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Gator claw and Wind-Edge Palm clashed together, generating a sharp sound. The noise was very violent, and some people even covered their ears. Qingfeng Li's palm actually had five bloody scratches left on it.

Qingfeng's face changed. A light flashed before his eyes. Even his iron-like skin had been damaged by the Gator claw.

"Wolf King, with your Ancient Martial Artist training, your skin is as hard as steel. Your Wind-Edge Palm is just an ordinary martial art, but my Gator claws are a higher-heaven level martial art." Gator King smiled, his eyes taunting Qingfeng Li.

In the eyes of ordinary people, boxing, Kung-fu, and other fighting styles were conventional techniques. Even long-established fighting styles such as Tai Chi, Xingyi Quan, and the Eight Trigrams palm, were also considered only conventional techniques.

Ancient Martial Arts Techniques was also a type of fighting technique. However, it's more advanced than conventional fighting techniques such as boxing, surpassing them in both control and power.

Martial arts are generally divided into lower heaven level martial arts, higher heaven level martial arts, and master martial arts. The Gator King actually practiced a higher heaven level martial arts, and could naturally scratch Qingfeng's skin.

"Damn, I do not have a higher heaven level martial art that can compete with him.", Qingfeng Li cursed, his eyes burning with anger.

His Wind-Edge Palm was taught by the Wind-Edge Demon King, which was a formidable attacking technique for ordinary people. It fell short in front of Ancient Martial Arts.

Ancient Martial Artist could use martial arts to release their Vital essence from their bodies to form a powerful attack.

"It seems I can only use the Blood Wolf Fist." Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes. He decided to use his Wolf King Totem.

To be honest, this was a last resort. Qingfeng Li did not want to use the Wolf King Totem because the consequence was great.

Qingfeng Li was at the lower heaven level tier, with a lot of Vital essence in the body. His Wolf King Totem could now last up to five minutes.


Qingfeng Li roared. It sounded like an Ancient Wolf King issuing a cry. On his chest, the image of a wolf head emerged. Its eyes were red, covered with red skin. This phenomenon was due to the awakening of his Wolf Fang Bloodline.

With the bloodline power being stimulated, Qingfeng Li's muscles had expanded tremendously. His strength had soared three times, becoming stronger than the Gator King.

Qingfeng Li's right foot stomped on the duel arena. The titanium steel plate suddenly produced a huge pit. And, it looked extremely frightening.

"Blood Wolf Fist.", Qingfeng Li shouted angrily. He suddenly shot his right fist out. Vital essence congealed in his fist. He turned into a wolf head phantom. With terrifying force, it smashed towards the Gator King brutally.


Gator King held up his fist, but the Blood Wolf First was too powerful. It devastated the Gator King's first which hit it directly. The blood flowed out his hand. And, his body was knocked back five or six steps away.

Totem bloodline? Catherine frowned with a fiery light within her eyes. She naturally knew what this was, a bloodline totem. This was an ancient bloodline power, it was a super strength given at birth. The body will carry the power from its ancestors and be developed into adulthood.

That's why the wolf king could control the entire Wolf Continent and cause tremors within the entire underworld. It was because of the ancient bloodline, Catherine secretly thought.

As the Wolf King's good friend, Catherine was worried when she saw the Wolf King get knocked back. But, now that she saw Qingfeng Li totem bloodline, the worry in her heart has disappeared.

"How did the power of the Wolf King become so strong, being able to wound the Gator King."

"Yah, the Gator King was beat by the Wolf King. Now the tables have turned."

"Gator King, you cannot lose! I bet a billion on you!"

Everyone around the arena was talking nonstop. Their eyes were full of hope. They were looking forward to the Gator King winning.

Most of these people were ordinary people. They didn't know the power of the totem bloodline. Only a few people knew about the power of the totem bloodline, such as Michael Di Santa, DuLuth, Shiwei Guo and the others.

The Gator King stared at his bloody fist, then he frowned. The Gator King had clearly felt it. After the Wolf King had awakened his totem bloodline, his body started to emit horrifying bursts of power. He knew that his Blood Wolf Fist was more powerful this his Crocodile Claw.

"Wolf King, you actually have the power of totem bloodline?", Gator King said coldly as he licked off his own blood.

Ancient Wolf King's bloodline?

Hearing these words, Qingfeng Li's face became pale, because this was his greatest secret. Even the Wolf Fang Team members did not know about this. How did the Gator King know that?

If you say the totem bloodline, many people will know, but definitely not the details about this ancestral source of power.

"Wolf King, are you surprised that I know the Ancient Bloodline?" the Gator King said coolly, seeing the confusion in Qingfeng Li's eyes.

Qingfeng Li nodded, feeling really confused. This was really out of his expectations.


Gator King directly tore apart his vest, exposing his chest. There was a gator pattern plastered on it.

Gator Totem?

Qingfeng Li eyes squinted, his mind was in terror. Qingfeng Li, as a King, had seen countless people, including thousands of strong people. But other than his own Wolf King Totem and a monk's Buddha Totem, he had not seen any other totems before.

Today, Qingfeng Li saw the third person who also owned a totem bloodline. Unfortunately, it was his enemy, Gator King.

In terms of the strength of the totem bloodline, Qingfeng Li understood it perfectly. He relied on his totem bloodline to wound Gator King. But now Gator King has also activated his totem bloodline, he understood how dire the situation was.

"Come on, Wolf King! Let's see who is more powerful? Your Wolf Totem Bloodline or my Crocodile Totem Bloodline?" the Gator King said with a cold smile. His tone had a trace of pride and arrogance.

The Gator Bloodline was the Gator King's biggest technique. If he wasn't necessary, he wouldn't use it. Now that he was injured by Qingfeng Li, he could only use the gator totem.

"Damn, how come the Gator King has a gator totem." Alice cursed, a gloomy look in her eyes.

Alice knew that the Wolf King was able to dominate the underworld because of his Wolf King Totem. Now that the Gator King has revealed his gator Totem, her heart was full of worry and she wasn't able to stay calm.

Not just Alice was shocked, the whole crowd in front of the duel is also shocked. They did not expect the Gator King to have the gator totem!


Gator King opened his mouth and let out a crocodile's roar. His body dilated. His eyes were dark. His skin was black. And, his body was black. This was the same color as an animal crocodile.

Gator King took a step forward and he stomped directly into the titanium steel plates causing a crater. This was what Qingfeng Li had just done. Both of them were beyond lower heaven level martial arts. It was the battle of totem power.

The Gator King versus the Wolf King, who will be the final victor?

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