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A+ A- Chapter 675: Danger on the Plane

The surrounding forces were stunned when they saw that Wushuang Nie killing members of The man ahead was a truly powerful fighter, he was a grandmaster fighter.

Those who initially wanted to assassinate Wolf King quickly retreated when they saw that he had a grandmaster level fighter by his side.

Grandmaster level fighters were a rare existence. They could kill people with just a flick of their fingers. Ordinary people were not a match for a grandmaster fighter; they would be dead if they fought against a grandmaster fighter.

The members of the Gator Family were Higher-Heaven fighters but they could do nothing against Wushueng Nie's attacks. The surrounding spies were scared sh*tless.

With Wushuang Nie's protection, no one dared to assassinate Qingfeng so they safely boarded the plane.

Of course, Wushuang Nie did not board the plane. He had to stay in Tiger Continue and continue to seek for the mysterious cave that was connected to the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain.

Qingfeng and Alice boarded the plane. They were dazed as they looked through the window of the plane to the ground below. Qingfeng had experienced too many things in the past two days. Even though his name was now known throughout the world, he had also made many enemies.

Not too soon after the plane took off, a sexy blonde woman walked towards Alice. Alice's expression changed when she saw the blonde woman.

Qingfeng also noticed Alice's expression. He asked, "Alice, what is the matter?"

"My teacher, Efiya, is here," Alice said in a low voice. She looked quite upset.

"Efiya? Who is she?"

"You know that I used to be the Princess of Sweden. Efiya is my teacher in the palace. I did not expect her to be on the plane."

"Don't worry. I am here. I won't let here take you away," Qingfeng said with a smile as he patted Alice on the back.

The sexy blonde woman smiled lightly as she approached them. She said in a light voice, "Princess Alice, it has been a while."

"Teacher Efiya, why are you here?"

"Your highness, the King misses you deeply. He asked me to bring you back to Sweden."

"His true intentions must be for me to marry the young master of the Sky God League, Augustine."

"Your highness, you are very smart. The King has chosen for Augustine to be your fiancé. Please come with me," Efiya said with a light smile as she grabbed onto Alice's clothes.

Qingfeng furrowed his brows and stood before Alice. He said coldly, "Alice will not go with you."

"Oh, you must be the Wolf King of Wolf Continent. I hope that you can let the Princess come with me. Or don't blame me for my actions," Efiya threatened in a cold voice.

Qingfeng shook his head and continued to stand before Alice.

Efiya narrowed her eyes and her eyes flashed coldly. Clearly, she was angered by Qingfeng's actions.

Efiya emitted a strong aura, it was the aura of a Higher-Heaven fighter. She reached out her palm and slapped it towards Qingfeng.

Qingfeng dared not let down his guard when he sensed her strong aura. He knew that he was not a match for Efiya if he only used his power.


Qingfeng suddenly welded the Red Fiery Sword. He channeled his vital essence into the long sword. The long sword emitted fiery red flames.

Efiya's expression changed when she saw the sword in Qingfeng's hands. She could sense a powerful presence from the sword. This was a powerful sword with strong attacking ability.

"Efiya, if I attack, I will blast a huge hole in this plane. Then, we will all fall to our deaths. Do you want to die with me?" Qingfeng said lightly as he pointed the sword towards Efiya.

Efiya was livid. She was no longer calm, her expression had darkened.

Initially, Efiya thought that she could easily deal with Wolf King as she was a Higher-Heaven fighter. She never thought that Qingfeng would have such a precious weapon in his hands.

She did not want to die. After weighing her options, she chose to walk away.

Even though Efiya walked away for now, she observed Qingfeng from afar. She would attack him as soon as he let down his guard.

Naturally, Qingfeng would not give her the opportunity to attack him. He continued to hold the sword in his hand and continued to be in a cautious state.

The international flight was 12 hours in duration. Initially, Qingfeng wanted to rest on the plane. However, he had to keep up a state of high vigilance because of Efiya.

12 hours later.

The plane landed peacefully at ES City Airport, Qingfeng and Alice departed from the plane.

King Kong stood outside of the plane with the hundreds of lackeys of Qingfeng League. They all wore black suits and stood in a long line to welcome Qingfeng's appearance. They had driven dozens of cars to the airport.

"Greetings, Grandaddy Feng," King Kong yelled as he bowed deeply when Qingfeng walked out of the plane. The lackeys also followed King Kong's actions.

Hundreds of people stood on the two sides of the plane and welcomed Qingfeng's appearance. Their actions surprised everyone at the airport.

"Holy f*ck, who is that? How amazing! He has hundreds of lackeys to welcome his arrival?"

"You don't know him? He is the god of ES City. He is Grand Daddy Li of Qingfeng League."

"Grand Daddy Li? Is he very strong?"

"Of course, he is the real boss of the underground forces of ES City."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly. Those who knew of Qingfeng's identity educated those who did not know Qingfeng.

Everyone looked at Qingfeng with reverence in their eyes when they knew of Qingfeng's identity.

Efiya also got off the plane with the others. She had the orders from the King to bring Alice back to Sweden.

Efiya did not get the chance to act on the plane so she initially planned to act when they got off the plane. However, her plans changed when she saw the hundreds of lackeys at the airport.

"Thank you, King Kong," Qingfeng said as he patted King Kong on the back.

"It is my duty to serve Grand Daddy Li," King Kong said with a smile as he scratched his head. In front of others, he was the proud leader of Qingfeng League. However, in front of Qingfeng, he was a loyal lackey.

Qingfeng smiled faintly and boarded the Audi with Alice. King Kong personally drove the car.

"King Kong, did anything special happen in ES City these days?" Qingfeng asked.

"Grand Daddy Li, a lot of strong fighters came to ES City. They are all extraordinary figure. They are even stronger than the members of Qingfeng League."

"What are they here for?"

"Grand Daddy Li, these people loitered outside of Ice Snow Corporation. They are investigating the people of Ice Snow Corporation. Some of them tried to find trouble with the company but I shooed them away."

"Find trouble with Ice Snow Corporation?" Qingfeng asked with a frown.

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