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Chapter 652: Tendon-Strengthening Pill

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Ming Tie's fist bumped onto that of Qingfeng Li, ending up beating Qingfeng Li to backing up for several steps.

In terms of strength alone, Ming Tie was lower heaven level late-stage, which meant he was stronger than Qingfeng Li by over five hundred kg of power. At first Qingfeng Li had the advantage of speed, but when Ming Tie used the Crane-Style Movement Technique, Qingfeng Li had lost his superiority. After all the ancient martial arts movement technique was very awesome, let alone the Higher Heaven level movement technique.

It had to be said that Ming Tie, as the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, had very strong strength, and this was the outcome of using the Sect's resources, which was impossible to the ordinary.

Qingfeng Li touched his own fist with a feeling of burning pain. He had realized that Ming Tie was very strong, and therefore he had also learned how strong a lower heaven level late-stage master was.

Qingfeng Li's "True Martial Emperor Technique" was only a technique about breathing, which could promote strength, but not improve speed and attacking force.

"It seems that I have to use the Wolf King Totem." Qingfeng Li whispered, deciding to use the Wolf King Totem.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li was not willing to use the Wolf King Totem until the critical moment. This was because the power of the Wolf King Totem could stimulate Qingfeng Li's bloodline to double his strength, but it would be detrimental to his body.

Every time he used the Wolf King Totem, Qingfeng Li's body would be exhausted. Therefore, he would not use it unless he was on the edge of death.


Qingfeng Li growled like a wolf. As the wolf head on his chest turned blood red, his eyes and his whole body were reddened as well, he looked like a grilled lobster that was boiling hot with bright red color.

A strong force burst out of Qingfeng Li's body, along with a touch of fury and violence. His strength was doubled, stronger than that of Ming Tie.

"Blood Wolf Fist." Qingfeng Li whispered, suddenly blew out his right fist in blood red color, with the force of incomparable fury, aiming at Ming Tie.

In this blood red fist, came an indistinct sound of wolf growl, and a vague pattern of a wolf head emerged. Of course, the appearance of the vague pattern of a wolf head had to do with Qingfeng Li's lower heaven level mid-stage strength, and the pattern would not appear if he did not learn ancient martial arts.

Having sensed the terrifying force of the Blood Wolf Fist, Ming Tie was shocked with a hint of worry in his eyes.


Ming Tie's pupils suddenly shrank. As the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, he surely knew about the power of totems. It was said that some powerful tribes or individuals carved animal totems onto the bodies of their offspring who were most talented. The animals could be elephants, lions, tigers, wolf kings and hounds, etc.

At the moment, Ming Tie was shocked because he knew that the ordinary could not possess this kind of bloodline power by Totem, nor did Ming Tie himself. But it was unbelievable that Qingfeng Li had the Totem's bloodline power.

Seeing that Qingfeng Li's Blood Wolf Fist was about to hit him, Ming Tie dared not be careless, and he swung his fist towards Qingfeng right away. Their fists bumped with each other once again with a huge bang. The air was even torn up.

This time, Qingfeng Li stood still in the place, while Ming Tie directly stepped back for several steps.

It had to be said that, after activating the power of the Wolf King Totem, Qingfeng Li had grown much stronger that Ming Tie.

"Must finish Ming Tie ... within ten moves." Although his eyes and body turned blood red, Qingfeng Li's mind was still very clear. He knew that the bloodline power of the Wolf King Totem was unable to be sustained for a long time, so he had to defeat Ming Tie very soon. Otherwise, he would turn weak once the power of the totem disappeared.

Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof...

Qingfeng Li blew out the Blood Wolf Fist along with the sound of wolf growl. Each time he swung his fist, a vague image of a Blood Wolf emerged on the surface of the fist, which looked particularly horrible and ferocious.

Being attacked by Qingfeng Li's Blood Wolf Fist, Ming Tie was beaten to backing up with a paled face and bleeding mouth. The power of the Totem was really as strong as it was said to be.

Ming Tie's face turned pale. Apparently it was the first time for him to see the power of the totem, which was so strong that he felt worried. Thanks to being the young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, his strength was strong enough, if he was an ordinary sect member, he would have already been defeated by Qingfeng Li.

Even so, Ming Tie was injured, which made him feel a bit depressed. But Qingfeng Li with the stimulated bloodline power was like a furious King Kong, which was so strong that Ming Tie had to keep stepping back.

The punching technique of the Blood Wolf Fist could grow stronger as the vital essence increased, and Qingfeng Li was now the case. With his vital essence of lower heaven level mid-stage, he had been able to give out a small part of the power of the Blood Wolf Fist.


Qingfeng Li growled again, his body reddened, and his arms grew bigger. A vague image of a wolf head completely formed on the surface of his Blood Wolf Fist. The wolf head was not illusory this time, instead, it looked a bit real, condensed by vital essence.

"Condensation of Vital essence, Qingfeng Li had completely activated the bloodline power of the Totem." Ming Tie's facial expression changed greatly, and a touch of horror came in his eyes. In terms of strength alone, Ming Tie was not afraid of Qingfeng Li. But what he scared most was the bloodline power of the totem, as it was the power originating from ancient times. Therefore even Ming Tie felt frightened.

"You've lost." Qingfeng Li shouted with rage, blowing out his Blood Wolf Fist with the shadow of the wolf head, like a flash of red lightning, ripping off the air, ending up with hard punch onto Ming Tie's body.


Ming Tie was beaten to fly through the air and falling down in the distance, with two ribs broken. He vomited a mouthful of blood, and tilted his head, passed out at last.

What, the young sect master passed out?

At the sight of Ming Tie suffering a crushing defeat, Ying Zhou paled with full of horror in his eyes. He admired the young sect master very much because he was at the lower heaven level late-stage and the top master of Iron Fist Sect's young generation.

But now, the top master of Iron Fist Sect's young generation had already been defeated by Qingfeng Li, and what was worse, he passed out. If this news was spread out, it would absolutely shock all the men of Iron Fist Sect.

Although he knocked out Ming Tie, Qingfeng Li had sensed himself was getting weak, which he knew was the consequence of using the totem power.

"I haven't wiped out Ying Zhou yet, no, I can't faint." Qingfeng Li bit the tip of his tongue in order to withstand the urge to faint, rushing to Ying Zhou.

Ah, Ying Zhou screamed and turned back to run away, but Qingfeng Li would not let him go. Qingfeng Li caught up with Ying Zhou after a few strides, striking the latter's back head with a punch, beating him to coma.

"As young sect master of Iron Fist Sect, he must have plenty of good stuff with him." Withstanding the debility of his body, Qingfeng Li approached Ming Tie and did a body search.

A moment later, Qingfeng Li pulled out a porcelain bottle from Ming Tie, which was in white color, as big as an egg, with three big characters of "Tendon Strengthening Pill" on it.

Tendon-Strengthening Pill?

Good stuff. At the sight of the three big characters, Qingfeng Li turned delighted, with a hint of joy in his eyes.

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