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A+ A- Chapter 668

"A deathwish." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly. He suddenly struck out with his palm and attacked Armans' head with a terrifyingly fast blow.


Armans' head instantly split open like a watermelon, exploding from Qingfeng Li's punch. His body fell limp.

In a matter of seconds, the triumphant Armans, who had threatened Qingfeng Li and his woman, turned into a corpse.

He was the leader of the Skeleton League, a level SSS master. He didn't even have the time to react before the Wolf King killed him with a single blow. Everyone was stunned, watching Qingfeng Li with terrified eyes, as if they'd seen the devil himself.

As for the assassins at the back, their faces flushed pale and their bodies trembled. They had seen powerful masters before, but none as horrifying as Qingfeng Li.

The ability to kill a level SSS master with one blow. This kind of power surpassed their wildest imagination.

Qingfeng Li killed Armans as if he had slapped dead a fly. He didn't even look at the dead Armans. He swiftly embraced Alice into his arms, rubbing the blood off of her cheeks, looking concerned.

"Sh*t, Yoshichiro Izu gave us the wrong information." Looking at the dead Armans, Luke's face flushed pale.

Yoshichiro Izu had

informed Armans and Luke of the Wolf King's unconsciousness and that his power had weakened. He didn't tell them about the Wolf King's truly frightening powers. He was as powerful as a demon from hell.

Luke and Armans shared similar powers, both level SSS masters. Now that the Wolf King killed Armans with one blow, Luke had to escape. He turned his body and began to run.

"You want to run?" As if he was a bolt of lightning, Qingfeng Li arrived in front of Luke with one swift motion, cutting him off from his escape.

"Master Wolf King, please let me go." Luke begged as his face flushed pale. He didn't dare to offend the devil standing in front of him.


Ignoring his pleas, Qingfeng Li struck Luke with one blow to his head, shattering it into pieces. He was deader than dead.

Luke, the leader of the Skeleton League, a level SSS master, was dead.

Another one-slap death?

All the assassins looked at Qingfeng Li with horror in their eyes. He was more terrifying than the devil. They had just witnessed their masters, whom they thought were second to none, squashed by the man standing in front of them.

"Run!" the assassins yelled, their voices filled with terror, as they began fleeing towards every direction.

They were completely bludgeoned by Qingfeng Li's abilities, afraid to oppose him. They just wanted to run far away from this monster.

Like black lightning, Qingfeng Li caught up to the assassins with one swift move. He struck out his fists relentlessly, killing one assassin with each hit, directly blowing up their bodies, leaving behind no trace of flesh or bones.

Within ten minutes, Qingfeng Li had killed all of the hundred assassins. The entire red wine estate reeked of blood.

The two assassin organizations, the Skeleton League and Hell Alliance, ruled the Tiger Continent for years. Now that both leaders were killed, they no longer held standings in the top four assassins organizations in the world.

In a mere ten minutes, Qingfeng had ended two of the top four assassins organizations in the world. If word gets out, the news would rattle the entire underworld.

Qingfeng Li returned to his room. He took out nine silver needles and tended to Alice and Bernard's wounds. He was now at a level of Lower Heaven pinnacle tier and was now able to use Genuine Energy for healing. Not long after, both were restored to complete heath.

"Bernard, tidy up the corpses in the wine estate and find someone to clean up the place." Qingfeng Li said.

"Yes, Master Wolf King." Bernard said with a face full of admiration. What he had just witnessed truly stunned him. In his mind, the Wolf King was an unrivaled god.

"Alice, I'm so sorry, you've suffered." Qingfeng Li said apologetically, stroking her face.

"Silly, I belong to you. I wouldn't

I wouldn't regret dying for you." Alice said with tenderness. In her heart, the Wolf King's life was worth more than hers. It would be fine if she died, but his death would be disastrous.

Qingfeng Li was touched. He didn't know how to thank Alice, so he held her head and kissed her.


Alice whimpered into Qingfeng Li's kiss, immersing herself.

Alice's lips were soft and sweet, incredibly comforting to kiss. Qingfeng Li kissed her with all his might, as if he was sending all his love through his lips.

"Oh, I see I've arrived at a bad time." Suddenly a teasing voice came from behind.

Qingfeng Li let go of Alice and turned to look. He saw Catherine standing behind the door, watching him with questioning eyes.

Catherine's face was beautiful, currently ruddy, as if it were a bright red apple. Her eyes were blue like gems, her gold locks curled behind her like golden wicker.

Her body was impeccable, her chest like honeydew, a deep crevice amongst snowy white flesh, incredibly eye-catching. She had a pair of long, slim legs, looking especially beautiful.

"Catherine, why are you here?" Qingfeng Li asked, his admiring gaze fleeting.

Just as he was kissing Alice, Catherine's sudden appearance proved to be a little bit annoying. Albeit, this third-wheel Albeit, this third-wheel was particularly beautiful.

"Wolf King, have you forgotten? I am supposed to take you to Albron, the Cardinal. I called your phone and couldn't reach you, so I came here instead." Catherine said with slightly curved lips.

Qingfeng Li nodded, suddenly realizing that he had forgotten about Albron. No wonder Catherine came to find him. The power of a Cardinal was immense, even surpassing the president of Wolf Continent.

Upon hearing Catherine description of the phone, Alice suddenly spoke out, "Boss, when you were unconscious, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu both called. They were very worried. I told them you were out on business. Xue Lin wanted you to call her when you return."

Qingfeng Li gave Alice an appreciative look. Qingfeng Li knew that Alice had lied to the two women so that they wouldn't worry. It was the right thing to do.

"Catherine, hold on a second, I'm calling my wife." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly as he prepared to make a phone call to Xue Lin. He noticed however, that his phone was dead, so he took Alice's phone and dialled Xue Lin's number.

When Xue Lin answered her phone, Qingfeng Li said, "Baby, you've been thinking about me the whole day?"

When she saw the number on her screen, Xue Lin thought it was Alice who had called. The sound of Qingfeng Li's voice surprised her, instantly delighting her.

"Dear I've really missed you. I can't sleep if I don't see you even for a day." Xue Lin's beautiful face was full of longing. Although Qingfeng Li hadn't left for too long, it was as if years had gone by for Xue Lin. She was constantly missing him.

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