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"Gator Claws." Gator King sowed a creepy smile. His right hand turned into a claw and all the vital essence in his body accumulated into it, in the end condensing into an illusion of a gator head.

The gator claws scratched at Qingfeng Li following the gator head. Wherever the claws went, the air was torn apart instantly and turned into cracks. The staging ground even became bumpy with all the big holes peppered around.

"Blood Wolf Fist." Qingfeng Li's eyes became bloody red, his right fist was thrown out abruptly and transformed into a bloody red fist with an illusion of a wolf head on the surface.

The Totem Bloodline was able to activate the bloodline hidden inside that inherited from ancient ancestors, and it could magically form a phantom. What Qingfeng Li and Gator King had was acquired from the late-stage. Therefore, their phantoms were just heads. The more potential someone has, the more formidable their bloodline totem would be.

The gator claws carried out a gator's roar while the Blood Wolf Fists roared out with a wolf howl. Between the two monsters, one was a beast while the other was the conqueror of the swamp. There had to be a fierce battle whenever they met.

The noises were so ear-splitting that the entire battle arena was shaking. The people who were close by even started to cover their ears, as the howlings seemed to originate from the deepest part of their bloodline.

Both the spiritual phantoms condensed by the Gator King and Wolf King collided and bit each other, making it impossible to tell which one was prevailing.

Meanwhile, the Gator Claws and Blood Wolf Fists were also meeting, the air between them being blown out. Both the Gator King and the Wolf King were pushed back about seven or eight steps by the blowing air before finally having a chance to regain their feet.

The Wolf King totem and Gator totem surprisingly had a break even in the first round, which was out of both of their expectations.

As it was known, Qingfeng Li used to be able to beat his opponent with no effort by using the totem bloodline, but not today.

"The Ancient Wolf King Bloodline is indeed powerful to be able to reach a draw with my Gator King Bloodline." Gator King exclaimed as a hint of shock flickered in his eyes.

Although it ended up with a break even in the first round, the Gator King lost technically, as he activated his Gator King Bloodline fifteen years ago when he was in the forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain. That meant that his bloodline was fifteen years older than Qingfeng Li's.

Qingfeng Li would definitely defeat Gator King given fifteen more years.

All of a sudden, Qingfeng Li's chest started to get burning hot, and the bloodline inside was boiling, the Wolf King totem was getting restless.

Wolves could live alone as well as in groups, they could go hunting alone but also hunt together. However, the Wolf King was definitely supreme among all the wolves in both scenarios.

The Wolf King couldn't be humiliated, or even provoked. The Wolf King Bloodline inside Qingfeng Li flipped out as it sensed the provocation from the Gator King.



Two consecutive howling came out of Qingfeng Li's mouth. The wolf head totem was even about to fly out of his chest, with both of his eyes bloody red and murderous.

The neck of the Wolf King was emerging on Qingfeng Li's chest. The first level of totem bloodline was only able to stimulate the wolf head, now that the neck appeared, which meant Qingfeng Li's Wolf King Bloodline was evolved to the second level under provocation.

Totem Bloodline could evolve. Joy flickered in Qingfeng Li's eyes. He felt his body was filled with more strength with the appearance of Wolf King's neck, and the strength was twice much than usual.

"Blood Wolf Fists." Qingfeng Li groaned, all the vital essence in the body condensed on his fist and manifested into a Wolf King eidolon. This time the Wolf King eidolon was even clearer as its hair and neck could be seen distinctly.

"Gator Claws." Gator King didn't dare to treat it carelessly as he sensed the formidable momentum from Qingfeng Li. He reached out his claws and was about to use his most powerful attack, the Gator Claws. A gator head was condensed on his fist and aimed at Wolf King for a fierce bite.

It didn't matter if it was a Wolf King phantom or a gator head phantom, both of them were condensed from vital essence by bloodline power. Only people who possessed the bloodline power were able to have this kind of strength, it wasn't for any normal people.


The Wolf King Bloodline opened its wide bloody mouth, showed its sharp and protruding teeth and swallowed the gator head phantom after chewing a few times. The bloodline phantom was made of vital essence. As a result, after eating the gator head phantom, not only the neck, but also the waist and back of the Wolf King phantom became visible.

The Wolf King phantom got to evolve again to the third level. At this moment, the head, neck, back and abdomen parts appeared, leaving its arms and tail for when it completely evolves.

Qingfeng Li's face lit up. He didn't know that bloodline power could be swallowed. Apparently, his ancient Wolf King Bloodline was so much more powerful than the Gator Bloodline that it enhanced him by eating the opponent's bloodline power.

Qingfeng Li could absolutely feel his strength was accumulating continuously. It increased from four thousand kilograms to five thousand.

A strength of five thousand kilograms was the exact sign for hitting the late-stage peak through acquired efforts.

What couldn't be denied was that Gator King was meant for feed Qingfeng Li with his power, as he didn't only lose his bloodline power, but also enhanced Qingfeng Li's strength.

"Awesome, I am now at peak stage lower heaven level." joy appeared on Qingfeng Li's face, and he couldn't be any happier.


Unlike Qingfeng Li who was extremely joyful, Gator King coughed out a huge pile of blood because his bloodline power was swallowed by Qingfeng Li's Wolf King Bloodline, and his face turned dreadfully pale.

Bloodline power starts off very weak and only gets strengthened with the development of cultivation. Gator King's totem bloodline was only activated to the first level, but was unfortunately swallowed, which drove the Gator King mad.

"Wolf King, how dare your Wolf King Bloodline swallow my Gator Bloodline, I have to kill you." Gator King tried to bare the extreme pain over his body, and became surrounded by a murderous momentum.

"Kill me? You are a piece of trash without your Gator Bloodline. I'll blow you up with three punches." Qingfeng Li sneered and said aggressively.

Blow me up with three punches?

Gator King's face darkened, crazy madness flickering in his eyes. What Qingfeng Li said had humiliated him.

"First punch." Qingfeng Li groaned. A Blood Wolf Fist was thrown out abruptly, the vitality inside transforming into half a Wolf King body through bloodline power, and was about to land on the Gator King with a terrifying amount of power as it tore the air apart.


Both of the Gator King's arms were snapped off, his body was thrown to the air straightforwardly, and he coughed a huge glob of blood out again.

The Gator King was like a tiger without teeth and sharp claws when he lost his Gator Bloodline; he wasn't Qingfeng Li's opponent at all. He was seriously injured after Qingfeng Li threw one single punch.

"Second punch." Qingfeng Li threw out his second punch. Another Blood Wolf Fist punched through the air with five big holes and broke both of the Gator King's legs as he was falling down.

Two punches, Qingfeng Li broke Gator King's arms and legs with only two punches. Broken arms and legs and erupting blood made the Gator King a miserable mess. There was no longer a master of the generation, only a drowning dog.

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