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A+ A- Chapter 655
Chapter 655: Bernard's Personal Welcome

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"Miss, we are on the plane, so you cannot do this kind of thing." Stewardess said responsibly. Although Alice ignored her, the stewardess continued to persuade Alice.

However, Alice did not look at the stewardness and continued massaging Qingfeng Li.

Stewardess saw that Alice was ignoring her. She was about to cry. She could only turned to Qingfeng Li said, "We are on a plane, can you help me help? If this was exposed, I will lose my pay."

Sawing the stewardess tearing up, Qingfeng Li felt bad. He touched Alice's hand said, "Forget it, stop massaging."

"Thank you, here is a free cup of coffee for you." Stewardess's face blushed a little as she passed the coffee over to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li smiled, took the coffee and nodded.

Stewardess shyly glanced at Qingfeng Li. Then, she turned away. Her blushed face was very cute.

Although Alice never studied massage, her massage skill was very good. After her massaging, Qingfeng Li felt relaxed.

The flight from the Eastern Sea City to the European Paris was a 12 hours flight. Only 2 hours has passed, there was still 10 tough hours ahead.

"Alice, I am going to sleep for a while, and call me when we get to Paris." Qingfeng Li said. He started closing his eyes and dozed off. He needed to recharge his energy since he has a fierce battle ahead of him.

When Qingfeng Li was resting, the stewardess came over again and again. She had wanted to talk to Qingfeng Li but saw Qingfeng Li was sleeping. She had no choice but to leave.

After 12 hours, the plane landed at the Paris International Airport.

"Hey Boss, we have arrived in Paris." Alice pushed Qingfeng Li and whispered.

Qingfeng Li blearly opened his eyes. He lazily stretched his well relaxed body. Sleeping is really the best way to recover physical strength.

"Let's go." Qingfeng Li gently smiled, and got off the plane with Alice.

At the lobby of the airport, Bernard drove a Rolls-Royce car wearing a black suit with dozens of bodyguards behind him.

Bernard was not only super-rich in Paris, France, but was also on Forbes' Top 100 billionaires in the world. He has hundreds of billions dollars of assets. He has a high social status. A lot of people at the airport knew who he was.

"Is that not the Parisian tycoon Bernard? What is he doing at the airport?"

"I do not know, but look at Bernard with dozens of bodyguards, he seems to be picking someone up?"

"Picking someone up? Are you kidding, he's a billionaire, who does he need to pick up personally."

Everyone at the airport was talking about this nonstop, their face was simply shocked.

At this time, a blonde beauty beside Bernard walked towards Bernard. She is the host of French television station. She saw Bernard as the rich tycoon. Naturally she wanted to interview him.

The Blonde beauty walked up to Bernard and asked, "Dear Mr. Bernard, why did you come to the airport today?"

Bernard looked at her and said, "I am picking someone up?"

Picking someone up?

Although she had speculated that he was picking someone up, but to hear it personally from Bernard, she was still very shocked.

You know, even if it was the Mayor of Paris, Bernard will not meet with him. Who in the world has such a status that a cosmopolitan business tycoon person like Bernard has to pick up personally.

Alice saw Bernard and said, "Boss, look, Bernard is there to meet us."

Qingfeng Li smiled and walked toward Bernard with Alice.

When Qingfeng Li came

over, the blonde beauty from the television station frowned and said, "I want to interview Mr. Bernard and would you please retreat."

Facing blonde beauty, Qingfeng Li smile gently, and just glanced at her. He continued to move forward. The blonde beauty could not help but get angry.

If Qingfeng Li' s action pissed off this blonde beauty, then his words will make her even angrier. She just heard Qingfeng Li said, "little Bernard, how come you have panda eyes, did you not get a good rest?"

Their distance was far away before, Qingfeng Li did not realize his eyes looked so sleepy until he walked closer.

Little Bernard?

The Parisian TV blonde beauty face changed. She worked in journalism, interviewed many people. Some were French, some were Huaxia people. In Huaxia culture, little Bernard is how an Emperor address his servants.

This Huaxia person is really rude, they even called Bernard a little Bernard?

The blonde beauty fiercely glared at Qingfeng Li, and said in dissatisfied tone, "Bernard is the richest man in Paris, one of the richest man in the world. You are just a yellow man. How dare you call Bernard a little Bernard. You better apologize to Mr. Bernard."

From the blonde beauty's perspective, Bernard not only is a rich man, but also French's pride. Now she got an 'insult' by these Huaxia people. She definitely felt very uncomfortable.

After hearing how the blonde beauty scolded at Qingfeng Li. Bernard yelled at her fiercely and said, "You shut up, if Wolf King Highness calls me a little Bernard, it is only my honor."

"Mr. Bernard, I am here to help you, how can you scold me?" Somewhat puzzled the blonde beauty said.

"You idiot. Who do you think you are? How dare you teach Wolf King Highness what to do." Bernard fiercely stared at blonde beauty.

After scolding the blonde beauty, Bernard turned to Qingfeng Li bend down to greet him with a respectful salute, Dear Wolf King Highness, little Bernard welcome you to Paris.

To others, Bernard is a rich and respectable person, but in front of Qingfeng Li he was nothing but a loyal servant.

The TV blonde beauty saw that Bernard bent over to greet Qingfeng Li, and proclaimed himself to be a 'little Bernard'. She could not help but be amazed. Her eyes full of shock. Shock does not justifies how she felt. It would be more appropriate to say she was horrified.

She thought to herself who was this Huaxia that was able to make Mr. Bernard act this way. The beautiful blonde had a trace of fear towards Qingfeng Li, but also mixed with curiosity.

"Little Bernard, let's go. By the way, you still have not told why your eyes look so sleepy" Qingfeng Li ignored the blonde beauty. A television reporter is not worth getting angry over.

"Wolf King Highness, I did not sleep for three days. And, this is Gator King's information that I have collected through my men." Bernard pulled out a paper bag from his jacket and handed it to Qingfeng Li respectfully, all with Gator King's information.

Qingfeng Li felt touched as he took the information from Bernard's hand.

Qingfeng Li told Bernard a few days ago that he was coming to Paris to challenge Dark World's Gator King. He did not expect Bernard would not sleep for 3 days to collect information for him. No wonder his eyes were black, he stayed up 3 nights in a row.

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