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Chapter 687
Chapter 687: Ninja King

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"Bullshit! Kayip Sato would not die," the middle-aged ninja laughed coldly. He did not believe what Qingfeng Li said.

"Believe it or not, Kayip Sato was killed by me," Qingfeng Li continued walking on, looking peacefully.

"Stop! This is the lab of the Ninja King, I will kill you if you dare to take another step forward," the middle-aged ninja said threateningly.

Qingfeng Li sneered and quickened his steps, totally ignoring the threat.

"Go, kill him!" the middle-aged ninja yelled sharply and ordered all the ninjas around him to kill Qingfeng Li.


Dozens of ninjas pulled out the long swords. With sharp piercing sounds, they hacked towards Qingfeng Li and tried to cut him into pieces. 


Qingfeng Li turned his right hand and pulled out the Red Fiery Sword. He condensed vital essence on the sword with red hot aura and slashed back.

The sword split the air and struck with the other blades with loud clashing noises.

All the long swords were broken into half and dropped onto the floor. Ninjas were shocked by the fact that one sword had destroyed all their weapons. 

Qingfeng Li used his Red Fiery Sword to break all the long swords. He then twisted his wrist and drew a sword flower with an arc. Then, a sharp sword arc light crossed through the throat of those ninjas.


Dozens of streams of blood were pouring from the ninjas' necks. They used their hand to cover their throat and their eyes were

filled with horror.

Devil, this was the only word that they could think of. That young man standing in front of them was just a devil. He was too powerful. He killed all the ninjas with only one sword.

The look on the middle-aged ninja's face changed after the death of the other ninjas. He had never seen such a dreadful young man with that powerful sword technique. Maybe he was only comparable with the king of sword techniques from the Pacific Island.

"Sh*t, go to hell!" Even though Qingfeng Li was dreadful, the middle-aged ninja still pulled out the long sword and hacked towards Qingfeng Li brutally with a shout (TL: rule of thumb, always yell out your attack).

Qingfeng Li raised up his right elbow with a faint smile. The sword diagonally stabbed into the middle-aged ninja's heart and left a big hole. The heart was stabbed and blood was spattering out. The body of the middle-aged ninja twitched and finally, he fell down and died on the floor.

After a while, all the ninjas outside the lab were killed by Qingfeng Li. None of them were his opponent.

The combat capability that Qingfeng Li had could already compete with masters in the Higher Heaven level. Those from the Lower Heaven stage were not strong enough to be his opponent.

"Let's go. Let's get into the lab," Qingfeng Li took Green Dragon Demon King towards the lab without looking at the dead ninjas.

Inside the lab.

At that time, the strong

strong body of the Lion Demon King was lying in a white experiment module.

Cold handcuffs were all around the lab. Lion Demon King was naked except for one piece of underwear. All his arms and legs were locked with handcuffs in four directions.

A middle-aged man with a white robe was holding a syringe and drew blood from the chest of the lion demon king because there was a lion tattoo-like pattern on there.

This middle-aged man named Songren Sato. He was the Ninja King and the brother of Kayip Sato.

"Lion Demon King, I can't believe that you have the lion bloodline. Even though the bloodline has not awakened yet. I can draw the bloodline totem from your body and inject it into my body. Then, it will become mine," Songren Sato was laughing with a crazy face. His eyes were full of bloodthirsty and ferocious intent.

Since Songren Sato got the Conqueror's Badge, he kept trying to find the way to use it. And last month, he finally figured out that Conqueror's Badge can convene ten demon kings and also absorb the bloodline of the ten demon kings.

Third Master Li used to be the top master of Jing Capital, the generation pendragon of the 18 provinces of northern Huaxia. His followers, the ten demon kings, were not ordinary people.

Those ten demon kings were the most loyal men of Third Master Li. All of them had a bloodline totem, but were still not wakened yet. Although they

Although they just looked like the master of the SSS level, but they would all become formidable after their bloodline power awakens.

"Songren Sato, you want to draw my lion bloodline out? You deserve to go to hell!" Lion Demon King looked pale and said angrily.

Songren Sato was cruel and also evil. He was notorious and had a bad reputation among the ninjas in Pacific island.

"HAHAHA~, I like watching my prey die painfully. Let me draw all of your blood out!" Songren Sato kept drawing the blood of Lion Demon King with a crazy face.

Songren Sato was holding the Conqueror's Badge on his right hand. The function of the Conqueror's Badge was to help the lion bloodline draw out of the blood, since Songren Sato only wanted the lion bloodline not that guy's blood. 

The bloodline totem was the mystery power of human body and it was the power of the ancestors' blood. It was the essence of the blood, which is totally different from normal blood.

When Qingfeng Li and Green Dragon Demon King entered the lab, they saw Songren Zouteng holding a syringe and drawing blood from Lion Demon King.


Qingfeng Li picked up a pebble, threw it out as lightning, hit the syringe and the syringe fell onto the floor.

Songren Sato's facial expression changed when the syringe fell. He turned around and said angrily with fire in his eye, "You guys hit my syringe, do you want to die?"

"Sorry, you're wrong. We are not the one wanting the one wanting to die. You. You are the one who courting death," Qingfeng sneered and said coldly.

"Young master, how did you get here? Songren Sato is the Ninja King. Run!" Lion demon king overlaid on the lab and said with anxiety.

Others might not know how powerful Songren Sato was, but Lion Demon King knew. Songren Sato was a Higher Heaven level elite and Lion Demon King was defeated by him in just one move.

Lion Demon King knew his Young Master was powerful, but he was only a king at the SSS level. The Ninja King was much more powerful, even stronger than the kings.

"Lion Demon King, don't worry. The Ninja King is not my opponent," Qingfeng Li waved his hand and asked Lion Demon King not to worry.

Qingfeng Li may not be Ninja King's match before, but now he was at the Lower Heaven peak. Plus the Fiery Sword techniques, it would be easy for him to kill the Ninja King.

Songren Sato corrugated his eyebrow and asked, "Where is my brother, Kayip Sato, and the others ninjas?"

"They've already gone to hell. Don't worry. You will see them soon," Qingfeng Li said lightly, and the words he spoke were ruthless.

"You dared to kill my brother ! I must kill you ! I am going to tear you into pieces and make you into a specimen," Songren Sato's face looked ghastly pale and said strong murderous intent. He wanted to kill Qingfeng Li and avenge for his brother. 

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