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Chapter 690: Acquiring Conqueror's Badge

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"Sorry, I forgot to leave you a whole corpse." Looking at Songren Sato without a head, Qingfeng Li said. Though he said sorry, he didn't feel sorry at all.

For some asshole like Songren Zuoten, he only deserved to be killed ruthlessly so that he wouldn't use other human beings for experiments.

Qingfeng Li didn't look at the body of Songren Sato. Instead, he went to the experimental pod to free Lion Demon King. He raised his long sword and swung towards the four handcuffs. The sound of cracks were heard and the four handcuffs were broken into pieces.

"Young master, you were amazing." Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King said with admiration.

Songren Sato was the Ninja King, who was extremely famous in the world of ninjas from the Pacific Island. But unexpectedly, he died at the hands of Qingfeng. If the people from Pacific Island heard this, it would definitely be a shock to them.

"Lion Demon King, where is the Conqueror's Badge?"

"Young master, it is on the Ninja King."

"Good, finally I got my father's relic," Qingfeng Li was so excited. All these years, he had been looking for information on the Conqueror's Badge but wasn't able to locate it. Today he finally found it.

Qingfeng Li ran towards the body of Songren Sato and started searching his body. At the area of his chest he found a badge. He took it out and saw three big letters on it, "Conqueror's Badge".

It was the first time Qingfeng Li saw the Conqueror's Badge. It

was a black badge, about the size of one's palm. The whole body was made of special meteorite, not just ordinary wood or steel.

Just judging by the fact that it was made from meteorites, one could tell that this badge was not simple.

With the two wprds "Conqueror's Badge" on its front and ten images, each of a wild monster, on the back, the badge seemed to hold tremendous power.

These ten images of the wild animals correspond to the ten Demon Kings. By using these, it could find and gather the ten Demon Kings.

The first of the images of ten wild animals was the white elephant, which was the bloodline Totem for the master of Qingfeng Li, the Wind-Edge Demon King. He had a white elephant on his chest, it was just his bloodline wasn't awakened yet.

In order to wake up the bloodline, talent was required and also special conditions. Even if he had the ancient bloodline from his ancestors, he might not be able to wake successfully.

For example, the ten Demon Kings. Qingfeng Li had only met three of them, the Wind-Edge Demon King, also called "White Elephant Demon King", Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King. These three Demon Kings all hadn't awoken their bloodlines yet. As for the other seven Demon Kings, Qingfeng Li hadn't met them yet.

"Young master, there is a lot of stuff in the lab of the Ninja King. Let's look around." Lion Demon King came to his side.

Qingfeng Li nodded, taking the Conqueror's Badge and looking around excited. The Ninja King

King was very famous and after all these years in the Unmarked Common Graves, he must have gotten a lot of good stuff.

Qingfeng Li, Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King started to search the lab. But as they started to search, they started to turn deathly pale, feeling more and more disgusted.

Songren Sato was so evil that it was not enough to kill him a hundred times. He used the body of small children to do experiments. Those children had already been killed. No matter how brilliant Qingfeng Li's medical skill was, he could not save them.

"Oh, Young master, there is an invitation here." Lion Demon King suddenly said with a black invitation in his hand.

"What invitation? Let me see." Qingfeng Li smiled and took over the invitation. It was titled the Auction of Ancient Martial Arts.

The Auction of Ancient Martial Arts?

Qingfeng Li was glad and excited to see this. He once heard from the old Daoist that there were different schools, families and forces in the ancient martial arts world and the Auction of Ancient Martial Arts was an auction organized by the ancient martial art force. There would be a lot of good stuff there that would make a huge contribution to the practice of ancient martial arts.

"After you guys collect the important things in the lab, set a fire and burn this place. We are going to the auction tomorrow." Qingfeng Li smiled with the invitation in his hand.

 After becoming an ancient martial artist, Qingfeng Li knew the mysteries of this world and also

and also a lot of powerful men. He also had a lot of enemies, the Ghost King Palace, Holy See, Sky God League, Gator Family and Park Family. Oh and also the seven sword kings and the Ninja Family that had just been killed.

Qingfeng Li knew that if he was not strong enough, these enemies would charge at him and rip him into pieces.

Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King followed Qingfeng Li's words and looted all the valuable things in the lab. To be honest, though Songren Sato was evil and an asshole, the stuff he collected were all good stuff.

Not to mention the others, the Scale Blade was already a master tier weapon and there was also the Water Spirit Blade Technique which was also a grandmaster level techniques. There was also some money and lab equipment.

"Lion Demon King, you are the one practicing blade techniques. This Scale Blade and the Water Spirit Blade Technique are yours now." Qingfeng Li smiled and gave away these two precious things.

"Young master, these are too precious. I can't take them." Lion Demon King shook his head and tried to refuse.

There was a saying that went 'No pain, no gain'. The Ninja King was killed by the Young master and his life was also saved by the Young master, while he didn't do anything. The two treasures are both priceless things that can't be bought with even a billion Yuan. Yet, the Young master wanted to give these to him. Lion Demon King was too ashame to take them.

"Take them, I them.

"Take them, I practice the sword. The blade techniques are useless to me. If you don't take them, you are not considering me the Young master." Qingfeng Li gave the two precious things to Lion Demon King himself, which made the Lion Demon King extremely moved.

"Thank you, Young master. Lion Demon King will give everything for the Young master." Lion Demon King kneeled on the ground with one leg and said respectfully.

Green Dragon Demon King looked at the Scale Blade and Water Spirit Blade Technique with an envious face. He wasn't stupid and could naturally tell how precious these things were as gramdmaster level treasures.

Looking at the envy look of Green Dragon Demon King, Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "Green Dragon, you use firearms. Don't worry. I will keep the right weapon for you when we come across one."

"Thank you so much, Young master." Green Dragon Demon King said gratefully. As long as Young master didn't forget him, he was glad enough.

Qingfeng Li collected the valuable things here and left the underground lab with the other two. Then he set fire to a bottle of gas and burned this place with fire.

The raging fire came from the underground lab and this evil was tirmed into ashes and smoke

Of course, together with the fire, the body of the Ninja King and those ninjas were disintegrated. They ended their evil lives and turned into ashes.

Qingfeng Li killed these men from the Pacific Island and avenged the many innocent souls. This granted Qingfeng a lot more good fortune in the future.

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