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Chapter 685

The unnamed Unmarked Common Graves was about thirty miles away from the northern suburb of Tianjin City. There were about a hundred graves there, all anonymous.

Since these were the graves of anonymous people, there were no visitors here, nor anyone cleaning this place. For a long time, this place was abandoned, and the grass had grown over one meter tall. No one took care of this place.

Of course, if this was just a place that was abandoned, there would still be people here. There would be real estate developers aiming to acquire this area because it was huge. If it was to be developed to real estate, they

estate, they would be able to earn a huge amount of money. 

What really made this place abandoned was the fact that there were ghosts in this place. Yes, you read right, ghosts. There were ghosts in the Unmarked Common Graves. Unmarked Common Graves.

It is said that every day when it reaches midnight, the sound of the ghosts shouting occurs in the Unmarked Common Graves. Some people who becam

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