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Bernard drove the Rolls-Royce himself, steering Qingfeng Li and Alice toward Dark World Battle Arena. The bodyguards drove 7 to 8 cars behind them as precautions and protected them.

Sitting in the backseat of the car, Qingfeng Li carefully watched the data collected by Bernard, a record of Gator King's life.

Gator King, a 45-year-old Parisian from France, who was a European King fifteen years ago. He defeated by 188 European champions and swept through the European martial arts world.

In Europe, just mentioning Gator King was scary, he is even more powerful King than Tiger King. He was a veteran king.

Fifteen years ago, Gator King went to the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain. There, he was wounded and disappeared mysteriously. It was told he was hiding in a swamp in Europe where crocodiles are formed. He was cultivating a powerful technique.

Qingfeng Li took this information and got a clear understanding of Gator King. This is a formidable opponent. It was a king fifteen years ago. Now fifteen years have passed. Qingfeng Li believes that Gator King must surpass a king.

Anyone who came out of the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain seems to have been given ancient martial arts techniques. From there, Ghost King setted up the Ghost King Temple and swept across 18 provinces in northern Huaxia. Ghost King is a hidden BOSS. The Gator King must have been gotten a powerful technique.

However, even if Gator King have the ancient martial arts, Qingfeng Li would not be afraid because he is also an ancient martial arts master, has reach a trescended level, so naturally he is not afraid of Gator King.

Dark World Battle Arena, also known as the 'Battle of the King', is a huge underground building on the outskirts of Paris. This huge underground structure is more than 100,000 square meters that can hosts tens of thousands of people.

At the entrance of the Battle Arena, numerous luxury cars parked over there. Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Lamborghini, Maybach and so on.

Each one of these luxury car is a limited edition. Even if you spend a billion dollars, you may still not be able to buy it.

Limited edition, as the name suggests there is only one in the world. Only the best of the best will have it.

Qingfeng Li and Gator King’s battle, shocked the entire Dark World, many strong countries have come here, they all want to see Qingfeng Li and Gator King's technique.

Among these strongmen are USA’s top champion, Michael Di Santa; DuLuth from Russia’s Assassination Camp; Thai’s Boxing King Shiwei Guo; King of Taekwondo in Korea, Jihoon Park; Fencing King of Pacific Island, Ikiyoshiro, and so on. There were hundreds of super-strong fighters.

In addition to the limited edition luxury cars, some higher-up figures came from helicopters, such as Michael Di Santa, Russia’s DuLuth was came from helicopter and rode directly above the Battle of the King.

The world's strongest gathered together, a storm is surging.

This is a King's event, you have to be at least a king to come here.

In addition to some super-strong fighters, those super rich also come here to watch the game. If you are here because of your wealth, you must be at least in the top 100 in the world Forbes charts. If you don’t even have hundreds of billions of assets, the door will not open for you.

Tens of thousands of square meters in the underground Battle Arena crowded with people. Everyone here are important figures. They can easily cause a 3-Richter scale earthquake with just a simple kick.

Rolls-Royce driven by Bernard, though luxurious and priced at more than $10 million, are slightly cheaper than the two helicopters at the entrance of Battle Arena.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the car and looked at a sickle pattern and black bear pattern on the helicopter, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The sickle pattern in the first helicopter contains USA’s top champion Michael. Di Santa, the black bear helicopter design contains DuLuth from Bear Country’s Assassination Camp. These two were super-strong, naturally Qingfeng Li have heard of them before, they were famous worldwide.

Just from getting out of the car, Qingfeng Li felt that the aura was very scary. This aura came from those who were at least a king. There are a few who were beyond a king, it was the aura of Ancient Martial Artist.

No, Ancient Martial Artist is not suitable in Europe, it should be called Martial Warriors here.

"Boss, people who come to the Battle of the King today are all very powerful." Alice's face was a bit pale, as she said it.

Of all, Alice is only a SS-level expert, not even a king, most of the people around her can destroy her.

Qingfeng Li reached out and took Alice's hand and smiled and said, "I’m here for you. Do not worry."

Qingfeng Li took Alice and walked towards the Battle Arena with Bernard.

King Battle Arena was underground more than 300 meters deep. If you want to go down, you must take the underground elevator. There is a security check at the door before entering the underground Battle Arena.

Standing at the door stood two black men in Europe, each one tall, grizzled, two meters tall with the height to play basketball as a center without any problems.

Of course, these two guards are not only tall and powerful but also very strong. Everyone who are emitting a powerful aura, Qingfeng Li glance, and figured out that both are SSS-class strong, around the king level.

A king level guard?

Qingfeng Li slightly coagulation, only the Dark World Battle Arena would have such a guard, absolutely not anywhere else.

"Please show your invitation, sir," said the tall guard at the left facing Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "I do not have invitations."

The King Challenge, Qingfeng Li is the initiator, so why would he have an invitation. There were so many people here tonight because they were invited by the Dark World Battle Arena.

"If you don’t have an invitation you cannot enter, this is the King Battle Arena, please leave." The big door guard said coldly, tone with a trace of expulsion and domineering.

As the guard of the King Battle Arena, they have a right to evict people.

"I am Wolf King, the challenger of this battle. I don’t need an invitation." said Qingfeng Li with a faint smile.

"You, the Wolf King Highness, don’t kid yourself. If you are Wolf King Highness, you would at least have a wolf. Do you have a wolf?" The door guard laughed coldly, his eyes with a touch of ridicule.

Wolf King needs to have a wolf. What the f*ck? Who the f*ck nade this rule? Qingfeng Li was furious as if 10,000 crabs pinching his heart. It was simply enraging.

"Who the f*ck told you Wolf King has to bring a wolf?" Qingfeng Li openingly asked. Although this guard was SSS-class strong, but clearly his head was full of sh*t.

The door guard said coldly, "When Lord Gator King came, he came with a crocodile."

What the f*ck, Gator King brought crocodile?

Hearing the guard said, Qingfeng Li was shocked. He could not imagine that the Gator King actually brought a crocodile to the arena. But after listening to the tone of the guard, he did not seem to be lying.

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