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After hearing Gator King saying that he would blow him up, Qingfeng Li smiled coldly. A quick flash flew by him.

Qingfeng Li always thought himself as arrogant, but did not think that Gator King was even more arrogant than he was. This was really unbearable. And, he could no longer stand it.

"Blast me? You are not qualified." Qingfeng Li took a step forward and exuded a fierce momentum, directly planting a footprint on a titanium alloy steel plate in the arena.

Gator King squinted his eyes. He is Martial Warriors. Naturally he saw that the power of Qingfeng Li's foot was at least 4000 kg in force. This was something a normal person can't achieve, but a Martial Warriors. Only a Martial Warrior can do this, the Wolf King before us must be a Martial Warrior.

Bang bang bang! ! !

Gator King took a few steps and started to walk forward, exuding a terrifying momentum. This was more powerful than Qingfeng Li. Every step he made came with a loud noise. Leaving many clear footprints on the duel arena. It seemed that the duel arena is not made of titanium plate, but mud.

Qingfeng Li's eyes also squinted together. Through these footprints on the duel arena, he also knew that the Gator King in front of him was a very strong Martial Warrior.


Gator King's body moved, it was as fast as lightning. Instantly, he was in front of Qingfeng Li. He launched his fist fiercely at Qingfeng Li.

This fist was very powerful, it created five sonic boom, the forces was about 5000 kg.

5000 kg in force?

Qingfeng Li's face had a slight change, this Gator King's strength turned out to be transcendental as well, stronger than himself by 1000 kg.

No wonder that Gator King was able to domesticate the crocodile. It turned out to be such a big force that Qingfeng Li quickly became extremely cautious.

Qingfeng Li did not dare to be careless. With a lot of energy gathered in his body, he focused them all of it in his fist. And, he launched it at Gator King's fist.


A loud noise was heard from the duel arena and all the air was blown away. As a result, the attack power of these two men was great.

Bang Bang Bang Bang! ! ! !

Qingfeng Li's body kept retreating and he had taken four steps back. He was obviously not Gator King's opponents.

"Gator King is awesome, knocking Wolf King back with one punch."

"Gator King is a veteran King. Wolf King is a king too, but he just became a king last year. He still has a gap between Gator King.

"Yes, Gator King and Wolf King's bet, who will you bet on?"

"Say no more, of course bet on Gator King, I will bet one billion"

Everyone in the crowd are talking about, and they think Gator King will win. Wolf King will be defeated.

These people not only have low hopes for Wolf King, but also betted on Gator King's victory. This was purely looking down on Wolf King.

As long as you are in the Battle Arena, you can always bet. Battle Arena in the Eastern Sea City can only be a small bet, up to a million. However in the King Battle Arena, as Dark World's first Battle Arena, the bet must be at least 1 billion with no cap.

The odds of Wolf King's victory 10: 1, and Gator King's odds of victory is 1.1: 1. Although it's a lot less lucrative to bet on Gator King for the overwhelming odds of him winning, most people fancy Gator King to win. After all, Gator King is a veteran king.

Alice and Bernard were standing below the duel area. They were listening to the discussions in the crow, their face looked down.

"Miss Alice, so many people are predicting Wolf King Highness' defeat, what should we do?" Bernard whispered, just as Qingfeng Li was kicked back a few steps, he was shocked.

In Bernard's memory, Wolf King has always been the strongest, swept the opponent all the way. He did not think that he would be pressured by Gator King.

"Hmph, they are just a bunch of frogs under the well, Wolf King Highness will not be defeated. Bernard you go to the betting station and help me bet 10 billion on Wolf King's victory." Alice said with a cold face. The crowd's reaction was pissing me off.

"Yes, Miss Alice." Bernard nodded, then found the betting director at King Battle Arena, a 30-year-old Tiger Continent beauty.

The beautiful betting director asked "Mr. Bernard, are you sure you want to bet on Wolf King's victory with 10 billion dollars?".

This beauty is a 30-year-old young woman. Her face was very pretty. Her blue eyes were very attractive. It almost seemed like it will drag the soul out of your body. Her body was graceful and elegant with her two huge bosoms. As if it was going to jump out.

Her name is Sophie, Catherine's staff. She was in charge of the betting station.

Bernard is super-rich in Paris, France, Sophie is a pure and genuine girl, she likes to be honest. Sophie is optimistic about Gator King's victory, so Bernard's bet puzzled her.

"Miss Sophie, I'm sure, I'm telling you to bet Wolf King, bet 10 billion." Bernard said firmly. Alice was so confident in Wolf King's victory. A loyalty servant, a little Bernard, must also believed in Wolf King.

"Well, Mr. Bernard, I hope you will not regret it later." Sophie said softly. She took Bernard's bank card and swiped 10 billion.

At the same time, others had started betting as the two champions dueled.

USA's top champion, Michael Di Santa bet 20 billion on Wolf King's win. As his friend, he was very confident that Wolf King would win. This man was a creator of miracles.

Thailand Boxing King Shiwei Guo will not fall behind. And, he also bet 20 billion on Wolf King's victory.

Of course, in this dueling arena, only these two had betted on Wolf King to win. Du Luth from Russia's Assassination Camp, King of Taekwondo in Korea, Jihoon Park; Fencing King of Pacific Island, Ikiyoshiro who all betted on Gator King's victory. They all had a bad relationship with Wolf King.

Gator King frowned, he was a King fifteen years ago. Over the years, he had refined his ancient martial arts. The use of his power and techniques had long been very well developed. Qingfeng Li had only practiced ancient martial arts for less than a month. Although he improved quickly, his foundation was not very solid.

Gator King was not satisfied to see that his punch only knocked back Qingfeng Li a few steps. In his mind, he thought one would've been able to defeat Qingfeng Li with one punch. Unfortunately, Qingfeng Li was not injured.

"Not bad, you can handle one of my punches, let's see if you can handle my 'Crocodile Claws'. "Gator King smiled coldly, he concentrated his energy into hand turning it into a pale green claw.

A crocodile's primary attacks have two types. First way is by biting. The second way is to use it's claw to slashed at its prey.

He was nicknamed Gator King because his attacks were inspired by the crocodile's attack. His ancient martial arts technique from the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain was also the Crocodile's Claw. Needless to say, it seemed like he was destined to be Gator King .


Gator King's hand lifted. His entire right hand turned into pale green claw. He tore through the air and brutally slashed towards Qingfeng Li's heart.

Feeling the horror of crocodile claws, Qingfeng Li eyes slightly squinted. He gathered all the energy from his body onto the palm. His hand turned into a sharp blade. And, he plunged toward the crocodile claws.

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