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A+ A- Chapter 671

Qingfeng and Alice could not move under Albron's powerful presence; they were trapped like sparrows in a cage.

Grandmaster state? You are a Grandmaster level fighter?

Qingfeng's eyes were filled with shock. He had heard from the Old Monk that Grandmaster level fighters could have their own realms. Others would be unable to move a single inch in these territories. You could only be immune from the realm's suppression if you were also a Grandmaster level fighter.

"Wolf King, did you think you're invincible just because you are a King level fighter? The world is much bigger than you think; there are much more powerful fighters than you can imagine," Albron said with a slight smile.

As one of the three Cardinals who were only secondary to the Pope, Albron was extremely powerful. However, he rarely chose to act.

Qingfeng's expression was livid, it was impossible for him to move a single inch. He thought that he would be able to leave after defeating the Divine Knight. He did not expect for Albron to go against his promises and stop them from entering.

"Lord Albron, please let the Wolf King go," Catherine said unhappily. She was the one who brought the Wolf King here. She would feel really bad if anything happened to him.

"Catherine, this business does not concern you. Stand aside," Albron said with a wave of his hand. He did not listen to Catherine's words.

Albron might have listened if it was the leader of Divine Knight, Uranus, who had spoken. Even though Catherine also had a strong background, Albron chose to ignore her words.

"Wolf King, if you agree to leave Alice here, I can let you go," Albron said as he looked at Qingfeng with disdain. A Lower-Heaven tier fighter was too weak in the eyes of a Grandmaster level fighter.

Qingfeng could not move his body but he could still speak. He said coldly, "Don't think about taking Alice from me unless I die."

"Wolf King, don't blame me for my actions since you kept being so stubborn," Albron said with a cold smile. He was prepared to kill Qingfeng. Within his Grandmaster realm, Qingfeng was like fish on a chopping board. Qingfeng was so weak that he could only be killed by others.

Albron grabbed his long sword and prepared to chop off Qingfeng's head.

The long sword was close to 3 feet long. It was pure black and filled with complex engravings. The engravings were words of the Holy See.

The long sword slashed across the air towards Qingfeng's head. Qingfeng's head was about to chopped off any moment.


Suddenly, a stone landed on the sword and knocked it from its path.

"Who? Who is there?" Albron's face changed, and he said as he stared at the window.

Albron was a grandmaster fighter. He was extremely strong. Naturally, he was stunned that his sword was knocked away.

A voice of disdain was heard from outside of the window, "Albron, you are a grandmaster fighter and the Cardinal of the Holy see. How could you bully a Lower Heaven tier fighter? I am embarrassed for you."

Then, a middle-aged man flew in from the window. Yes, he flew into the window.

The middle-aged man was handsome. His brows were thick and his skin tone was yellow. He had a classic Asian appearance. He wore ancient Chinese clothing an carried a long sword on his back, and looked like a peerless Sword King.

Another grandmaster?

Albron's expression changed. Only top tier grandmaster could fly in the air. Clearly, this man was a top tier grandmaster fighter.

"Albron, let go of this young man and lady," The swordsman said calmly.

"Let him go? That's impossible," Albron said as he shook his head. He was the Cardinal; how could he be threatened by anybody?

"If that is the case, then I will have to use my sword," The middle-aged swordsman furrowed his brows as he drew his sword.

The long sword was three and a half feet long. It was three inches in width. The entire sword was fiery red, and there is an engraving of a flame on the sword's body.


The middle-aged swordsman drew the sword from the sheath with such force that it pierced the sky. He waved the sword viciously towards Albron.

Albron dared not be careless. He also took out his long black sword; there was a black light surrounding the sword. He then waved it towards the red sword. 

The two swords collided with a boom. The red sword directly cut through the black sword's light and landed on the black sword's body with a loud boom.

skid skid skid!

Albron took three steps backward while the middle-aged swordsman stood unmovingly.

Even though the middle-aged swordsman had only use a single strike, it was clear that Albron was not his match.

"Red Fiery Sword. You are the Sword King of Huaxia, Wushuang Nie?" The Cardinal's expression said in surprise. During the collision, he recognized the sword and the master of the sword.

"Yes, I am the Sword King of Huaxia, Wushuang Nie."

"That is impossible. 15 years ago, Wushuang Xie and the Great Conqueror Third Master Li entered the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain. How did you come out?"

"That is a secret that you don't need to know," Wushuang Nie said lightly. His tone was as calm as before.

F*ck, he was the Sword King of Huaxia?

Albron's expression darkened. 15 years ago, the Sword King of Huaxia and The Conqueror Third Master Li had Master Li had arrived at Tiger Continent and defeated all the fighters in Tiger Continent.

Wushaung Nie was clearly a grandmaster level fighter and more powerful than Albron. Albron knew that unless the Pope came, he would not be able to defeat Wushuang Nie. The Sword King of Huaxia was the strongest swordsman of Huaxia.

Wushuang Nie waved his red fiery sword and easily defeated Albron's territory. Then he said to Qingfeng, "Let's go."

Qingfeng's eyes were filled with astonishment. Even though he did not know Wushuang Nie, he has heard of his name. Wushuang Nie was too strong, he destroyed Albron's realm with a single strike with his sword.

Qingfeng held onto Alice's hand and walked out of the church with Wushuang Nie.

Albron's expression darkened as he watched Qingfeng's retreating figure. He wanted to kill Qingfeng but he knew that that it would be impossible with Wushuang Nie here. He could only watch him lead Qingfeng and Alice away.

Outside of the church, Qingfeng looked at Wushuang Nie oddly. He opened his mouth but shut It again.

"You can ask me any questions that you have," Wushuang Nie said to Qingfeng. His voice was calm no matter who spoke to him.

"Sword King, did you really come out from the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain? Have you seen my father, the Conqueror, Third Master Li?" Qingfeng asked with hope in his voice.

Wushuang Nie's heart moved when he heard Qingfeng's words. As he expected, the young man was the Conqueror Third Master Li's son. He had made the right decision in saving Qingfeng.

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