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Chapter 689: Death of Songren Sato

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"Hahaha, this Water Spirit Blade Technique a grandmaster tier skill, and I've already learned the second move. You are no match for me." Songren Sato looked at Qingfeng Li and laughed.

Qingfeng Li felt rather unpleasant hearing that arrogant laugh but he understood anyway, that the Ninja King was already more than 40 years old, and had practiced his skill along with the king of blades for a long time. However, Qingfeng Li already learned the first move of the Red Fiery Blade Technique from the Sword King within a single day. It was fairly admirable already.

Had Qingfeng Li gotten a whole year to practice, a month, or even a week, he could have mastered the second stage of the Red Fiery Sword technique and beat the Ninja King.

"I'm not the one who is already so old and is still boasting about his pitiful second stage progress. Even I feel embarrassed for you." Qingfeng Li sneered.

After hearing that, Songren Sato stopped speaking, his fearsome eyes staring at Qingfeng Li.

"Water Spirit Arrow." Waving his sword, Songren Sato kept attacking Qingfeng.

Qingfeng wasn't that weak after all. He drew his sword and fought against Songren Sato's Scale Blade, creating loud noises.

Both of

them were masters. Since Qingfeng had only mastered the first stage, he was pushed backwards during the fight.

As he was retreating, Qingfeng Li noticed the way Songren Sato drew his sword. Every time he drew it from top to bottom, with the sheath angled at 45 degrees. This was such a good angle to cohere vital essence, creating a silvery water sword.

Qingfeng Li found the pattern as he kept his eyes on the sword. He had a feeling that both the Water Spirit Blade Technique and Red Fiery Sword Technique shared some similarities somehow. Their sword unsheathing movments looked similar as well.

Could the Water Spirit Blade Technique have originated from Huaxia but was stolen by the people from the Pacific Island? Qingfeng Li started wondering about this idea. The more he considered this, the more it made sense.

Qingfeng Li observed the sword drawing one more time and confirmed that the two skills were highly similar, with only a slight difference in the use of vital essence.

Qingfeng Li studied quickly. He then started to look into the second stage of Songren Sato's skill. All of a sudden, Qingfeng Li figured out the trick behind the technique.

Although Qingfeng Li kept backing up during the fight, he somehow stole

stole the skill of his opponent, only costing him some scratches on his clothes.

Qingfeng Li observed the Water Spirit Blade Technique and compared it with the Red Fiery Sword Technique. The only differences were the weapons and elemental property. These two skills were highly similar underneath.

In the second stage, Water Spirit Blade Technique created water bolts while the Red Fiery Sword manipulates fire arrows. The two seemed to contradict but somehow shared a similarity.

In half an hour, Qingfeng Li was forced to a corner by Songren Sato. There was no way going back, literally. But deep inside, he was happy, for he had already mastered the second stage of Red Fiery Sword Technique.


Qingfeng Li swung his sword in a sudden, with vital essence along with the sword and formed a fire arrow that could incinerate everything.

That was exactly the second stage of the Red Fiery Sword Technique.

As the fire arrow and water bolts clashed, the air around them started to vibrate, accompanied by falling debris from the ceiling and the walls. It was like an earthquake.

This time, Qingfeng Li stood firmly. He countered the attack after mastering the second stage of the Red Fiery Sword technique, which was strikingly similar.

"Thank you, Ninja King. If it wasn't for

wasn't for you attacking me, I wouldn't have the ability to master the second move of my Red Fiery Sword technique this fast." Qingfeng Li smiled.

Anger quickly filled Songren Sato 's head; he fought so hard, trying to kill Qingfeng Li. But it turned out that he helped Qingfeng Li master his second stage skill.

"I appreciate your help, Ninja King. I promise you that I can give you a decent death now." Qingfeng Li sounded pleasant but threatening.

"Don't underestimate me, kid. You are not better than me." Songren Sato thought he was only bluffing.

Qingfeng Li didn't reply to the look on Songren Sato's face, "Didn't I mention that I wasn't using my full strength? Now, I'll kill you in three moves."

Three moves?

Songren Sato couldn't stand such an insult from Qingfeng Li anymore. He thought Qingfeng Li was talking nonsense.

Dignity was on top of everything for a ninja from the Pacific Island. They would rather be killed than insulted.

"Go to hell, punk!" Songren Sato shouted and rushed toward Qingfeng Li, trying to slice him apart.

Qingfeng Li smiled. At that moment, the wolf totem on his chest emerged. The bloodline of the Wolf King recovered. His skin was as red as fire with his two eyes burning. Even more, he grew to twice grew to twice his original size.

The bloodline totem had an important function, which was to double his strength. Qingfeng Li became even stronger with the help of the bloodline of the Wolf King.

"Red Fiery Blast." Qingfeng Li raised his hands, swinging the Red Fiery Sword directly at Songren Sato's body.

This time, the strength delivered to the Scale Blade doubled. Even though it didn't break the Scale Blade, it slammed it away.

Without his weapon, Songren Sato was like a crocodile without teeth, waiting to be executed by Qingfeng Li.


The sword came from top above and disintegrated Songreng Sato's arm. Songren Sato couldn't stop bleeding and screaming.

With the power of the bloodline of Wolf King, Qingfeng Li was like a god that had hacked the system. Songreng Sato couldn't resist, not even for one second.

Looking at Qingfeng and his bloodline of the Wolf King, Songren Sato felt nothing but envy and hatred.

Songreng Sato lost, not because of any other reason, but because he didn't possess a bloodline totem. He was interrupted by Qingfeng Li when he tried to inject the blood of Lion Demon King to himself.

"Third strike." Qingfeng Li said in a peaceful mood. He swung his sword one more time and watched Songren Sato's head drop to the ground.

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