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A+ A- Chapter 667: Murderous Atmosphere

"Wolf King, come out and die." Suddenly, a loud shout came from outside, its voice filled with strong murderous tendencies.

"Miss Alice, it's bad! These assassins are already outside, what do we do?" Bernard said with horror plastered all over his face.

As a mega business tycoon in Paris, he was perfectly aware of these super-assassins from the Skeleton League and the Hell Alliance.

Alice looked at the unconscious Qingfeng Li. She bit her teeth and said, "Stay here and take care of Wolf King, I'm going out to stop them."

Alice was fully aware that Bernard was just an ordinary person. Sending him out would mean his immediate death. She was at least a level SS fighter so she could at least stall them.

"Miss Alice..." Bernard wanted to say more, but Alice had already gone out the door. She knew of the grave danger in doing so, possibly even giving up her own life, but she had to risk it all for Qingfeng Li's sake.

As she opened the door, her expression immediately changed, her pupils suddenly shrunk. What greeted her was more than a hundred men in black. These men in black were divided into two teams. The clothes worn by the left was sewn with skull patterns, representing the Skeleton League, and the clothes worn by the left was sewn with patterns of hell, representing the Hell Alliance.

The hundred men came from two of the top four assassin groups. Every one of them emitted a powerful aura that screamed murder. These assassins were all top-tier fighters, at least with a rank of S, with the two leaders at the level of SSS.

"Hahaha, where's Wolf King? Did he die? How could he send out a woman?" The voice came from the head of the Skeleton League. He was a man in his thirties holding a long knife, with a cold face.

"Armans, have you forgotten? Yoshichiro Izu told us about the Wolf King's unconsciousness. He's probably dead by now." said Luke, the head of Hell Alliance.

Sh*t, upon hearing that it had been Yoshichiro Izu who told these assassins about the Wolf King falling unconscious. Alice's face grew dark, she was enraged.

She had to admit that Yoshichiro Izu was cunning. He knew that he would be stopped by the Boxing King Shiwei Guo, so he gave the news of an unconscious Qingfeng Li to the Skeleton League and Hell Alliance so that they could kill him.

Armans florished the long knife in his hands and said coldly, "Alice belongs to the Wolf King. Since he's unconscious, let's capture her and torture her to death."

Luke nodded, agreeing with Armans. He also wanted to torture the Wolf King's woman.

The two assassin groups were both Qingfeng Li's enemies. Armans was the son of the previous leader of the Skeleton League, and Luke was the son of the previous leader of the Hell Alliance. Both of their fathers were killed by Wolf King, so they naturally hated him.

"Go, get Alice for me. I'm going to torture her right in front of Wolf King." Armans commanded the assassins with a wave of his long knife.

With Armans' order, more than a dozen Skeleton League assassins immediately dashed towards Alice. They wanted her alive.

~Shoo shoo shoo~

Suddenly, silver needles shot out from Alice's hands, piercing the throats of the assassins. The assassins were killed instantly, their necks spewing out blood everywhere.

These were only level S assassins, so naturally they were no match for Alice's SS abilities.

Seeing that Alice had used her hidden weapon to kill a dozen of his men, Armans' eyes flashed of anger.

"Alice, you dare to kill my men, I'm going to torture you until you die." Armans laughed coldly as he walked towards Alice with the long knife in his hands.

~Shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo~

Alice knew of Armans's powers. She shot out all of her silver needles as she charged towards him.

Unfortunately for Alice, Armans was a level SSS master. Her silver needles posed him no threat. With a swift gash of

his black long knife in the air, he sent all of her needles away instantly.

After he repelled the silver needles, Armans shifted his body and arrived in front of Alice in the blink of an eye. Like lightning, he whipped out his long knife and cut off a few strands of Alice's hair.

Alice was startled, Armans was way too powerful. She was no match for him.


Suddenly, Luke came behind Alice and struck her with a hard punch, sending her to the ground.


Alice opened her mouth and spat out a huge gush of fresh blood, painting her face red. Her body was heavily wounded and she couldn't stand even if she wanted to.

"Luke, Alice is my prey, why did you hit her?" Armans said, looking slightly irritated. He wanted to take his time slicing open her clothes. Now that Luke brought her down with one punch, he felt very annoyed.

"Armans, our mission today is to kill Wolf King. We need to be quick ... do not waste time." Luke said, glancing at Armans,

"Alright, we'll bring Alice to Wolf King's room, kill him, and play with her in front of him." Armans sneered. He grabbed the heavily wounded Alice and walked towards Wolf King's room.


Armans kicked down the door to the room. What greeted him was an unconscious Wolf King on the bed and his caretaker, Bernard.

"You, you, how did you get in?" The sight of multiple assassins had Bernard scared out of his wits.


Armans slapped Bernard and sent him flying. Bernard puked out a huge gush of blood, his body trembling.

"Wolf King, I thought you were very powerful. I'm going to cut your head off and avenge my father. Then I will torture your woman." Armans said with twisted grimace on his face as he looked at the unconscious Wolf King.

Alice's eyes were filled with despair, tears rolling down her pretty face. She decided to kill herself later through tongue-biting. Even in death, she wanted to be with Wolf King. She would not allow herself to be ruined by these scum.

"Baby, don't cry. After I cut off the Wolf King's head, we'll have some fun." Armans laughed coldly. He waved the long knife in his hands, and stabbed towards Qingfeng Li's head.

The black vortex in Qingfeng Li's body had finally completed absorbing the consumed bloodline powers, making his body more powerful than before. He suddenly opened his eyes.


Qingfeng Li reached out two fingers, directly grabbing Armans' long knife. He squeezed with force, and the long knife broke in half.

"Release Alice." Qingfeng Li stood up, his face cold.

The sight of blood on Alice's face, obviously heavily wounded, enraged Qingfeng Li.

"Wolf King, you're awake. This is perfect, I'm going to kill you first, then I will play with your woman." Armans snickered coldly with a murderous look.

Hearing Armans' words, Qingfeng Li's eyes became enraged. His whole entire being emitting a sharp ferocious aura.

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