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A+ A- Chapter 674: Encountering Enemies on the Way Back to Huaxia

"Thank you, Uncle Nie, " said Qingfeng thankfully. Under Wushuang Nie's insistence, Qingfeng could only accept the Red Fiery Sword.

He knew that the gift was too valuable. It was an gift that could not be measured with money; even if one had a 100 million or a billion dollars, one might not be able to purchase it.

"Qingfeng, when are you heading back to Huaxia? I will accompany you to the airport," Wushuang Nie said calmly. He was typically very calm. He only praised Qingfeng when he saw Qingfeng's strong learning capability.

Grandmaster level fighter all kept a calm state of mind, they were rarely agitated.

"Uncle Nie, I am thinking of returning today. My wife, Xue Lin, is still waiting for me in Huaxia," said Qingfeng with a smile.

There were only 12 days before their wedding. Qingfeng was excited at the thought of the wedding. Even though it has only been two days since he arrived at Tiger Continent, the time felt much longer in Qingfeng's heart. He missed Xue Lin deeply.

"Wolf King highness, I have booked your plane ticket. You can depart anytime." At this moment, Bernard walked in with the air tickets in his hand.

Bernard was stunned when he saw the demolished room. The room was made of resilient marble and granite. But now, it was utterly destroyed.

Bernard looked at Qingfeng and Wushuang Nie reverently. It was a worship towards strong fighters.

Alice also followed Bernard into the room. She said, "Boss, Sister Ruyan called me just now and asked me when you are returning."

Alice and Ruiyan Liu lived together so they had a good relationship so she referred to her as "Sister Ruyan".

"Alice, let us go now," Qingfeng said with a smile. He missed Xue Lin, Ruiyan Liu and also Ruiyan Liu's baby so he wanted to return to Huaxia quickly.

Qingfeng took over the air tickets. Then, he headed out with Alice, Wushuang Nie, and Bernard.

Bernard drove the car, Wushuang Nie sat next to him while Qingfeng and Alice sat at the passenger seats at the back of the car.

It took around 30 minutes to get to the airport. Bernard had just driven 10 minutes when his way way was blocked.

A beautiful woman who wore alligator leather stood in front of the car. The woman was in her twenties and extremely beautiful. She had blonde hair, and a stunning body. The alligator leather revealed her pale calves and making her even more charming.

There were two men in black who stood behind the beautiful woman. They were both tall and emitted a strong presence.

"Who are you? Why are you blocking our way?" Bernard asked.

"We are from the Gator Family. Tell Wolf King to come out and face his death," the beautiful woman said with a cold smile.

The beautiful woman was following the orders of the leader of the Gator Family, Sobek. She was here to kill Wolf King.

Qingfeng's expression darkened. He did not expect trouble to arrive before he could head back to Huaxia.

Qingfeng had naturally heard of the Gator Family. They were one of the ten super families of Tiger Continent. The family had a history even longer than some of the countries of Tiger Continent.

"Qingfeng, these people are Higher-Heaven fighters. Stay in the car, I will kill them," Wushuang Nie said as he prepared to step out from the car.

"Uncle Nie, here is the Red Fiery Sword," Qingfeng said as he handed the sword to Wushuang Nie. He thought that Wushuang Nie might need it to kill the enemies.

"It is okay. They are only Higher-Heaven level fighters. I can kill them easily," Wushuang Nie said with a wave of his hand. He then calmly left the car.

Higher-Heaven level fighters were extremely powerful in Qingfeng's eyes. However, in the eyes of the Sword King, who was a grandmaster level fighter, they were a bunch of weaklings.

"Who are you? We are here to kill Wolf King? Go away," the beautiful woman said coldly when she saw Wushuang Nie.

The b

eautiful woman has never met Wushuang Nie. She did not know that he was the sword king of Huaxia. In Tiger Continent, no one other than Albron, Catherine and Qingfeng knew of Wushuang Nie's identity.

If the beautiful woman knew that the man ahead was the swordmaster of Huaxia, she would flee right away.

"I will give you guys a chance. Go away or I will kill you all," Wushuang Nie said proudly as he stood before the car.

"Hahaha, what a joke. I have two Higher-Heaven fighters with me. I am also a Higher-Heaven fighter. You want to kill us? Are you a fool?" the beautiful woman said with hearty laugh.

In Tiger Continent, especially Paris, the beautiful woman was considered extremely powerful. She was used to having things her way. Naturally, she was furious that Wushuang Nie dared to threaten her.

"She was looking for her death," thought Wushuang Nie coldly. He emitted a strong presence which formed a special territory which trapped the beautiful woman and the two men in black.

"Ah, why can't I move my body?" The beautiful woman said fearfully. She wanted to move her hand but she realized that she could not move her body.

The man in black next to the beautiful women were more intelligent. He recalled that the leader of the Gator Family had used a similar technique on them. This was a technique that could only be used by grandmaster level fighters.

"Young mistress, we are in trouble. This man is a grandmaster level fighter," The man in black said fearfully.

Grandmaster level fighters were legendary fighters. The only grandmaster level fighter in the Gator family was the leader of the family. There were only a small number of Grandmaster level fighters and he never expected to meet another one this soon.

Fear appeared on the beautiful woman's face when she heard the man's words. She was naturally aware of the terrifying power of a grandmaster fighter. It was impossible for a Higher-Heaven fighter to block their power.

F**k, why was there a grandmaster level fighter with the Wolf King?

The beautiful woman became fearful. Only the leader of the Gator Family would be a match for the man in front of her. She had mocked the man just now, she must have been crazy.

"Sir, I did not know you are a grandmaster level fighter. It is not my intention to disrespect you. Please let us go," The beautiful woman said respectfully.

In front of a grandmaster level fighter, ordinary people were just weaklings that could be killed anytime. The beautiful woman did not want to die so she could only plead for her life.

Wushuang Nie's expression did not change when he heard the woman's pleas. He shot out streams of force from his fingers.

The pellets shot towards their heads like bullets and caused in a bloody hole in their heads. Blood poured out of their heads and the three of them fell dead onto the ground.

A king fighter could not be disrespected, the same was for a grandmaster level fighter. Their fates were destined when they mocked Wushuang Nie.

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