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A+ A- Chapter 683: Rescuing the Green Dragon Demon King

"So, you don’t believe that the Green Dragon Demon King is under the lake?" Kayip Sato looked at the expression of the ninjas beside him and said slowly. They seemed to not believe in him which made him not satisfied with them.

"No, we absolutely believe in you. Lord Sato is a high level ninja so what you said must be true." The skinny ninja beside him said immediately. He was not brave enough to offend the Ninja Master beside him.

Although this skinny ninja said he believes but still he didn’t believe in his heart.

Kayip Sato drawled out the Samurai sword, a black long sword about a metre long and four fingers wide. It was black with gloomy radiance and seemed very fierce.


Kayip Sato faced the lake and slashed with power and immediately split the lake water. Then they discovered that there was a middle-age man hiding under the lake. This man had thick and black eyebrow and yellow skin, with a Green Dragon tattoo on his chest. It was Green Dragon Demon King.

Seeing the lake was split and the sharp sword was slashing towards him. The look on the fact of the Green Dragon Demon King changed greatly and he tried to avoid by moving his body to the left and wanted to avoid the sword in the sky. But the knife was so fast and the Green Dragon Demon King was under the water with water around him. He was not able to avoid.


The body of Green Dragon Demon King was wounded by a huge cut because of the sword. He rose up and jumped from the lake to the lakeshore and coughed out a huge amount of blood which further exhausted him.

As a senior ninja, Kayip Sato was too powerful. He hurt Green Dragon Demon Kong badly by only using the sword once.

"Green Dragon Demon King, surrender or you will die." Kayip Sato smiled and said occupying a command position and said with despise.

"Surrender your as*. I only surrender to Third Master Li and young master Qingfeng Li. You, someone random from the Pacific Island want me to surrender? F*ck off." Although Green Dragon Demon King was wounded and his mouth was still bleeding, there was still arrogance in his voice.

"Very well, then I shall break your arms and legs, and then put you in the laboratory and let’s see how furious you can be then." Kayip Sato said with a cold voice, what he said was full of cruelness.


After hearing this name, Green Dragon Demon King started to shiver. Although he wasn’t afraid of anything he was still frightened. He wouldn’t afraid if someone broke his arms and legs, or even killing him. But putting him into the laboratory was too terrifying.

There were a group of people who were crazy on Pacific Island. Then loved to do experiments use human beings by putting them into experimental bottles. It made his blood freeze only by thinking about it.

"He’s already wounded. Cut off his arms and legs and take him to the lab." Kayip Sato waved and let his ninjas to catch Green Dragon Demon King.

About ten ninjas smiled cruelly, and walked towards Green Dragon Demon King. They wanted to catch the middle age man alive.

The first ninja used his long sword and prepared to cut off Green Dragon Demon King’s arm. The long sword was so fast that it was impossible for Green Dragon Demon King to avoid. All he could do was to look at the long sword aiming towards him.


At the same time, a voice broke the air with a stone flyting in the sky and hit directly on the long sword, breaking the long sword into two.

"Who was hiding there attacking sneakily?" The look on the first ninja’s face changed and looked at the darkness in front of him.

"A group of people bullying one, how shameful." Qingfeng Li smiled and walked out from the darkness with mock on his face.

Looking at Qingfeng Li, the look on the faces of the ninja slightly changed and surprises appeared in their eyes because the young men appeared in front of them looked too young. He

was about twenty years old.

But of course, the age is not the most important. The most important fact was that this young man had been hiding close to them but none of them found out where he was.

Hiding was the thing that the ninjas were brilliant at, but now they were defeated by someone else with something they were the expert of. All the ninjas were shocked within.

"Young sect master, go away. These ninjas are very powerful." After Green Dragon Devil King saw Qingfeng Li appearing, he was first very excited but immediately reminded him after he thought about the dreadfulness of these ninjas.

"They are nothing. Only a bunch of weaklings." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said slowly. He was afraid of these ninjas at all.

Now Qingfeng Li was at Lower Heaven peak stage, plus the totem bloodline and the Red Fiery Sword Technique, he was very powerful. He could even have a chance to fight a Higher Heaven realm fighter.

Young master?

The look on Kayip Sato’s face changed and said with a cold voice, "Are you the son of Conqueror Third Master Li?"

"Oh, you knew my father. The Conqueror’s Badge must be robbed by you. Turn it in now so that I might keep you alive." Qingfeng Li smiled and said domineeringly.

"It is true that the king of ninjas got the Conqueror’s Badge. But you, you can’t even win us, my group of ninjas. It is impossible for you to win the king of ninjas." Kayip Sato sneered and coldness glittered in his eyes.

These ninjas gave up on Green Dragon Demon King and took their long swords to encircle Qingfeng Li.


More than ten long swords pierced the air and hacked towards Qingfeng Li. It looked like the swords would split his body into half.

"Since you don’t want to live anymore, I will make that dream come true." Looking at the long swords coming towards him, Qingfeng Li felt a intent for murder inside of him.


Qingfeng Li took the Red Fiery Sword out and cohered the vital essence to the long sword. The sword emitted red light and the temperature was as high as five hundred degrees.

Qingfeng Li twisted his wrist and lifted the long sword, creating an arc in the sky and stroke towards the long swords.


Immediately, the long swords on the ninjas’ hand were all broken into pieces by the Red Fiery Sword and fell onto the groud.

After Qingfeng Li shattered the swords, the Red Fiery Sword created another arc in the sky with red sword light and cut the throats of the ninjas.


The ninjas fell onto the ground with a red line on their necks. Blood flew following the neck and was suddenly all over the body.

One sword, the death of fifteen ninjas. Now only the advanced level ninja Kayip Sato was left.

"What a terrifying sword technique." Kayip Sato’s pupils shrank and was scared. He had never seen any sword technique as horrifying as this one before.

Kayip Sato knew about his followers naturally. Although they were not as powerful as himself, but they are elites of the ninjas. He could definitely defeat these ninjas, but it would not be possible for him to kill them with only one sweep of a blade.

"You are the only one left now. I will give you a chance. Tell me where Lion Demon King is and I will keep you alive." Qingfeng Li pointed at Kayip Sato with his long sword on his hand with a murderess look.

Kayip Sato sneered and said, "You are powerful. But the people from Pacific Island never surrender, we rather die with honor."

After saying these, Kayip Sato waved the long sword on his hand, tore a rip in the air and hacked towards the body of Qingfeng Li. He wanted to kill his hateful young man.

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