyan's baby would have been gone.

Put it this way, Qingfeng Li hated the Ghost Palace more than he hated Yoshichiro Izu.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you curse us. You are courting death." The look on Black Impermanence's and Hell King's faces changed and anger shimmered in their eyes.

Needless to mention, the Ghost Palace was very powerful in the City of Tianjing and was respected by everyone. Now they had been cursed at in public, so there was no doubt that they felt angry.

"I am not scared of you. Come and fight me." Qingfeng Li put his hands behind his back and said fiercely.

Seeing how arrogant Qingfeng Li was, everyone was shocked. Buddy, you just offended Yoshichiro Izu and now Izu and now you offended Black Impermanence and Hell King from Ghost Palace. How long do you think you're going to live?

In the eyes of those around him, Qingfeng Li had lived enough. No matter whether it was the Sword Kings of the Pacific Island or the Ghost Palace, both were very powerful. Offending one would lead to death, not to mention both.

"Two powers are bullying one person, this is not good. Let me, the Boxing King Shiwei Guo, get involved too." Suddenly a laughing voice appeared.

Shiwei Guo was wearing some clothes from Thailand with two huge steel balls in his hand and walked with huge steps towards the side of Qingfeng Li.

Shiwei Guo and Yoshichiro Izu were enemies. He sneered at him, preparing to fight any time.

In front of the entrance it was fierce already. Yoshichiro Izu, Black Impermanence, Hell King were together, while Qingfeng Li and Shiwei Guo looked at each other coldly. A fight was coming.


Suddenly a sound came from the far end. There was a carriage coming towards the auction.

People nowadays traveled in cars. It has been nearly a century and a half since carriages were in fashion. Even if they took the carriage, ordinary people were not able to take them. This was a symbol for identity.

What made it more surprising was the fact that the carriage was pulled by a tiger.

Yes, you are right, the tiger was pulling the carriage. This scene was too dazzling.

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