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A+ A- Chapter 681: Xue Lin Almost Found Out

"Qingfeng, I want to drink some water. Please get me a cup of water." Ruyan Liu's bright and beautiful eyes were shining. Her long eyelashes were blinking. And she said with a smile.

Ruyan Liu was very charming, and also very pretty, especially when she smiled. Her bright and beautiful eyes were like the stars in the sky.

"Sure, I will get you some water." Qingfeng Li went to get a cup and started to pour some water for Ruyan Liu. Though Alice and Ziyi Miao broke two cups, there were still eight cups in the house. So it was enough.

Now that Ruyan Liu was pregnant, Qingfeng Li must service her so that she maintained a good mood.

Xue Lin frowned and seemed dissatisfied. What method did this coquette use that made her husband obsessed by her and was willing to get some water for her.

"Darling, I am also thirsty. Go and get some water for me." Xue Lin also started to act like a coquette.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head. After he got some water for Ruyan Liu, he got another cup and poured some water for Xue Lin.

Alice blinked and said, "I want some water, too. Get me a cup."

Qingfeng Li looked at Alice. She was also his women, so he couldn't mistreat this one too. So he went to the water fountain and also got Alice a cup of water.

Seeing Qingfeng Li getting water for three women and only herself was left, Ziye Miao opened her mouth and said weakly, "Master, I also want some water."

Qingfeng Li was a bit speechless. It was so troublesome when there were too many women in the room. He not only had to cook for them but also get water for them.

But Qingfeng Li realized that Ziyi Miao seemed weak and eventually got her a cup of water. After all this time, Ziyi Miao made a lot of effort protecting Xue Lin. Getting her a cup of water was like thanking for her effort.

"Okay, I got all of you some water now. Let me rest for a while and I will cook." Qingfeng Li waved and entered the kitchen.

There were four women today, plus Qingfeng Li, there was a total of five people. There should be at least eight dishes and four soups for five people to dine. There would not be enough if he cooked too little

Thanks to the fact that Qingfeng Li cooked very fast, four hot dishes, two types of meat, two vegetables and four cold dishes appeared quickly. The electric cookers were used to cook soup, meat bone soup, chicken soup, egg and nori soup and meat soup.

After an hour, Qingfeng Li finally got the eight dishes and four soups done.

"It smells so good." The four women in the kitchen smelt the flavour of the dishes from the kitchen and their stomachs made a noise. They were so hungry already.

Qingfeng Li carried the dishes and soups out and got five chopsticks, five bowls and five spoons. Then they started to have their meal.

Qingfeng Li cooked well and the dishes she made were delicious. The women were eating the dishes quickly and couldn't stop putting food into their mouth.

Ruyan Liu seemed to eat in a hurry and choked unexpectedly. She started retching and coughing severely. This scared Qingfeng Li since Ruyan Liu was pregnant and it would be horrible if something went wrong with the baby.

"Ruyan, are you all right?" Qingfeng Li immediately went beside Ruyan Liu and patted her back. He was concerned.

Qingfeng Li started massaging her back and shoulders. This would dredge the tendon and vessels behind the neck and stimulate the blood there which made the blood flow fluently. Then the food would enter the body successfully.

"I'm alright. It was just the baby was hungry so that I was a bit in hurry." Ruyan Liu smiled beautifully and notified Qingfeng Li that she was alright.

Xue Lin frowned and was confused, "Ruyan Liu, you just mentioned baby? What was that all about?"

Sh*t, this Ruyan Liu spouted out the truth! Qingfeng Li was so nervous that he started to sweat and try to hint Ruyan Liu. He was afraid that she

would spout more stuff about the baby out.

Qingfeng Li couldn't imagine, if Xue Lin knew he and Ruyan Liu had a baby, wouldn't she be so angry that she would want to divorce him? This was something Qingfeng Li didn't want.

Although Ruyan Liu wanted to speak out the truth, she saw Qingfeng Li being so nervous that he sweated so much, she sighed inside her heart. She knew that for Qingfeng Li, he still cared about the feelings of Xue Lin very much, or he wouldn't be so nervous.

"Ms. Lin, you heard it wrong. I didn't say anything about the baby. I just said that I was too hungry so that I ate in a hurry." Ruyan Liu smiled and made up an excuse.

"Is that so?" Xue Lin's enchanting face still seemed confused, as she heard clearly earlier that Ruyan Liu said something about baby. But now Ruyan Liu denied.

"Darling, you must have heard it wrong. Ruyan Liu is still a virgin, how would there be a baby." Qingfeng Li immediately sat beside Xue Lin and tried to avoid the situation of Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu sitting together. He was afraid that Xue Lin noticed something.

Noticing that Ruyan Liu was still a virgin, Xue Lin blushed. Because Ruyan Liu asked her this question earlier and she was unable to answer.

But Xue Lin knew that since Ruyan Liu was virgin, this meant that this coquette hadn't slept with her husband yet and this made her glad.

Hum, if my husband slept with this coquette, I will cut my husband's dick with scissors. Xue Lin thought hatefully.

Bah, Xue, why were you so disgusting to cut the dick of your husband. Then your husband would become some sort of eunuch. Xue Lin criticized herself and looked at Qingfeng Li's pants.

Feeling Xue Lin's look, Qingfeng Li trembled and was afraid. Wtf, what kind of look was that? Were you thinking something bad about that part? Why did I feel cold?

Qingfeng Li had a hard time during the dinner time, being afraid that Xue Lin would notify that Ruyan Liu was pregnant. Because to be honest, Ruyan Liu was quite obviously pregnant. If you observe closely, you would notice something. But what was good was that Xue Lin wasn't looking close enough.

After dinner, Ruyan Liu originally thought that she could stay and have a chat. But Qingfeng Li wasn't honest with everything so he wanted her to leave immediately. He sent her out himself and had Alice walk her back the house.

"Darling, were you not honest with me? Were you hiding something from me?" After Ruyan Liu left, Xue Lin frowned and asked.

Xue Lin had an instinct that the Qingfeng Li today was hiding something from her because he was not normal and was acting differently from usual.

"Darling, why would I hide anything from you. You are overthinking it." Qingfeng Li smiled, though a little awkward.

"Darling, you have nothing to do with Ruyan Liu, right?"

"Of course not. How can it be?"

"Good, if I notice something between you and that coquette, I will cut your little brother off." Xue Lin glanced at Qingfeng Li's body and said slowly.

Sh*t, why was my wife so mean. I haven't slept with you yet so I wouldn't want to be an eunuch.

Qingfeng Li wanted to cry. He was so afraid that Xue Lin found out Ruyan Liu being pregnant. Seeing Xue Lin being so mean, he became more afraid.

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