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A+ A- Chapter 666

Eastern Sea City, Huaxia.

Xue Lin wasn't used to the empty villa after work. It seemed like such a long time for her even though Qingfeng Li had only been away for a day. She would start missing Qingfeng if she couldn't see him for even a single day.

Xue Lin's charming face turned frowny. Out of a woman's instinct, she sensed something disturbing for no reason, as if Qingfeng Li had gotten into trouble.

Xue Lin had just got off work and she was exhausted after being occupied for the entire day. However, she took out her phone to call Qingfeng, disregarding the hunger and tiredness, as she really missed her husband.

The call wasn't picked up no matter how long Xue Lin had been calling, which worried her even more. What gave her more mixed feelings was that an automated message said Qingfeng Li's phone was out of service.

Xue Lin knew that Qingfeng Li went to the Tiger Continent with Alice, but she didn't have Alice's phone number.

Oh right, Alice had been Ruyan Liu's bodyguard recently. She should have her number.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were rivals in love, and Xue Lin would never call Ruyan Liu if it wasn't for the sake of Qingfeng's safety. Therefore, she pulled out her phone and dialed the number.

Ruyan Liu was wandering around in the living room as she had the same concerns. Her phone rang at this time. She thought it was from Qingfeng Li, but it turned out to be Xue Lin as she took a look.

"Huh, why would Miss Lin call me all of a sudden?" Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly before pressing the answer button and asking.

Xue Lin was so anxious that she asked immediately, "Ruyan Liu, do you have Alice's number?"

"Obviously, I have Alice's number."

"Give me her number, I have some emergency here."

"I don't get along with you, so why should I tell you." Ruyan Liu gave a slight smile and replied.

Xue Lin's face on the other side of the phone darkened, and rage arose in her heart. She would have started trash talking Ruyan Liu if it was before, but she had to tolerate it in order to get Alice's number.

"Ruyan Liu, I really need Alice's number."

"Sure, Xue Lin. But you have to call me Big Sister Ruyan if you want Alice's number."

"Don't push my limit Ruyan Liu. It's impossible for me to call you Big Sister Ruyan." Xue Lin said madly as she held the phone, her whole body shivering.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were rivals in love, they both liked Qingfeng Li and wanted to be the one in charge. Ruyan Liu was trying to make her the legal wife and Xue Lin the lady on the side by asking Xue Lin to call her "Sister Ruyan", which apparently pissed off Xue Lin badly.

"Xue Lin, if you don't call me Sister Ruyan, then I won't give

give you Alice's number." Ruyan Liu said casually. She would be in labor very soon and she needed to find a father for the baby. She didn't want the baby to come to the world without a father.

Looking for a father for the baby, Qingfeng Li would be the first choice with no doubt. All Ruyan Liu wanted to do now was to steal Qingfeng Li from Xue Lin.

"Ruyan Liu, you are so ruthless. I'll call you Big Sister Ruyan once you give me Alice's number."

"Call me Big Sister Ruyan first, let me hear it."

"Big Sister Ruyan, send me Alice's number." Xue Lin tightened her crystal white teeth, her nose almost scrunched out of place. Damn coquette, wanting to be my sister, screw you!

A joyful look arose on Ruyan Liu's charming face, and she said, "Younger sister Xue Lin, 139 xxxxxxxx is Alice's number."

Xue Lin hung up as soon as she wrote down Alice's number. She didn't want to waste any more time on Ruyan Liu as she was very discontented with this coquette.

Having the number given by Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin started to call Alice.

The call went through soon, Alice had no idea who it was since she didn't have Xue Lin's number.

"Who is this, what is the matter?" Alice frowned while staring at the number and then asked.

"This is Qingfeng Li's wife, Xue Lin. Can you let Qingfeng Li answer the phone, Alice?" Xue Lin opened her red lips and asked

and asked straightforwardly.

Alice frowned upon hearing what Xue Lin said, she didn't expect that Xue Lin would call her. Alice didn't know what to do as she looked at Qingfeng Li laying on the bed unconsciously.

"Miss Alice, please let my husband pick up the phone." Xue Lin asked again trying to rush Alice.

"I'm sorry Miss Xue Lin, Wolf King Highness is busy now, I'll ask him to call back once he comes back." Alice lied and didn't tell Xue Lin that Qingfeng Li was in coma.

"Fine, please remind him to call me as soon as he comes back, and tell him I miss him a lot." Xue Lin's tone downcast and hung up the phone.

The look on Alice's face turned complicated. She had some mixed feelings, and she was jealous of Xue Lin, as Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li's legal wife with a marriage certificate, and she was just someone who had sex with Qingfeng Li.

Ruyan Liu called to ask about Qingfeng Li not long after Alice hung up on Xue Lin. Alice had no choice but to make another lie to Ruyan Liu.

"Wolf King Highness, please wake up soon. Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, me and many other people worry about you." Alice looked at Qingfeng Li who was laying on the bed unconsciously, with her eyes full of tenderness.

Qingfeng Li was laying on the bed, meanwhile, his Wolf King Bloodline was under evolvement.

A black vortex appeared in Qingfeng Li's Dantian. The black vortex looked very odd as if it was a black hole in the universe that was too pitch dark to see the end of itself.

The black vortex was rounded and unfathomable. It seemed that it connected to an mysterious space.

Any astronomer would be shocked to see this black vortex, since the black vortex inside Qingfeng Li was the exact same as a black hole seen in space.

The black hole could absorb any energy in the universe. Spaceships, asteroids, planets, and even light can't get away from it.

The black vortex inside Qingfeng Li was just formed like the black hole in the universe. Although it was newly formed, it seemed to absorb energy. The only difference was that it was absorbing the Crocodile Bloodline from the Crocodile King and the Black Ox Bloodline from Jihoon Park.

Qingfeng Li's power was building up even though he was in a coma.


At the moment, Bernard pushed the door open and ran inside in hurry.

"Miss Alice, we have trouble now. The assassins from the Skeleton League and Hell League are coming. All the security guards at the front door were killed, and they said they would crush the Wolf King Highness's head." Bernard's face turned pale and said with fear.

Skeleton League, Hell League?

Alice's face darkened all of a sudden. Skeleton League and Hell League were part of the top four assassination groups in the Tiger Continent. Qingfeng Li just killed the leaders of those two league with his Wolf Fang team a few months ago. Apparently it was their time to get vengeance now.

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