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Chapter 693: Luo's Auction House

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"Wolf King, our Luo family needs people like you. Do you have any interest in joining us?" Niching Luo smiled like a fox and her whole body emitted a seductive aura.

Qingfeng Li's eyes became sluggish and his heart beat increased. In addition, his face became red as well.

Because he was extremely close to Niching Luo, he was able to see her face clearly. Her face was delicate like the rose, her skin as white as the snow, and her lips were perky like a cherry. It made Qingfeng Li want to push her down.

Her face wasn't the only thing attracting Qingfeng Li, her body was extremely sexy as well. Her tits were extremely big and the cleavage between was even more seducing. It made Qingfeng Li boil up.

Her waist was skinny, ass was perky, and her legs were long and slim. Her whole body fit the golden ratio and it was like she was sculpted by a goddess.

"Wolf King, come join our family." Seeing Qingfeng Li's gaze become sluggish made Niching Luo happy. She said with her seductive voice again, which contained a mysterious attractiveness to it.

Just when Qingfeng Li was about to accept her request, his Wolf King blood suddenly activated and

cleared his mind again.

Qingfeng Li's eyes became clear and looked at Niching Luo with a baffled look. He didn't think she would knew the art of seduction and seduced him.

"Don't tell me she awakened a Vixen Bloodline." Qingfeng Li guessed in his mind.

"Let's talk about joining you another time." Qingfeng Li's mind was clear now and wouldn't accept her terms.

Regarding seductive girls like Niching Luo, Qingfeng Li wouldn't dare to say too much. Thus he didn't accept or reject.

Thr Luo Family was one of the four ancient martial artist families of Tianjing province. It was super influential and shouldn't be offended if possible.


Just when the two were talking, a noise sounded in the middle of the auction room. It was a sound made from wood knocking on the table.

The auction started and a girl with a nice body walked onto the middle of the stage. Her face and body were attractive; she was gorgeous.

"I am our Luo family's Auction's Cuicui Luo. I hereby welcome everyone to the Luo's family's auction today." Cuicui Luo's every action made the men redden up and became more excited.

"These stupid men. Why are they so excited after one simple look." Cuicui Luo felt a bit happy.

"The girl is extremely smart. She knows how to promote

promote herself and her products." Cuicui Luo's intelligence surprised Qingfeng Li.

The crowds became anxious when they found out Cuicui Luo still hadn't announced the first auction product.

"Cuicui Luo, just announce the first item for auction already." A man that had a sword and was wearing kimono said. He was Qilang Jinggang, another of the sword kings of the pacific island.

"The first item for auction today is the Higher Heaven tier movement technique . It is easy to learn and you can walk on water like you are walking on the ground once it is mastered." Cuicui Luo announced.

"Higher Heaven tier technique , which dumbass actually took this out to the public for sale." Qingfeng Li complained quietly.

In Huaxia's ancient martial world, martial arts coould not be promoted to outsiders. It was the treasure of the family; only students from the family could study the secret art.

Of course, there was another reason why it was being sold. Sometimes when the big families were eradicated, their secret arts would be stolen or gifted away. These situations were extremely rare, but it was still possible. For example, Qingfeng Li was able to learn the True Martial Emperor Technique from the elder Daoist.

This technique held some attraction to Qingfeng Li

Qingfeng Li because he needed a few movement skills like this. 

"Cuicui Luo, please announce the starting price for it quickly." Yoshichiro Izu's face was all red and he said anxiously.

He practiced sword arts and a movement technique was the only art he needed. Naturally he was going to go for it.

Cuicui Luo smiled and asked a girl beside her to bring her the silver plate. There was a red cloth covering plate.

Cuicui Luo extended her hand and pulled away the cloth slowly.

There was a black martial book lying quietly on the plate.

The words was written on the cover of the book and it gave an antique and mysterious feel to it.

"Starting price of will be one hundred million." Cuicui Luo said.

Needless to say, the martial arts' prices were extremely high. Even the least powerful ones had a starting price of one hundred million.

"Two hundred million." Yoshichiro Izu stood up and screamed.

Even though he was the Pacific Island's Seventh sword king and part of the Sword King Union, the art was too attractive for him to maintain his calm.

"Three hundred million." A fat man stood up and said.

Yoshichiro Izu glared at him and said with rage, "Shiwei Guo, you are already a master of Higher Heaven tier, Higher Heaven tier, why would you need this art."

Shiwei Guo looked at Yoshichiro Izu with contempt and said: "I like it and I don't want you to get it. Get it if you have what it takes! Hahaha."

"Why are they fighting again." The crowd was out of words seeing the two start fighting.

Yoshichiro Izu and Shiwei Guo were famous in Tianjing province because they would always fight at every auction and it happened again today.

"Four hundred million." Just when the two were fighting, a cold voice sounded.

Who dares to compete with me?! Yoshichiro Izu looked and saw it was a man wearing a Yama mask that said the price.

Yama's face was filled with arrogance and he ignored Yoshichiro Izu's gaze.

Seeing how it was the Yama masked person that called the price, Yoshichiro Izu's face changed. After a few moments of reconsideration, he sat down.

In terms of status, Yoshichiro Izu wasn't scared of the Yama masked man because he was part of the Sword King Alliance and the latter was part of Ghost King Palace. They were both extremely powerful forces.

But this was Tianjing province and Ghost King Palace's territory. He knew if he were to become the Yama masked man's prey, then he probably wouldn't walk out of here alive.

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