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What Qingfeng Li said was a truth. Because he was afraid of beating those punks to death, he merely exerted one tenth of his strength, which was due to the fact that he had worked hard to control his body. If he gave full play of all his strength, it was certain that those guys would have been killed.

There was increasingly more and more murderous intent inside his body, which he could not keep on accumulating. Otherwise it would be detrimental to his health, ending with him losing his mind and becoming a demon sooner or later.

Considering that the gentleman was able to beat several people unconcious with only 10% of his strength, could it be deduced that he was also able to beat up one hundred men with 100% of his strength?

"Brother, you're really skilled, almost on par with the Soldier King." The owner gave Qingfeng Li a thumbs up, with an admiring look.

As a former soldier, he admired the King of Soldiers the most, as the Soldier King was so awesome that he was able to defeat tens of people. But after encountering Qingfeng Li today, the owner had completely changed his mind and felt that Qingfeng Li was better than Soldier King because the former could still stay calm and relaxed after a fight.

Qingfeng Li gave a slight smile without saying anything, and drew a circle with the stick in his hand, sweeping out the people around. All of a sudden, the punks next to the owner fell down onto the ground unconsciously.

Qingfeng Li's current enemies were all the kings and masters with skills in ancient martial arts. Therefore he actually had no interest at all in those punks. Unfortunately, there were always stupid guys that kept on giving him trouble, which made him quite depressed.

Having witnessed that the tens of gangsters were all knocked down onto the ground, Green Hair paled with horror in his eyes. He was the head of the gangsters and he was not a fool though, because he had realized that Qingfeng Li was a master and he had gotten in trouble with Qingfeng Li.

"Sir, it's my fault today. I'm getting away at once. Are you ok with that?" Green Hair frowned and said to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li sort of wanted to laugh, since he had beaten up all of Green Hair's men, how could it not be possible to let Green Hair go?

"Want to go? Leave both of your legs first." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly with a domineering look.

Green Hair paled. As a gangster, he knew the meaning of leaving legs was to break off them.

"Young man, I advise you not to be so rampant. Indeed, you're a good at fighting. But do you know who my boss is?"

"Who? Speak it out."

"Just tell you, I get connected with Ming Tie of Iron Fist Sect, to whom I hand in a large part of earnings, you'd better think carefully before you act."

Iron Fist Sect, Ming Tie?

Qingfeng Li frowned with a flash of chilling light in his eyes. He knew well about Iron Fist Sect which was a Sect of ancient martial artists. He had once beat the second son of the martial arts school principal the last time when he went on the blind date with Xiaoyue Zhang.

Qingfeng Li recalled that Ying Zhou, the apprentice of the Iron Fist Sect, was present at that time and was beaten up later. He had never thought he would encounter Iron Fist Sect again now, and it seemed that he could not get rid of this Sect with ancient martial arts.

"Green Hair, if you think I'm afraid of you just because you're connected with Ming Tie of Iron Fist Sect, you're completely wrong." Qingfeng Li gave a chilling smile, instantly kicking Green Hair to the ground.

"Brother, I'm as blind as a bat, please let me go." Green Hair looked scared and whispered, begging for mercy.

It was hard to imagine that the arrogant punk with green hair just now had turned to be a weak chick.

Even if Green Hair was begging for mercy, Qingfeng Li did not want to let the punk go because if he was not strong enough, then he would definitely have been beaten badly by Green Hair. Besides, Green Hair was the big bully in this neighborhood that it was very likely that he had assaulted many persons. Qingfeng Li decided to enforce justice today.

Ka ka!

Qingfeng Li directly knocked over Green Hair and broke off both of the punk's legs with his right foot so that the bad guy was not able to do harm to others any longer.

As for the middle-aged man who did pengci (fake-traffic-accident-fraud), it was a sure thing that Qingfeng Li did not want to let him go, as a result of which he broke off the man's two legs as well.

"Brother, you're really awesome, and you do right by punishing the bad guys like this." The owner of the Hisense TV store spat and said.

"Many thanks for your help just now." Qingfeng Li thanked him with a smile.

To be honest, even if those gangsters had come all together to fight against him at the same time, Qingfeng would still do not care about that. Instead, he was moved by the fact that the Hisense owner stood out unexpectedly. There were so many people around just now, but this owner was the only one who stepped out and helped Qingfeng Li when others were scared to run away.

Pa, pa, pa....

Suddenly, someone applauded in the back. A lady in ancient costume went into the store.

The lady was very pretty, not more than 25 years old, with an oval face and willow-leaf eyebrows. Her white and soft skin was like the finest jade, and her eyes were as bright as the stars. She was so beautiful that she could even compete with Xue Lin.

The lady was wearing an ancient dress that perfectly profiled her soft chest and round butt, by which the Hisense owner was stunned like a fool.

Even if Qingfeng Li felt surprised at such a beauty who was so amazed.

"Wolf King is indeed Wolf King, dealing with those ants with merely 10% of your strength." The lady in the ancient costume said calmly with a tone of compliment.

It was obvious that why the lady in ancient costume had said so was because she heard the dialogue between Qingfeng Li and the owner of the Hisense TV store.

"Who are you?" Qingfeng Li frowned with a touch of alert in his eyes, asked.

Although the lady in ancient costume ahead looked delicate, Qingfeng Li had felt a hint of strong strength from her, which was extremely hidden but still so powerful that it even made Qingfeng Li a bit nervous.

Qingfeng Li even doubted that the lady in ancient costume was stronger than Black Impermanence, as he had not been so frightened even when fighting against Black Impermanence.

"Don't be afraid. The reason that brought me to Eastern Sea City was just to have a look at you." The lady in ancient costume smiled slightly but with a subtle tone of arrogance that was inherent.

"I don't know you, and you've seen me now. You can leave." Qingfeng Li shook his head, not willing to talk with the lady any more, as he felt a trace of horrifying strength from her, which made him sort of worried.

"There're too many people in the mall. Go to the Eastern Sea Bridge at midnight, I'll see you then."

"I'm not familiar with you, why should I go?"

"Wolf King, you had beaten up Green Hair, the footman of Iron Fist Sect, so you'd better go if you don't want to be on the receiving end of revenge." The lady in the ancient costume said with a mysterious smile and turned away.

Iron Fist Sect, hum, last time I had already defeated their apprentice Ying Zhou. How could I be afraid of them? Qingfeng Li gave a cold smile and did not care about what she said.

"Dude, I'd like a fifty-inch Hisense TV." Regardless of the disappearing lady in ancient costume, Qingfeng Li turned back and said.

"No problem." The owner nodded and selected a TV that had clear pictures with top quality for Qingfeng Li in person.

After buying the TV, Qingfeng Li brought Xue Lin to buy a few more furniture items, including tables and tea cups, and then he drove back to the villa with Xue Lin.

As for the midnight appointment with the lady in ancient costume, Qingfeng Li had already put it aside long ago.

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