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Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin were stopped by a young woman once they just went up to the second floor of the TV stores.

"Handsome guy, pretty girl, come here, have a look at our LeTV, which is very popular now." The young woman looked quite fashionable, dressing in a mini suit skirt with pale powder makeup and lipstick on her face.

At the sight of Qingfeng Li, the young woman started to flirt him with enthusiasm, as if she had not been in a relationship with a man for several months.


Qingfeng Li raised one of his eyebrows. He had heard about this TV brand, which had been very popular recently due to an overwhelming coverage of its advertisements, and also had played a great role in the field of smart TV.

The Skyworth dealer next door was a middle-aged fat man. Having noticed Qingfeng Li was about to be pulled away by the young woman, he became worried and said right away, "Handsome guy, have a look at my Skyworth TV, it's a big brand with top quality."

"Brother, come to see my Hisense TV, it's of good quality as well." The owner of another store said. He was a young man in his twenties, who used to be a soldier and currently ran a TV store after retirement.

These people were all TV dealers selling TV sets of various brands, and they wanted Qingfeng Li to buy the TV of their own brand because they could make money by selling a TV to him.

Having seen the people from those stores were so enthusiastic, Xue Lin could not bear with the situation for a while, so she asked, "Honey, which TV brand do you think we should buy?"

Qingfeng Li got bewildered as well because of too many TV brands here. When he was going to select one, there were tens of gangsters rushing up from the first floor.

The gangsters, who all had colorful hair styles and tattoos, dressed in fancy clothes, with wooden sticks in their hands, looking aggressive in a threatening manner.

In front of the gang, there stood two men, one with green hair and studs, the other with short hair and being middle-aged, who was the one that did pengci to Xue Lin just now.

With a cane in his hand and a plaster cast on his leg, the middle-aged man with short hair, who entirely depended on his cane, was a cripple now.

"Brother Green Hair, he is the one who broke off my leg just now." The middle-aged man with short hair pointed at Qingfeng Li, and said ferociously. In terms of age, the man could be as old as Green Hair's dad, so it was so disgusting that the man still called him as Brother Green Hair. In the real world, strength and cruelty were the most important elements of a Big Brother, regardless of age and seniority. Therefore the Big Brother was the one being strongest and most ferocious.

Green Hair touched his ear stud, and shouted to the surrounding people who intended to buy TV sets, "I'm going to beat up some guy, get the hell away if you don't want to die."

The crowd around were scared and scattered right away when hearing Green Hair's arrogant words and seeing the tens of gangsters next to him. No matter where people were, they were most afraid of gangsters, not mention to giving a hand which was nonsense.

Even the owners of the LeTV and Skyworth stores were both frightened so much that they turned back to their own places, let alone the people around. Since they did business at the electrical appliances wholesale mall, they surely knew about Green Hair, who was the well-known bully here.

Everyone behaved as cowards but the boss of Hisense TV. The young man who used to be a soldier stepped out and shouted, "This is the mall. What're you doing here?"

"What're we doing? Obviously, we're beating a man. You can f*cking get lost." Green Hair said disdainfully with a cigarette in his mouth.

What's the fuck, at this electrical appliances wholesale mall next to the railway station, everyone knew his name of Green Hair and all the store owners showed great politeness when encountering him. Where had the punk jumped out? How dare he give me trouble?

The owner of Hisense TV store gave a cold smile, and said," Green Hair, this gentleman wants to buy a TV here, so he's my customer. If you dare to give him trouble, you have to ask for my permission first."

"Kid, you look too rude, let brother teach you how to behave well." Green Hair smiled brutally, raising the stick in his hand and swung it at the owner.

As a retired soldier, the owner was not bad at fighting, so he instantly held Green Hair's wooden stick and lifted a leg to kick him back for a couple of steps.

Since Green Hair was beaten back in front of all the people present, he had been not able to maintain his expression and begun to get very angry.

"Guys, step forward and just beat this kid. While you're at it, beat that fellow too." Green Hair shouted, pointing at the Hisense owner and Qingfeng Li.

Upon hearing their big brother's order, the tens of gangsters raised their sticks and swung them at the owner and Qingfeng Li.

Even though the owner used to be a soldier and did well in fighting that he was competent to deal with three or four persons, he was unable to fight against a group of people and before long he had been beaten up by seven or eight gangsters.

Qingfeng Li stood in the same place, and did not move, until one gangster swung a stick at him. Qingfeng Li grabbed the stick directly from the opponent's hand.

"Eh, where's my stick?" Apparently, the gangster did not see how his stick disappeared, so he asked confusedly.

"You stick is in my hand." Qingfeng Li held the stick, said indifferently.

The gangster went forward hoping to get the stick back from Qingfeng Li's hand while Qingfeng Li swung the stick at his body, which was as fast as a flash of lightning. The gangster was hit and passed out.

"He's tough. Everybody go together!" Several gangsters blew their sticks to Qingfeng Li at the same time.

Qingfeng Li reached out his hand to pull Xue Lin behind himself, and then smacked every gangsters' head in front of him. All of a sudden, the punks fell down onto the ground unconsciously.

"What a group of weak chickens, not challenging at all." Glancing at the fainted several gangsters, Qingfeng Li said in disdain.

For Qingfeng Li at the present, even kings were unable to defeat him, let alone a group of social gangsters.

Having noticed that the owner of Hisense TV was beaten up by lots of punks, Qingfeng Li frowned and decided to give the owner a hand because he was the only one among the people around the mall who stood out to help Qingfeng Li when Green Hair came over.

"Hey, dude, are you all right?" Asked Qingfeng Li.

A hint of surprise came into the owner's eyes, and he responded, " Fine. What about the gangsters attacking you?"

"They're lying on the ground." Qingfeng Li pointed at the several punks lying behind him, said indifferently.

"F*ck, they're all defeated by you?" At the sight of the unconscious guys, the owner's facial expression changed, with a trace of shock in his eyes.

As a former soldier, the owner's physique was still very strong, but he had not expected that today he could encounter a master who knocked down several punks in an instant.

"Dude, you're skilled." The owner gave Qingfeng Li a thumbs up, said admiringly.

"They're so weak, not interested at all. I merely exerted 10% of my strength." Qingfeng Li nodded, with a depressed look.

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