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A+ A- Chapter 670

As a Cardinal, Albron's powers came second only to the Pope. He wasn't afraid to threaten even the Wolf King.

"The Sky God League is indeed powerful, but Alice belongs to me. I won't let her go even if it means going against the Sky God League." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly. He grabbed Alice's hands and prepared to leave.

"Stop right there." A tall man dressed in armor suddenly came from the side, blocking their way.

The tall man was handsome with sharp facial features, 6 feet tall, muscles firm. The armor he wore made him look even more mighty. He was a Holy Knight of the Holy See, responsible for the safety of the church, and for the safety of Albron.

"Get out of my way." Qingfeng Li said coldly, glaring at the knight.

If he had known about Albron's plans to retrieve Alice, Qingfeng Li wouldn't have come. Alice began to follow him since long ago. The two went through many hardships and life and death situations together. There was no way Qingfeng Li was going to let Alice return to the royal palace to marry someone else.

"Alice stays, you can leave." The Holy Knight clearly knew of Alice's identity. He said coldly, his voice full of indifference.

"And if I take her away?"

"Your stubbornness will kill you."

"Kill me? I don't believe you can." Qingfeng Li laughed

coldly, his eyes enraged.

Sensing the tight tension between the two men, Catherine said:,"Dave, let the Wolf King leave."

"Sister-in-law, why let him leave?" The Holy Knight named Dave bowed towards Catherine and asked.

Catherine's boyfriend was the lead Holy Knight of the Holy See and Dave was just an ordinary Holy Knight. It was natural for him to call Catherine sister-in-law.

"I brought Wolf King, I have to make sure he leaves here safely," Catherine said, slightly furrowing her brows.

Dave felt unsure of what to do. The woman in front of him was his sister-in-law, but he was also under the command of Albron the Cardinal. He was between a rock and a hard place.

A trace of disbelief appeared on Albron's aged face. He said lightly, "Catherine, you are the girlfriend of Uranus, the head of the Holy Knights. It seems inappropriate for you to help another man."

His words irritated Catherine, but Albron was one of the Holy See's three most important Cardinals, second only to the pope. Not only that, but it was also said that the Pope valued him greatly. Although Catherine had a prestigious background, she didn't dare to offend him easily.

"Master Albron, I wish for you to let Wolf King leave here safely." Catherine had a good relationship with Qingfeng Li, she didn't want him to die here.

"Catherine, since you plead for him, I'll give him a chance. If he can defeat Dave the Holy Knight, I will let him leave." Albron said lightly.

Catherine furrowed her brows. The Holy Knights were the strongest fighters in the Holy See. Every Holy Knight possessed immense powers, they were all martial arts masters.

Other than that, Catherine also knew of Dave's powers. Since he was assigned to protect a Cardinal, he must be immensely powerful, at least a peak-stage Lower Heaven realm master.

"Then so be it, I will defeat the Holy Knight. Give me your best shot." Qingfeng Li said towards Dave, laughing lightly. He knew that during any negotiations with great powers, words were of little use. If he wanted to gain freedom and respect, he needed strength, and he needed a lot of it.

Dave walked towards Qingfeng Li dressed in armor, holding a spear in his hand. The spear was two meters long, its whole body pitch black, its head glimmering with frosty light.


Dave waved his spear into the air, suddenly stabbing towards Qingfeng Li's chest. He wanted to stab Qingfeng Li and pick his body into the air.

Qingfeng Li laughed coldly. He held out two fingers and managed to catch the long spear with a gentle clasp.

The spearhead was made of a special material, making it incredibly sharp. Qingfeng Li's fingers were however, impenetrable. His fingers were totally fine as he clasped the sharp weapon.

Seeing Qingfeng Li's finger-hold on his spear, Dave's expression changed, his eyes momentarily stunned.

He suddenly strengthened his force in an attempt to pull the spear out of Qingfeng Li's hands. Naturally, Qingfeng Li didn't allow him to pull away. Qingfeng Li clenched his fingers. With a snapping sound, the spearhead broke off, falling to the ground.

the ground.

The spear of a Holy Knight was finely crafted from a rare kind of iron. Within it, there were also a mix of other rare metals. Now that it broke from a snap of Qingfeng Li's fingers, everyone was completely stunned.

"Bastard, you dare to cut my spear?" Dave cursed angrily, his face distorted by rage.

 The spear was a symbol of the Holy Knight. It was their most prized weapon. Dave had carried his spear with him for many years, defeating multiple enemies. He was deeply connected to the weapon. Now that Qingfeng Li broke it in half, Dave was piqued with rage.

Dave's body suddenly emitted a powerful murderous air, he was out for blood. He dashed forward, waving his fist and ruthlessly striking towards Qingfeng Li, creating five holes in the atmosphere.

Peak-stage Lower Heaven state?

Qingfeng Li looked at the five holes in the air with calmness, without a trace of fear. Qingfeng Li was also at the level of peak-stage Lower Heaven state. Although he had only practiced the first three realms, they were of the imperial grade. He was invincible within the realms.

"F*fk off. Get out of my way!" Qingfeng Li roared. He focused all of his Genuine energy onto his fist, transforming it into a strong breeze, fiercely smashing towards Dave.


Dave's fist was broken. His body flew out, landing on the ground heavily, creating a huge boom.

Puh! Puh!

Dave opened his mouth and spewed out a huge gush of blood. His body heavily wounded, unable to stand up. He looked at Qingfeng Li with terror in his face. The young man standing in front was too powerful, greatly exceeding his expectations.

After only one move, the Holy Knight was defeated.

Unfortunately for Dave, he didn't even get to witness Qingfeng Li's berserker mode. Qingfeng Li had defeated him with the sheer strength of his body, without the use of Wolf King bloodline.

"How did Wolf King become even more powerful since the fight of the masters at Battle Arena?" Catherine's expression changed, a touch of surprise in her eyes.

Although Qingfeng Li was powerful during the fight of the masters at Battle Arena, blowing up both Crocodile King and King of Taekwondo, he was nowhere near as powerful as he was now. In that battle, he used Wolf King Totem and he didn't need to use it just now.

"Blood Swallowing is indeed powerful, I've already evolved." Although Qingfeng Li appeared calm, his heart was excited.

Wolf King bloodline belonged to ancient blood swallowing. It was capable of swallowing other totem bloodlines, integrating their energies into its own. Qingfeng Li's current strength was terrifyingly powerful.

"Alice, let's go." Qingfeng Li disregarded the failed Holy Knight, ready to leave with Alice.

"Did I say you could leave?" Albron suddenly stood up. His whole body emitted a massive energy, covering the surrounding area. Qingfeng Li and Alice were instantly anchored, both unable to move their bodies.

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