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Chapter 686: Underground Lab


Qingfeng Li reached out her hand and broke the second finger of the woman from Pacific Island, which made her scream as if she was going to die in the next second.

"Devil, you devil!" said the woman with burning fire in her eyes. If staring could kill, Qingfeng Li would have died for hundred times.

Crack, Crack!

Qingfeng Li said nothing but squished her middle finger and forth finger as well. The woman, terrified, was screaming as if she was going to spit her lungs out.

It was so painful that the woman shook unwillingly. She felt nothing but a burning fire surrounding her fingers. She looked at this man with fear; he was a pure demon.

"Where is the laboratory?" said Qingfeng Li, holding her fifth finger.

However, the woman from Pacific Island still wouldn't tell. Although the pain was killing her, as a ninja, she told herself not to say a single word.


Qingfeng Li broke her fifth finger without any hesitation. The woman screamed and fainted.

The woman decided not to reveal the secret and rather faint from pain. As a ninja, she did pretty well in holding the secret.

"Now what, young master?" Green Dragon Demon King frowned and asked.

Last time, he was only

at the Unmarked Common Graves. He didn't know the location of the lab either. This place was massive, with a single lab room underneath hundreds of tombs.

"I need to use my Eye of Wolf King." Said Qingfeng Li, smiled evilly.

The eye of the wolf king tricked the heart of humans. It works like hypnosis but was extremely exhausting. Qingfeng Li seldom used this power before.

Qingfeng Li touched the philtrum of the woman, putting her out of the coma.

"Now, tell me where the lab room is." Qingfeng Li stared at her with some mysterious red light in his eyes.

The woman tried to resist but after she looked into Qingfeng Li's eyes, she became stupefied. Her thought was like a gentle sheep, following Qingfeng Li without questioning. She was hypnotized!

"It's under the 77th tomb. Open the tombstone and you will see the passage. That leads you right underneath the lab room." The numb woman said so, without hiding anything anymore.


With the knowledge of the location of the lab room, Qingfeng Li broke the neck of the woman and let her die.

He felt nothing of killing her as she would have been a threat if allowed to survive. He had to do what he

he had to do.

"Let's check on the 77th tomb." Qingfeng Li stood up and headed to the tomb. Green Dragon Demon King followed him.

It was quite a long walk from the 9th tomb to the 77th one, but he was fast and made it quick.

After he looked the tomb with his own eyes, Qingfeng Li realized that it was surrounded by the other hundreds of tombs. The tomb was so mediocre that one would definitely have missed it if they were not paying attention.

Thanks to the intel from the woman, he found the tomb with no effort. It would have taken him forever to look for it without questioning the woman.

For Qingfeng Li, time was the most important aspect now. Caught by the Ninja King, Lion Demon King could die in any second since the Ninja King was a psycho who experimented on human bodies.

The tombstone was white for the 77th grave. It was not very tall, only around 1.5 meters with a shabby appearance.

Qingfeng Li touched the tombstone gently, trying to find something. A sudden smile came up from Li's face; he vaguely felt a heave at the lower right of the stone which was really hard to notice.

This might be

might be the trigger that activates the passage.

Because this was different from anywhere else.

Qingfeng Li pushed the heave. Crack! The tombstone started to change and fall into the ground, leaving a long passage behind it.

"Young master, indeed there is a passage." Green Dragon Demon King smiled, with gladness in his eyes.

"Okay, let's get down there." Nodding his head gently, Qingfeng Li and Green Dragon Demon King followed the passage.

The passage was only 1-meter-ish wide and only one can pass through every time. The floor and the wall are made of hard granite, glowing some weird black lights. This place was creepy as hell.

Qingfeng Li walked at the front, followed by Green Dragon Demon King. They stayed in this way so that if they are under attack, they can strike back from both directions.

The passage was pretty deep under the ground; around 100 meters. They walked for half an hour until they reached the bottom of the lab room.

In front of them was a huge lab room, with tables around it above which were placed several tall bottles and instruments. The bottles were about 1 meter high, with human organs, legs and arms filled in it.

"These ninjas are disgusting." said Qingfeng Li to himself.

At Li to himself.

At the front of the room stood dozens of men from the Pacific Island, all wearing some funny ninja black suits. They looked powerful.

"Halt! Who are you! Who let you guys in!" The leading ninja was a man in his mid-age, whose eyes were filled with flame when he saw Qingfeng Li.

"This is the laboratory of the Ninja King. This place is forbidden for outsiders, especially for you guys from Huaxia."

"Do you guys hold Lion Demon King here?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked.

"How do you know about that?" the leading ninja was in shock.

"Captain, that is the Green Dragon Demon King beside the teenager. They are on the same side." A ninja recognized Green Dragon Demon King and told the leading ninja.

"I was told so." said the leading guy and laughed, "Hahaha, you guys are just not giving up right? That stupid Kayip Sato let you go once but I will do his work for him."

"Kayip Sato is dead already. Do you want to go too?" Qingfeng Li smiled, staring at the leading ninja.

What?! He's dead?

"Kayip Sato was a high-level ninja and also a Lower Heaven master. He couldn't die." He then shook his head, couldn't believe Qingfeng Li's words.

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