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A+ A- Chapter 684: Xianzhi Qin Appeared Again

Looking at the long sword hacking towards him, Qingfeng Li smiled, looing calmly.

Kayip Sato was at Lower Heaven peak, sharing the same level as Qingfeng Li, but his technique was far worse than Qingfeng Li.

At Pacific Island, Kayip Sato’s technique of ninja and sword were first-rate, but comparing to the sword technique of Qingfeng Li, it must be far behind Qingfeng Li since Qingfeng Li’s sword technique was taught by the king of swords. That is, the grandmaster level technique.


Qingfeng Li raised his wrist horizontally and cut with the Red Fiery Sword in his hand like a tornado and cut the long sword into two straightly.

What, my long sword broke?

The look on Kayip Sato’s face changed, with surprise in his eyes. The long sword in his hand was not just any long sword. It was different from the swords of the death ninjas. It was made by the Ninja King himself with precious minerals and stones inside. It was not supposed to break even with the attack of a Higher Heaven tier martialist. How could it break now?


After Qingfeng Li’s Red Fiery Sword cutted the long sword of Kayip Sato off, it chopped downwards with power and then took a turn, directly chopping off the hole arm of Kayip Sato.

"Oh, my arm." Kayip Sato covered the broken arm and shouted miserably. Before it was always him torturing others, but now oppositely.

Why is the young man in front of him so powerful?

Kayip Sato’s eyes were full of frightens. He clearly felt that he was as powerful as Qingfeng Li, but how could him chopped off his arms and long sword with only one sword. He didn’t even have the chance of fighting back.

"Tell me where is Lion Demon King or I will chop you into pieces." Qingfeng Li said with a cold voice with coldness in his voice.

Chop into pieces?

Kayip Sato appeared to be scared. He had heard of this penalty naturally. That was the most severe penalty of Huaxia. It involves cutting off the flesh on a person piece by piece and then the human being would die in misery.

Kayip Sato was desperate, scared and frightened. He knew he could never won the young man in front of him and the young man would do what he says.

"I would never tell you where Lion Demon King is. The Ninja King would revenge for me." Kayip Sato smile miserably and bit the poison hidden instead of his teeth.

Black blood flew following Kayip Sato’s mouth and his face and body started to be black. His whole body started to tremble and he stopped to breath in a moment.

"Dame, he killed himself." Looking at Kayip Sato dying, Qingfeng Li was angry.

These ninjas were so crazy. They chose to suicide instead of giving him information. Qingfeng Li thought he could know some information of Lion Demon King from the ninja, but it was obviously impossible now.

"Green Dragon Demon King, are you alright?" Qingfeng Li walked towards him and said with deep concern.

"Young master, I am fine." Although Green Dragon Demon King said he was alright, there was still blood flowing from his mouth. He was hit by the long sword of Kayip Sato, and his internal organs were damaged.

"Stop talking, I will cure you." Qingfeng Li asked Green Dragon Demon King to sit on the ground and started to cure him.

Qingfeng Li took out nine silver needles and placed them on the part where Green Dragon Demon King was bleeding to stop the blood from flowing out. Then he ran the True Martial Emperor Technique and transferred the vital energy of himself into the body of Green Dragon Demon King in order to fix the organs that were damaged.

Qingfeng Li’s medical technique was perfect, plus the True Martial Emperor Technique, which was an emperor grade book of technique. He successfully cured Green Dragon Demon King’s wound in a moment.

"Young master, I am cured now. You are amazing." Green Dragon Demon King stood up and felt his body not bleeding anymore and not pai

nful. He said gratefully.

Green Dragon Lion King worshipped his young master for his capabilities.

"Do you know where Lion Demon King was locked?" Qingfeng Li started asking.

Green Dragon Demon King shock his head and said: "These ninjas are the followers of the Ninja King. The Conqueror’s Badge is in the hand of the Ninja King. Lion Demon King and I tried to take back the Conqueror’s Badge but Lion Demon King was captured directly. I escaped."

"Where were you when he was captured?"

"The Unmarked Common Graves at the northern suburb of the city of Tianjin."

"The Unmarked Common Graves? Isn’t that a grave yard?"

"Young master, the graveyard is fake. The lab of the ninjas from Pacific Island is hidden under the Unmarked Common Graves." Green Dragon Demon King said.

Qingfeng Li thought for a second and said, "I believe Lion Demon King was locked there too. Let’s go and take a look."

As Qingfeng Li prepared to leave, a beautiful woman in ancient fashion clothing suddenly appeared in front of us.

This woman was very pretty with oval face, both white and smooth. Her eyes were bright and black like the shining stars in the sky. She had a large breast and raised buttocks, creating a perfect body figure.

Seeing this women in ancient cloth, the look on Green Dragon Demon King changed because he didn’t even see where this woman came from. She was able to appear near them without them noticing means that this woman might be very powerful.

"Who are you, what do you want?" The look on Green Dragon Demon King’s face changed and said with a cold voice. After chasing by the ninjas from Pacific Island, he became extremely sensitive and suspect anyone who was not familiar.

"Green Dragon Demon King, don’t worry. I know her." Qingfeng Li patted his should and told him not to be nervous.

Qingfeng Li had met this beautiful lady in ancient clothing a few times before. She was the daughter of Dragon Palace. She was a mysterious woman and Qingfeng Li wasn’t able to tell how powerful she was. But he knew that she was very powerful.

"Miss Qin, do you need anything?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked.

Xianzhi Qin smiled charmingly, her lashes were moving slightly and she said with a smile, " Wolf King, I would advise you not to go to the common graves."

"Miss Qin, why did you say that?"

"The Unmarked Common Graves is the territory of the Ninja King from the Pacific Island. The Ninja King is a Higher Heaven elite. You won’t be able to defeat him. If you go, you will die."

"Thank you for your advice. But Lion Demon King might be locked there and I have to save him." Qingfeng Li smiled and insisted to go.

Xianzhi Qin frowned and said, "Wolf King, did you not get what I said? The Ninja King is a Higher Heaven level master. You will not defeat him. If you agree to join the Dragon Palace, I will kill the Ninja King for you."

Qingfeng Li was speechless. After all, the daughter of Dragon Palace was still trying to convince him to join her.

"Miss Qin, thank you for your kindness. I am not interested in the Dragon Palace right now. Green Dragon Demon King, let’s go." Qinfeng Li smiled and left the People’s Park with Green Dragon Demon King and drove towards the common graves of the city of Tianjin.

"Wolf King, you will regret it." Looking at Qingfeng Li leaving, Xianzhi Qin shock her head.

As the daughter of Dragon Palace, Xianzhi Qin knew everything about all powers acting inside Huaxia and also in foreign countries. The Ninja King was a Higher Heaven level master and was the king of the common graves.

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