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A+ A- Chapter 673: Sword King of Huaxia

There were dozens of spies sent by the various powers. They tried to flee when they saw Wushuang Nie but his speed was too fast. He was in front of them in an instant.

Wushaung Nie waved the Red Fiery Sword in his hands and the spies were instantly killed. They did could not even resist.

These spies were like weak ants before the sword master. They were too weak.

Qingfeng squinted his eyes (TL: little chink hehe, oh wait that's me). He did not even see Wushuang Nie drew his sword and the spies were all killed. If Qingfeng was a spy, he would not be able to defend himself against Wushuang Nie either.

"Wolf King highness, you are back," Bernard said respectfully as he opened the door to the wine estate.

Qingfeng nodded and introduced, "This is Uncle Nie, he will temporarily live with me in the wine estate."

Bernard nodded and bowed respectfully towards Qingfeng. Then, he led them to the interior of the wine estate.

Qingfeng followed Wushuang Nie into a room. Wushuang Nie then said, "Qingfeng, have you learned any weapon techniques?"

"Uncle Nie, I have never learned any weapon techniques. I have only learned the Breath technique of Wudang Mountain," Qingfeng replied.

His teacher, Wind-Edge Demon King, had taught him martial arts. But he only taught him ordinary martial arts, not true martial arts which is a control of one's vital essence.

Qingfeng's Blood Wolf Fists originated from the Totem bloodline. It was a type of martial technique that would increase in strength as his bloodline power increased. At the moment, his bloodline power was still too weak so he could not fully utilize the full power of Blood Wolf Fists.

"Qingfeng, I will teach you a grandmaster level weapon technique now. It is called . Look carefully," Wushuang Nie said as he prepared to show Qingfeng the technique.

Sword was the king of weapons. Sword techniques were a powerful way to attack opponents.

was a grandmaster level of weapon technique. It consisted of four types of attacks: Red Fiery Blast, Red Fiery Arrow, Red Fiery Wave and Red Fiery Silver Moon.

There were nine basic movements in sword attack. They were: pick, point, cut, slice, pierce, lift, stop, block, pull.

Wushuang Nie first showed Qingfeng the nine basic movements. They he started to show him the sword movements. In order to master the sword technique, it was essential to have a good foundation.

"The first attack is Red Fiery Blast." Wushuang Nie pierced his sword forward. The sword moved with a flash of red light and instantly blasted a huge hole in the granite rock. The granite rock burst into flames at the collision site with the sword.

"The second attack, Red Fiery Arrow," Wushuang Nie waved the sword from above. The sword turned into a red arrow which shot a huge hole through the window.

"The third attack, Red Fiery Wave," Wushuang Nie slashed an arc through the air and caused a wave of red. The red wave lit up the entire room.

"The fourth attack, Red Fiery Silver moon," Wushuang Nie pierced forward the sword and drew a red moon in the air which burnt a large hole in the rooftop.

Wushuang Nie's  was extremely powerful. It converted the body's vital essence into powerful fire attacks.

This was the power of true martial techniques?

Qingfeng's mouth was wide agape when he saw the room which was in ruins. There was a huge hole on the ground. The windows were melted and the roof top was completely ruined.

As the Wolf King of Wolf Continent, Qingfeng had defeated countless of strong fighters in the Dark World. He was a King level fighter but he has never witnessed such a powerful attack.

At this moment, the power of grandmaster level and weapon techniques finally dawned on Qingfeng. The power displayed by Wushuang Nie was beyond Qingfeng's imagination.

"Qingfeng, I have already shown you the . Try practicing it," Wushuang Nie said with a f

aint smile as he handed Qingfeng the sword.


Qingfeng inhaled deeply and picked up the sword. He stood straight and practiced the nine basic movements in a sword attack.

The nine basic sword movements were pick, point, cut, slice….

Qingfeng was a fast learner and had an excellent memory. He was able to memorize all the movements after a single display by Wushuang Nie. Even though it was his first time practicing the basic movements, his movements were very on point.

"What a fast learner; such amazing memory," Wushuang Nie's eyes were filled with approval when he saw that Qingfeng was able to perform the basic techniques so well on the first try.

It was as expected of the son of The Conqueror Third Master Li. Qingfeng understood the techniques only after watching a demonstration once.

After Qingfeng was familiar with the nine basic techniques, he began to practice .

"The first attack, Red Fiery Blast," Qingfeng pierced his sword forward. The sword moved with a flash of red light and instantly blasted a huge hole in the granite rock. Even the granite rock close to it was burnt.

Even though was very strong, it utilized a lot of vital essence. Qingfeng had used up all his vital essence in the first attack. When he tried to do the second attack, he discovered that he did not have any vital essence left.

"Qingfeng, the used a lot of vital essence. You are at peak stage Lower Heaven tier so you can only use the first attack. You will only be able to perform the other attacks when your vital essence increases in the future," Wushuang Nie praised with a faint smile.

Wushuang Nie initially thought that Qingfeng would take a few days to master . He did not expect Qingfeng to be such a quick learner. Qingfeng was a martial arts genius; he could memorize and master the moves just by watching a demonstration of the moves.

The stronger the technique, the larger the amount of vital essence required to support it. was a grandmaster level technique. Naturally, it required a large amount of vital essence to perform the attacks.

"Uncle Nie, thank you," Qingfeng thanked genuinely. Even though he had only performed the first attack, he could already sense the strength of the attack.

Qingfeng believed that if he met Yoshichiro Izu right now, he would able to kill him with a single sword attack.

"Qingfeng, I will gift the Red Fiery Sword to you. Remember to practice the weapon technique often," Wushuang Nie said with a smile.

Qingfeng was stunned at Wushuang Nie words. He hurriedly said, "Uncle Nie, the sword is your possession. How can I accept it?"

Qingfeng was not a fool. He could tell with a single glance that the Red Fiery Sword was not an ordinary sword. It was apparent from the surface engravings that it was a treasure.

"Qingfeng, I am good friends with your father. As your uncle, I should give you a gift since it is the first time we met. Take it or I will be upset," Wushuang Nie said as he pushed the sword towards Qingfeng's hand.

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