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A+ A- Chapter 653
Chapter 653: Kings Cannot Be Humiliated

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"Ming Tie deserves to be called the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, who turned out to be a fat sheep (TL:it's a metaphor for people with a lot of loot on them)." Qingfeng Li smiled mildly, putting the small white bottle into his pocket, feeling very delighted.

Qingfeng Li was an ancient martial artist, so he surely knew the rareness of Tendon-Strengthening Pill that could help the lower heaven level mid-stage upgrade to the lower heaven level late-stage.

Ancient martial artists' courses of cultivation and refinement relied upon not only the vital essence, which was the energy of the universe absorbed by breathing techniques but also other stuff that could help promote strength, such as elixirs, spirit pills, natural resources and so on.

The lower heaven level late-stage mainly had to do with refining bloodline, with the help of the Tendon-Strengthening Pill, anyone who took the pill and kept refining would be able to directly break through to the lower heaven level late-stage.

Qingfeng Li's face looked pale, and in fact, he was very weak now, even an ordinary person was able to knock him down.

Qingfeng Li bit the tip of his tongue, then drove back to the villa. Fortunately, it was only a bit later than one o'clock in the early morning, Qingfeng Li did not encounter bad guys, otherwise, he would be in danger.

Xue Lin was already asleep when Qingfeng Li came home. He went back to his own room without disturbing Xue Lin.

Although he felt debilitated, Qingfeng Li's face was full of excitement. Qingfeng Li took out the porcelain bottle, pulled out the cork, and poured the pill into his hand. The Tendon-Strengthening Pill was a green-color pill with the size of a thumb, giving off faint lights.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and took the pill. The pill was melted instantly with a hint of pleasant fragrance, flowing into his bloodlines and meridians with the function of refinement.

There were plenty of bloodlines and meridians in a human body, which scattered at various parts of the body, numerous and cluttered.

Qingfeng Li meditated the technique instruction of True Martial Emperor Technique, leading to the power of the pill to wash and refine his bloodlines and meridians.


A lot of impurities in the bloodlines and meridians were discharged from the body, with black colored sludge and a trace of a fishy smell waffing off.

It had to be said that the vital essence contained in the Tendon-Strengthening Pill was extremely strong, aiming to refine human body's tendons and flesh, transferring and washing out the impurities in the tendons and meridians.

An hour later, all of the impurities in Qingfeng Li's blood vessels and meridians were discharged outside, and his body became more crystal clear and full of strength.


Qingfeng Li stood up, blew out through the air, ending up with four big holes punched in the air.

The four big holes meant the strength of two thousand kilograms, which was the sign of the lower heaven level late-stage.

Undoubtedly, Qingfeng Li's progress of cultivation and refinement was as fast as that of a monster. No, more than that, he was simply abnormal. It normally took others one year, even a few years, to reach lower heaven level late-stage, but Qingfeng Li made it within less than one month.

Certainly, Qingfeng Li's progress of cultivation and refinement being so fast was because the True Martial Emperor Technique he studied was a kind of cultivation technique by the Daoist Patriarch. In addition, it also had to do with his Wolf King Totem.

Qingfeng Li was born with the Wolf King Totem on his chest, so he

possessed the ancient bloodline power. But this kind of power had just begun to sprout and had not yet completely matured, and once it had matured, Qingfeng Li's strength would be definitely much stronger.

"Gator King, await me, you're going to die tomorrow." Having sensed the strong power his body, Qingfeng Li was full of confidence.

Tomorrow night was the battle time between Qingfeng Li and Gator King. It was simply the god's blessing that he could break through and reach the lower heaven level late-stage.

Qingfeng Li, of course, still had to show his gratitude to someone, and the one was Ming Tie. He would not have broken through so fast without the help of Ming Tie's Tendon-Strengthening Pill. Anyway, Ming Tie was beaten to a coma by Qingfeng Li, when he woke up and found his pill missing, he would definitely swear.

There were lots of impurities in Qingfeng Li's body, which were sort of stinky with a disgusting smell and were discarded from bloodlines and meridians. By far, the impurities in Qingfeng Li's skin, muscles and bloodlines had been totally discharged, leaving only those in the bones.

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, and walked to the bathroom. After taking a hot shower, he went to bed, as he had been exhausted considering that he was busy shopping in the daytime while fighting against Ming Tie in the night time.

The next day, Qingfeng Li got up early and felt refreshed. He had become more energetic since he broke through to the higher stage, which meant no matter how tired he was, he could get fully recovered as long as he rested for just one night.

Qingfeng Li came into the kitchen, prepared a simple breakfast, which was a steamed egg custard. To make steamed egg custard, you needed to whip and scatter six eggs, add salt and sesame oil, stir well with warm water, then placed the batter into steamer and steam for ten minutes, the taste could go bad if steaming too long.

When the steamed egg custard was ready, Xue Lin just got up.

"Dear, what have you prepared for breakfast today?" Xue Lin gave an enchanting smile, which made her cool face look more beautiful, pretty girls could always make a charming scene wherever they were.

"Steamed egg stew that was beneficial to your beautiful face and anti-aging." Qingfeng Li said with a smile, took the steamed egg custard out of the steamer.

Upon hearing that it could help maintain beauty and keep young, Xue Lin got delighted with a touch of excitement in her eyes. It was impossible for women to resist beauty care, all the women longed for a beautiful appearance.

Xue Lin could not eat up the steamed egg custard because it was made with six eggs. With the help of Qingfeng Li, they finished the custard at last.

"Honey, I'd like a two-day leave. I'm going to the Tiger Continent." Qignfeng Li said to Xue Lin after breakfast.

Go to the Tiger Continent?

Xue Lin frowned and asked, :There's only half a month away before our wedding. Why are you going to Tiger Continent?"

"Honey, I've already challenged Gator King, and the battle is just at tonight, so I'm flying to the Tiger Continent." Qingfeng Li explained.

Gator King?

Xue Li did not know about the Gator King, but when she heard the name, she knew the man could be very strong or say, very horrifying. Thinking about it – the gator was an particularly terrifying creature in swamps, so how could the one named Gator King be an ordinary person?

"Will that be dangerous, dear? If so, don't go."

"No, the challenge has been issued, you want me to be a man breaking my word?"

"But I worry about you. The Tiger Continent is different from Huaxia, the people there are furious, even if they kill someone, you can do nothing to them. "

"No worries, although the Gator King is strong, I have my own way to cope." Qingfeng Li said with a smile in a confident look.

If it was before, Qingfeng Li would probably be prudent when facing Gator King, who used to be the king dozens of years ago after all, for that he is a very strong presence. But now that Qingfeng Li had become an ancient martial artist and reached the lower heaven level late-stage, he surely was not afraid of Gator King. Xue Lin did not want Qingfeng Li to take this risk, so she had tried to talk him out of it for several times, but Qingfeng Li refused. He could promise anything but this one because it had to do with the reputation of Wolf King.

Once an order of challenge was issued in Battle Arena of the underworld, the men concerned had to accomplish it. Otherwise they would be laughed at by all of the masters in the underworld. Kings could not be humiliated, as they had their own dignity and pride.

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