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Chapter 654: Heading to the Tiger Continent

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As a king, Qingfeng Li had his own dignity and pride. When there is a challenge, he must win.

Although Xue Lin did not want Qingfeng Li to go, she also knew that this was about the dignity of being a man and she could not stop him. Finally, Xue Lin could only let Qingfeng Li go to Dark World Battle Arena in Tiger Continent, but asked him to be aware of safety.

"My dear, don’t worry. Everything will be fine." Qingfeng Li smiled and put Xue Lin on the car.

Xue Lin was supposed to drive Qingfeng Li to the airport by car, but Qingfeng Li told Xue Lin and Ziyi Miao to go to the company instead.

After Xue Lin left, Qingfeng Li turned to walk toward Mansion 14, where Ruyan Liu's home is.

Bang Bang Bang! ! !

Qingfeng Li knocked three times. Alice opened the door. Alice was responsible for the protection of Ruyan Liu, so she lived in Ruyan Liu's house.

Since it was the morning, Alice just got up, wearing only a black pajamas. Her huge chest, white cleavage exposed. The view of this pure whiteness was extremely bright, making it irresistible to reach out for her white bosoms and squeezed it firmly.

Alice's beauty is different from the others. She is European. The blue eyes are like sapphires. The bright white light shines like the snow on the mountains. The golden curly hair are like golden willow, as the breeze blows and the wind ripples.

Qingfeng Li had seen a lot of beauty, but most are HuaXia beauty. But Alice, this European beauty is completely different.

"Wolf King Highness, I miss you." Alice saw Qingfeng Li outside her door, a happy smile appeared in her bright eyes, and she fell into the arms of Qingfeng Li, kissing his lips.

Alice's lips were so sweet, with a hint of aroma. If it was any other day, Qingfeng Li must have Alice on the spot, but with what is happening today, he unwillingly pushed Alice away.

"Alice, there is something I want to discuss with you."

"Wolf King Highness, kiss first talk later!"

Qingfeng Li said as he pushed away Alice who was very horny, "Don’t kiss. It’s something urgent. I want you to go to Tiger Continent with me, because tonight is my battle with Gator King."

Challenge Gator King?

Alice looked confused, with a hint of surprise in her eyes. She did not know about it, because the challenge went directly through Catherine.

Qingfeng Li explained to Alice the challenge to Gator King and said, "Go to Tiger Continent with me today."

Alice nodded, "Very well, I'll go with you."


Ruyan Liu got up while the two were talking, just in time to see the two of them holding together. And, their heart suddenly had a bit of jealousy.

"Qingfeng, why did you come here so early in the morning?" Ruyan Liu lips slightly pouted, asked.

Qingfeng Li explained to Ruyan Liu again. Ruyan Liu worried about Qingfeng Li's safety. And, he didn’t want Qingfeng to go. Ultimately, Qingfeng had to show a hand. So, he picked up a titanium alloy cup and crushed it easily. Ruyan Liu saw the strength of Qingfeng Li was shocked, so agreed that he should go.

"Qingfeng, the baby is going to come out soon. You must come back safely." Ruyan Liu touched her tummy where the baby was, making her cheeks blush a little.

Qingfeng Li looked at Ruyan Liu’s eye gently while touching her tummy and said, "Ruyan, do not worry. I will be fine. I also want to see how the baby looks like."

Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu said goodbye and went to the airport together with Alice. They boarded the plane and headed for

Paris, Tiger Continent. Just as they got on the plane, Qingfeng Li saw a familiar face. It was the beautiful stewardess she met on his last flight.

Stewardess face was soft and beautiful, with simple cosmetics. Her lips were covered with a mauve lipstick. It looked very soft. With the blue dress she was wearing, her body looked very graceful and elegant.

"Hello, we met again." she said happily as she was looking at Qingfeng Li.

To be honest, this stewardess had a feeling towards Qingfeng Li. They have encountered several times on the plane. flight attendants thought this is fate.

"Yes, Beauty. Long time no see. You even prettier." Qingfeng Li smiled, facing the stewardness.

Hearing the words of Qingfeng Li, stewardess’s face suddenly blushed. Her heart would beat every time she saw Qingfeng Li.

Looking at Qingfeng Li and stewardess eyes, Alice lips pouted. She squeezed Qingfeng Li's arm and whispered, "Met an old lover?"

However, Alice knew that Wolf King Highness was very attractive. He had many "close female friends" around the world that he would even meet one on a plane.

Alice's voice was small, but the stewardess still heard it. Her blushing cheeks became even more red that it almost seemed like persimmons.

"Sorry Miss, I’m not his old lover." said the stewardess. With one glance at Alice, she thought to herself what a stunning beauty this European woman was.

"Oh, not an old lover, so a new lover." Alice continued to chuckle.

Stewardess was clearly not at Alice's level. She fled after Alice teased her a little. The stewardess didn’t want to face this European Goddess.

"Oh, I had just wanted to relax, now it’s perfect, since you blew away the stewardess." Qingfeng Li said a little depressingly.

Alice glanced at him and said, "Well, I have Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu in HuaXia and I’ve already had enough. Now that we are out of the country, you are mine. Only I can have you all to myself."

Alice's words had some resentment. To be honest, she and Qingfeng Li had made love before. She is Qingfeng Li's woman, a woman will get jealous too.

"Honey, don't you want to relax. Come on, I'll give you a massage." Alice charming smiled, stretched out her white hands and began to help Qingfeng Li massage.

Alice just started to massage normally. She massaged his head, slowly began to massage his back, abdomen, and finally massaged his butt.

Qingfeng Li's started breathing quickly. His whole body shivered, and almost yelled out.

"Alice, we are on the plane." Qingfeng Li breathing a bit heavily.

"More exciting on the plane right?" Alice licked her delicate red lips and continued to massage Qingfeng Li. Qingfeng Li felt so good that he almost yelled out.

Qingfeng Li looked out the windows at the white clouds, enjoying Alice's massage. He was so comfortable that he couldn’t move.

Stewardess carrying two cups of coffee out, passing Qingfeng Li side. She just saw the scene of Alice’s massage. Her face blush instantly. It looked like it was going to pop.

The stewardess walked shyly in front of them and said to Alice, "Miss. We are on the plane, so you can not do that."

Alice ignored the stewardess. She continued to massage Qingfeng Li. To get to a man’s heart, Alice definitely knew she have to satisfy man’s physical needs.

Stewardess became more embarrassed and a bit angry when she saw Alice did not stop. She felt this European Goddess was too open and vulgar.

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