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A+ A- Chapter 679: God of Eastern Sea City

"Stop it!" Qingfeng Li ran towards the convenience store and yelled with anger.

Ping Yang frowned as he heard someone yelling. He raised his head and saw a young man tell him to stop. He recognized this young man as the guy who beat him up last time when he came to threaten his sister-in-law.

However, he would not be afraid of Qingfeng Li this time. It was because he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These gangsters who came today were from the casino and their sole purpose was to ask Wanru Xu for her money.

Ping Yang knew that if he had his sister-in-law's money, he would be safe. If not, the people from the casino would not leave him alone.

"Hey kid, I did not ask you to pay back from hitting me last time. You don't want to live any longer by being here?" Ping Yang laughed with coldness in his eyes.

Wanru Xu recognized Qingfeng Li as well. She had a good first impression with this young man purchasing wine from her. After hearing from others, she knew her name was Qingfeng Li.

"Qingfeng Li, you should get going and leave me alone. They are all gangsters from the casino." Wanru Xu was worried as she said to Qingfeng Li. She did not want to drag Qingfeng Li into her own mess.

Qingfeng Li waved and said, "Don't worry. You treated me to two bottles of wine last time. I will give these bastards a lesson today."

There was a gangster standing beside Ping Yang. There was a long scar running across his face that made him even more frightening. He was the leader of the gang and the person in charge in the casino.

"Hey kiddo, we are from Pingan Casino in Eastern Sea City. If you want to make this your business, we better see what you've got." The scarred-face gangster frowned as he threatened with laughter.

The only purpose of the gangster bringing his people here was for money. They destroyed the convenience store because Wanru Xu refused to pay them money. Normally, they would not like to get into trouble but if the person didn't know how to play the game, violence seemed to be the only way to solve the problem.

Qingfeng Li laughed. He was amused by the scarred-face gangster. All the underworld forces belonged to him in Eastern Sea City. This scarred-face guy must have guts to threaten him.

As of Pingan Casino, Qingfeng Li seemed to hear from King Kong before. It was a very well-known place for gambling for many people.

Qingfeng Li wanted to solve by violence at first. Yet, if he did that, they might come back and harass Wanru Xu a few days later. It's better to use his underground force.

"Do you know King Kong?" Qingfeng Li looked at scarred-face man and asked. He knew if he said Grand Daddy Li, this guy might not know because he couldn't recognize him at all.

"Brother Kong! Of course, I know him! He is the boss of Eastern Sea City. I heard his speech once. He is my idol." Scarred-face man was in awe when he talked about King Kong.

Seeing scarred-face man's face of admiration, Qingfeng Li didn't know how to react. He didn't expect King Kong to have fans. He didn't want to let the scared-face gangster down. However, for Wanru Xu's sake, he had to tell the truth and let him down this time.

"King Kong is my subordinate. Do me a favor and let Wanru Xu be and don't cause any trouble to the convenience store in the future." Qingfeng Li held up Wanru Xu and said.

What? King Kong is your subordinate?

Scarred-face man blanked then got angry. How is this possible? King Kong was the boss of Eastern Sea City and his idol. He was very pissed that this young man standing right here insulted King Kong.

"Kiddo, how dare you said that Brother Kong is your subordinate. I have to teach you a lesson today." Scarred man's face was solemn and his eyes were filled with fury.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and did not know what to say. When he was telling the truth, no one believed him. Seeing how much the scarred-face man was

worshiping King Kong, Qingfeng Li did not want to break his fantasy.

"Wait, let me give King Kong a call and have him speak with you." Qingfeng Li took out his cellphone and started calling King Kong.

"Humph Kiddo, I will break your leg for sure if it is not Brother Kong who picks up the phone." Scarred-face man said ferociously.

As soon as Qingfeng Li dialed, King Kong picked up the phone. He said with respect, "Grand Daddy Li, would you like me to do something?"

"King Kong, I am with a leader of some gangsters and he's also the manager of Pingan Casino. I told him that you are my subordinate and he didn't believe me. You talk to him." Qingfeng Li talked over the phone.

Then, Qingfeng Li handed the phone to the scarred-faced man and said, "Here, King Kong wants to talk to you."

The scarred-face man took over the phone suspiciously and heard a familiar voice, "It's Scar from Pingan Casino, right? I saw you last time. That is Grand Daddy Li, understood? He is the god of Eastern Sea City. I am his subordinate. Do whatever he wishes. Got it?"

Grand Daddy Li? He is the god of Eastern Sea City?

Scar face opened his mouth in disbelief and his eyes were filled with surprise. He heard about a legend from other people. It was that Eastern Sea City's real boss was Grand Daddy Li. He couldn't believe that he met the god of Eastern Sea City in person.


Scar kneeled down and said, "Grand Daddy Li, I did not recognize who you are and offended you. Please forgive me."

Scar bowed and kowtowed with respect right after he finished talking to Qingfeng Li.

All the gangsters were all horrified after seeing that their leader kneeled down and kowtowed and heard that the man was Grand Daddy Li. They kneeled down and said out loud, "Grand Daddy Li, please forgive us!"

These gangsters were all monitoring the casino. Even though they had never seen Qingfeng Li before, they have heard about the god of Eastern Sea City. He was the strongest and the scariest man in Eastern Sea City.

"Scar, don't kneel down. Stand up. Don't ever bother this convenience store, understood? As of this scumbag, Ping Yang, I rely on you to give him a lesson." Qingfeng Li said.

"Yes, Grand Daddy Li." Scar stood up, walked towards Ping Yang and slapped him on the ground.

Ping Yang fell on the ground and screamed, but Scar did not want to let him go easily. Because of this guy, Scar himself almost offended Grand Daddy Li. He had to make him pay for this.

Scar stretched his leg and gave Ping Yang a solid kick and broke quite a few of his ribs.

"Thank you." Wanru Xu wiped the tears on her face and said gratefully.

She was just a weak woman and her husband passed away from a car accident. The convenience store was all she got. If not for Qingfeng Li, she must be a dead meat.

"Don't worry. No one will be giving you trouble in the future. I got to go now." Qingfeng Li waved and got ready to leave. He still needed to shop for groceries. Xue Lin and others were still waiting for him in the mansion.

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