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A+ A- Chapter 669: Honey, Big Bad Wolf is Safe

"Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf is safe. Don't worry." Qingfeng Li said smiling. Hearing the longing and the concern in Xue Lin's voice, Qingfeng Li was very touched.

Although he'd only left for a day, Qingfeng Li missed Xue Lin as well. He decided to return to Eastern Sea city as soon as his affairs in the Tiger Continent ended.

"Big Bad Wolf, take good care of yourself. There are a lot of bad people out there." Xue Lin's pretty face reddened, clearly embarrassed. She felt shy everytime Qingfeng Li called her Little Red Riding Hood.

"Little Red Riding Hood, don't you worry, those bad men are no match for me."

"Hm, you're not allowed to hit on any women." (TL: WHAT A F*CKING LIAR)

"Don't worry, I will definitely not hit on any women."

"Little Red Riding Hood will wait for your return, remember to come back early."

"Alright, Big Bad Wolf will come back soon. Little Red Riding Hood better wash up and wait for me." Qingfeng Li smiled and hung up the phone, because Catherine was still waiting for him.

If Catherine hadn't been waiting, he wouldn't spoke to Xue Lin much longer.

After Qingfeng Li ended his call with Xue Lin, he called Ruyan Liu and reported his safety to her as well, ensuring her not to worry.

Catherine rolled her eyes, speechless, "I didn't expect Wolf King, the all-mighty master throughout the dark worlds to play such an infantile game in his spare time."

In Catherine's heart, Wolf King was powerful, invincible, and someone who was always stoic. However, Qingfeng Li looked like he was a fool in love.

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, staying silent. These little games were a secret between him and Xue Lin.

"Alice, you and Bernard stay here and rest. Catherine and I will go and meet Albron." Qingfeng Li said, turning himself towards Alice.

"King, it's best if Miss Alice came with us. Master Albron wants to meet her too." Catherine said, batting her eyes.

Although Qingfeng Li didn't understand why, he still agreed, heading out with Alice and Catherine.

But as soon as they left the Wine Estate, they met a middle-aged man. This man was handsome, his brows thick. Both his skin color and his hair showed features from the Dragon Continent.

The middle-aged man was dressed in antique clothing, carrying a long sword on his back, appearing to be a swordsman. He was just passing by the Bernard Estate when the pungent smell of blood drew him in.

The middle-aged swordsman stood there, as if he was blended in between heaven and earth. One couldn't find him without careful observation.

 Qingfeng Li only spared the middle-aged swordsman one glance, immediately getting onto the car with Catherine and Alice.

"This guy looks so familiar." The middle-aged swordsman said thoughtfully as he watched Qingfeng Li drive off.

Suddenly a thought had hit him, he remembered something. This young man looked a lot like the Conqueror, Third Master Li.

"Is it possible that this young man is related to Third Master Li?" Watching Qingfeng Li drive off, the middle-aged swordsman entered deep thought.

Regardless if they are related or not, I have to ask him. After a slight hesitation, the middle-aged man left towards Qingfeng Li's direction, chasing him. He was incredibly fast, disappearing in an instant.

The Notre-Dame de Paris was the largest cathedral in France. It was where the Holy See operated, and also the place where the three most important Cardinals of the Tiger Continent came to pray.

The Notre-Dame was located in the heart of the city, occupying a prime location. It was incredibly luxurious and prosperous. The entire building was built from white marble, its architectural style typical of Tiger Continent. Smooth, neat, solemn. It impressed onlookers with its stateliness.

At this moment, on the front row benches, there sat an elderly man who looked about 60 years old. He had greyish whi

te hair and a proud nose. He had on a red cloak and in his hands he held , silently praying.

This elder was Albron, one of the three most important Cardinals of the Holy Sea. Although he had immense powers, studying was part of his daily practice.

Catherine drove Qingfeng Li and Alice to the Notre-Dame de Paris personally. When two of the clergies saw Catherine, they immediately saluted her with respect. Evidently, Catherine held a high status here.

"Master Albron, the Wolf King and Miss Alice has arrived." Catherine said as she appeared before Albron.

Albron put down . He turned and smiled, "My dear princess Alice, we meet again."

"It's you!" At the sight of the old man, Alice's beautiful face appeared shocked, as if witnessing the impossible.

Fives years ago, when Alice was still a Swedish princess, she had met Albron in the palace. Unlike his current red cloak, Albron only dressed in casual clothing back then. Alice later ran away from the royal palace in order to escape an arranged marriage. She then met Qingfeng Li and joined the Wolf Fang team.

"Princess Alice, the King misses you dearly. He wishes for your return to the palace and your acceptance of the marriage." Albron said to Alice with a serious expression.

"No, I will certainly not agree to marrying Augustine." Alice rejected, shaking her head,


Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows in surprise. Augustine was the young master of the greatest power in the Tiger Continent, the Sky God League. He held supreme status, and it turned out that Alice was his fiancee.

But of course, now that Alice belonged to Qingfeng Li, he certainly wouldn't agree to the marriage, even if it was Augustine.

"Wolf King, I brought you here today to persuade Alice. After all, she is a member of your Wolf Fang team. I hope you can bring her back to the royal palace so that she can marry young master Augustine." Albro smiled lightly, his eyes calm.

"Master Cardinal, I'm afraid I'll have to let you down. I will not let Alice leave Wolf Fang team, and I will definitely not let her marry Augustine." Qingfeng Li said lightly, his voice stern.

Albron furrowed his brows in surprise and said, "Wolf King, you are a master of the underworld. You should know of the immense powers the Sky God League possess."

"Of course I do. It is the most powerful force in the Tiger Continent. You call yourselves the heavenly god's Successors.

Although Qingfeng Li held the title of the Wolf King, he was very knowledgeable when it came to the forces ruling over the seven continents and the four seas. In the Tiger Continent, the Sky God League was the most powerful force. The continent had a lot of countries, but the Sky God League remained the strongest.

The Sky God League was highly secretive, and immensely powerful. There were legends of immortal warriors and divinities.

"Wolf King, you should know of the powers of the Sky God League. If you don't let Alice leave, your enemy would be the greatest force in the Tiger Continent. In addition to them, you will also have to face the Holy See, as Augustine is a young man whom we truly cherish." Albron said calmly, his every word threatening.

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