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A+ A- Chapter 680: Ruyan Liu Coming for Dinner

"Wait a moment." Wanru Xu called Qingfeng Li when he was about to leave.

Wanru Xu walked into convenience store and took out two of the best bottles of Maotai (TL: very expensive alcohol in China). She gave the drink to Qingfeng Li and thanked him for his help.

These two bottles of Maotai would cost quite a few thousands of dollars. The money was nothing to Qingfeng Li, but for Wanru Xu, it was not a small amount of money. Qingfeng Li wanted to give her some money, but Wanru Xu refused. At the end, Qingfeng Li had to take two bottles of Maotai.

Sigh, the owner is too nice. She gave me two bottles of Wuliangye last time, and she gave me two bottles of Maotai this time. Qingfeng Li felt touched.

Good deeds brought rewards. Qingfeng Li smiled and felt satisfied.

Despite Qingfeng Li being mad and strong enough that he could kill the Gator King in one punch, he was still a caring and kind person. He never bullied weak people; he only bullied the strong ones.

Qingfeng Li took Maotai to the grocery store near the district, where he bought fish, chicken, duck meat, and vegetable. He then returned to the mansion.

Upon arriving the mansion, Qingfeng Li sensed a weird atmosphere. He looked up and saw Ruyan Liu sitting on the sofa in the living room with Xue Lin beside her. On the other side, there were Alice and Ziyi Miao. These four women reunited again somehow.

Why is Ruyan Liu here?

Qingfeng Li was shocked because he found out Ruyan Liu's belly had gotten bigger. He would be so dead if Xue Lin found out about this.

Besides Xue Lin, only Alice knew of him coming back home. Qingfeng Li looked at Alice as the thought came to his mind. Alice blushed and looked down. It was obvious that she was the one who told Ruyan Liu about Qingfeng Li returning.

"Qingfeng, I'm here for dinner. Are you alright with that?" Ruyan Liu said as she laughed and stood up.

What could Qingfeng Li say? She was already here. He couldn't kick her out, could he? He had to nod and say, "Yeah, for sure. I will go make some food."

Xue Lin had been looking at Qingfeng Li with anger while he was talking to Ruyan Liu. He couldn't stand their stares.

Within these four women, Xue Lin was his wife, Ruyan Liu and Alice had sex with him. Even the Miaojiang Saintess Ziyi Miao, he had seen her naked before. He found himself in an awkward situation.

Qingfeng Li got away after he went to the kitchen, but the women in the living room couldn't get away from this. These four women split into two teams. Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao were in a team and Ruyan Liu and Alice in another. They all stared at each other.

"Miss Lin, I just got to your place. Wouldn't you pour me, your guest, some tea?" Ruyan Liu said with a smile. She felt happy when she saw Xue Lin being annoyed.

"Help yourself if you want some tea." Xue Lin rolled her eyes and said. She had no good impression for Ruyan Liu.

In spite of Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li getting married soon, Ruyan Liu still visited their place. What was she trying to do? It seemed like Ruyan Liu was trying to show off. She was such a slut. Xue Lin was not happy about it.

"Well, if you won't get me some tea, I will get some water myself." Ruyan Liu stood up and wanted to get some water. She had a baby now and needed a lot of food and water on a daily basis.

"Rest up, sister Ruyan. I'll get you a cup of water." Alice knew about Ruyan Liu's situation. She made Ruyan Liu sit down while she went to get her some water.

Alice liked Ruyan Liu comparing to the other women. It might be because they were both Qingfeng Liu's women, they got along well. They both disliked Xue Lin.

Xue Lin frowned when she saw Alice pouring water for Ruyan Liu. She felt a bit irritated and said, "Ziyi, pour some water for me too."

"Yes, sister Xue." Ziyi Miao knew what Xue Lin wanted. She stood up and went to get some water for Xue Lin too.


was only one water dispenser in the living room. Alice wanted to get some water for Ruyan Liu and so did Ziyi Miao wanted to get some water for Xue Lin. They both didn't want to yield to each other.

Alice held a cup and went to water dispenser promptly. Ziyi Miao followed Alice, took a cup, and went towards the water dispenser.

These two women were both masters, and especially both SS grade masters. They were at the same level and they couldn't do anything to each other.

Alice and Ziyi Miao both held a cup and went up to water dispenser as fast as lightning. Two glass cups knocked into each other. When Alice almost got water, Ziyi Miao knocked Alice's cup away with her cup and vice versa.

Alice and Ziyi Miao were in the middle of the fight of who got to be the first to get some water. On the other side, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were just about to start another.

"Miss Lin, I always had a question for you. Is it alright to ask?" Ruyan Liu laughed with a hint of slyness in her eyes.

"Ask all you want." Xue Lin said coldly. For her rival in the relationship, she released a strong aura, just like a queen.

Ruyan Liu was not a normal person and she wouldn't be scared by Xue Lin's strong aura.

"Miss Lin, I wanted to ask you if you are still a virgin now?" Ruyan Liu asked slyly with a teasing tone.

Xue Lin blushed and felt unease as she heard Ruyan Liu's question. This slut dared to ask this question. Wasn't she trying to give me a hard time?

As of this question, Xue Lin actually didn't know how to answer. If she said she's a virgin, it wouldn't work because Qingfeng Li and her had been married for a long time now. Also, it would make a huge impact on both of their reputation.

If people knew that Xue Lin was still a virgin, they would doubt whether it was Qingfeng Li had some health problem, or Xue Lin didn't like him and refused to sleep with him.

Xue Lin understood that she couldn't say that she's a virgin. Yet, it wouldn't work if she said she wasn't a virgin. It is because people could tell if they paid attention to detail.

While Xue Lin was debating how to answer this question, a huge "bang" sound came from the water dispenser. Because Alice and Ziyi Miao were fighting for water dispenser, two cups clashed into each other, broke into pieces, and made a loud sound.

Xue Lin switched the topic and said, "What were you guys doing? We asked you to get some water, not fight against each other."

Alice and Ziyi Miao both flushed and were both embarrassed. It was Xue Lin's place after all and they felt sorry breaking her cups.

Qingfeng Li was making food in the kitchen. He came out when he heard the noise in the living room. He frowned and said, "What were you four women doing? How did you break the cup by pouring water? You guys are not three-year-old kids."

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