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A+ A- Chapter 672: A Booming Reputation

"15 years ago, I entered the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain with your father. We lost track of each other in the district and your father disappeared. Last month, I entered a mysterious cave. When I came out, I realized I had arrived in the Tiger Continent," Wushuang Nie said. He did not speak a lot but his words contained a lot of information.

The Conqueror Third Master Li had disappeared? The mysterious cave was connected to Tiger Continent?

Qingfeng quickly grabbed onto these pieces of information. He said, "Sword King Highness, can you bring me into the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain through the mysterious cave?"

"No, the cave is very mysterious. Its entrance is mobile. It disappeared after I came out of the cave. I have spent the last month in Tiger Continent trying to find the cave," Wushaung Nie said as he shook his head.

A flash of disappointment appeared on Qingfeng's face when he heard Wushaung Nie's words. He initially wanted to find his father via the mysterious cave. Clearly, that was impossible.

"Qingfeng, I am friends with your father. You don't have to call me Sword King, you can call me Uncle Nie," Wushuang Nie said to Qingfeng.

Wushuang Nie was known as the "Legendary Sword King". He was great friends with The Conqueror Third Master Li. Since Qingfeng was the Conqueror's son, he was Wushuang Nie's nephew. Wushuang Nie quite liked his nephew.

"Yes, Uncle Nie. I am afraid it would be dangerous to stay in Tiger Continent since I have angered Albron. I want to head back to Huaxia quickly," Qingfeng said.

"Qingfeng, there is no rush. You are at peak stage of Lower Heaven tier right now. You will definitely be chased by the Holy See. I will teach you a set of sword techniques so that you can protect yourself," said Wushuang Nie.

A flash of happiness appeared in Qingfeng's eyes when he heard Wushuang Nie's words. The man standing in front of him was the Sword King of Huaxia. He was the number one swordsman of Huaxia and a grandmaster level fighter. The sword skills he could teach him must be very powerful.

Qingfeng has only learnt different techniques but he did not know any weapon techniques. Weapon techniques were his shortcomings so he was elated that Wushuang Nie was going to teach him a set of sword skills.

Qingfeng drove the car and brought Wushuang Nie and Alice to Bernard's vineyard. That would be their resting point.

At the same time, the Dark World was bustling with activity. In the past two days, the news that Qingfeng had defeated Gator King and the Tae Kwan do King had spread throughout the entire world.

Qingfeng's reputation exploded. All of the families, powers and fighters of the Dark World were stunned.

Many people did not attend the king's Battle Arena for various reasons. Only some fighters had gone to the battle arena. For example, within the Sword King League of Pacific Island, only one of the seven sword masters headed to the King Battle arena. Everyone else was stunned to hear the news.

Even though Qingfeng was the Wolf King of Wolf Continent and well-known in the Dark World, Qingfeng was known only within the younger generation.

The real veteran aces and Kings did not think highly of Qingfeng. However, they were all stunned to hear that the veteran Gator King had been defeated by Qingfeng. They started to re-evaluate Qingfeng's strength.

Qingfeng's name was not only spread towards the younger generation, it was also heard by the senior fighters and Kings.

Of course, Qingfeng was hated by the Gator Family of Tiger Continent and the Tae Kwan Do Family of Korea since he defeated a strong fighter of their family.

The Gator Family could activate the bloodline of Gator. The family is top 10 family within Tiger Continent. It was a powerful family which was an important member of the biggest power of Tiger Continent – Sky God League.

The Gator Family's mansi

on was built beside a forest swamp in the Tiger Continent. There was an enormous swamp in front of the mansion where hundreds of alligators lived.

An elder with white hair sat on top of an alligator. He was surrounded by hundreds of alligators which bowed down respectfully.

It was difficult to determine the elder's age. Even though his beard was white, his body had enormous power. He was extremely strong.

DO not take this elder lightly. He was the leader of the Gator family – Sobek. He was known as the 'God of Gator" and one of the ten gods of Sky God League.

"Leader, Gator King was defeated by Wolf King. What should we do?" A beautiful woman said respectfully as she kneeled before the elder. She wore clothing that was made of alligator skin.

Killer intent appeared on Sobek's face. He said coldly, "Wolf King is taunting us by killing Gator King. Tell the entire Gator Family that I want Wolf King's head."

"Yes, leader," The beautiful lady said with a respectful bow.

Others might now know how strong the Gator Family was but the beautiful lady was clear that Gator Family was a super family within Tiger Continent. If they had their sights on a person, the person would die very soon.

At the same time, Korea, Tae Kwan Do Family.

Park Family was the number one Family of Korea and had enormous influence and power.

An elder stood on the peak of a mountain. He directly smashed a gigantic rock on the mountain into countless pieces with his feet.

The elder's feet were a hundred times stronger than rock. In his eyes, a rock was as fragile as an egg.

His name was Minghan Park. He was the leader of the Tae Kwan Do Family and a senior fighter. Before Qingfeng was even born, he was already the King of Southeast Asia since thirty years ago.

"Father, third brother, Jihoon Park was killed in the battle arena by Wolf King," A middle-aged man said respectfully.

Minghan Park was filled with rage. Jihoon Park was not only the King of Tae Kwan Do, he was also Minghan Park's youngest and most gifted son. Jihoon Park was the most likely candidate to be the next leader of the Park Family. Minghan Park was furious that his son was killed.

"Wolf King, you dare to kill my son. You are looking for your death. Pass my orders through the family. I want Wolf King's head," Minghan Park said coldly with killer intent.

"Yes, father," The middle-aged man bowed before walking away and starting preparations to defeat Wolf King.

Qingfeng did not know that even though he killed Gator King and Mingyuan Park, he had also angered the Gator Family and Park Family.

These families were all powerful and have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. They have started their revenge on Qingfeng.

30 minutes later, Qingfeng arrived at the wine estate. At the same time, there were a few suspicious men in black outside of the manor. They were all spies sent by the various powes of Tiger Continents. A few of them were spies of the Gator Family.

"I am going to kill these spies," Wushaung Nie said with a cold smile. He walked down the car and walked towards the men in black.

He was about to teach Qingfeng a set of sword skills. Naturally, he did not want any of these people to see it. Thus, he needed to kill them.

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