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Chapter 650: Xianzhi Qin's Recruitment Offer

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It was already evening when Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin bought all the things for the living room and completed the installation. As a result, it was impossible for them to go to the company since it was too late to work.

As the dinner was just for both of them, it was relatively simple with two bowls of preserved eggs and lean pork porridge plus two dishes. After dinner, they both watched TV for a while, then went to sleep. Having been busy with shopping for a long day today, neither of them would like to say any words, because they were so tired that they just wanted to have a good rest.

Lying on the bed, Qingfeng Li could not fall asleep as he kept recalling the mysterious woman he met in the daytime, who had impressed him with the strong strength.

"Well, I'd better go and see the lady in that ancient costume." Qingfeng Li got dressed, then left the villa under the cover of darkness.

He did not intend to meet with the lady in ancient costume at first, but somehow Qingfeng Li had a feeling that the lady was sort of odd. He also wanted to make clear about the ins and outs of the Iron Fist Sect, so he finally decided to see her.

It was twelve o'clock at midnight.

Qingfeng Li drove the BMW to the Eastern Sea Bridge, which was the landmark of Eastern Sea City with a history of over one hundred years.

It was late night, and also a very cold day in winter. There were no pedestrians on the bridge, except for one woman standing on the bridge.

The woman was very pretty. Her oval face was like a snow-white pebble, which was still shining even in the dark night, while her willow-leaf eyebrows looked a little graceful and charming. Her big chest and round butt were so tempting. She was still entirely covered by the ancient costume though.

The lady in ancient costume stood on the bridge as if she had come from the ancient times, with an aura like a fairy.

At the sight that Qingfeng Li had arrived, the lady in ancient costume said:" Wolf King, you're on time. Do you know why I ask you to come over?"

Qingfeng Li shook his head when hearing the words of the lady in ancient costume. Now he did not even know her name, not alone what she meant.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Qingfeng Li gave a slight smile, deciding to collect the woman's information first as a pre-emptive action.

"I'm Young Lady Xianzhi Qin of Fiery Emperor Palace, and I come here to recruit you into Fiery Emperor Palace." The lady in ancient costume said in an ordinary tone, but it sounded as if an arrogant peacock looking down upon others.

Fiery Emperor Palace?

Qingfeng Li frowned, as this was the second time he heard about this name. The first time was when he was at the Eastern Sea Battle Arena. An old man in grey clothes, who claimed to be a man of the Fiery Emperor Palace, wanted to recruit Qingfeng Li but he said no. It was unexpected that this time, the lady of Fiery Emperor Palace dropped by in person.

"Sorry, I like freedom, and I don't like to join others' Sect." Qingfeng Li smiled briefly, and directly refused Xianzhi Qin.

"Don't hurry to say no, Wolf King, Fiery Emperor Palace is the top class force of ancient martial arts, more powerful than the Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain. Therefore you'll be entitled to explore the ancient ruins if you join us." Xianzhi Qing continued with red slightly pouty lips.

As could be seen from the name, Fiery Emperor Palace, founded by the Fiery Emperor and the Yellow Emperor, had been existing since human beings originated, with a longer history than that of the Buddhist Shaolin Temple, whi

ch could be traced back to prehistorical times.

When he heard Xianzhi Qin's words, Qingfeng Li was dumbfounded for a second with a trace of shock in his eyes. Both Shaolin and Wudang were regarded as the holy places of martial arts, how could Fiery Emperor Palace be even more powerful than the holy places of martial arts?

Qingfeng Li had been living overseas previously, and just returned to Huaxia for only a short time, so he did not know Huaxia very well. Even so, he still had heard of the Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor, who were the ancestors of Huaxia people, with a history of five thousand years.

"Wolf King, you must know about the Dragon King since both of you are kings."

"Yes, I know him. The Dragon King is awesome."

"Well, I'm telling you, even the Dragon King is not qualified to join Fiery Emperor Palace. Last month, the old Dragon King of Godly Dragon Mountain sent Dragon King to Fiery Emperor Palace with someone's recommendation, and now he is responsible for sweeping the floor." Xianzhi Qin smoothed her forehead hair, and said mildly.

What? Dragon King went to Fiery Emperor Palace to sweep the floor?

Qingfeng Li paled, and he was not shocked, but horrified.

Even though Dragon King was defeated by Qingfeng Li, he was still the King of Dragon Continent, with the strength of the pinnacle tier at Level SSS, who was very strong and powerful. Apart from that, Dragon King was also in charge of the Upper Class Chief's safety. How came such a person was currently sweeping the floor at Fiery Emperor Palace?

Having noticed Qingfeng Li's shock and horror, Xianzhi Qin had a feeling of mingled pride and annoyance, since the man had not yet agree to join in.

"Wolf King, to tell you the truth, our Fiery Emperor Palace had been existing since human beings originated, going through countless dynasties, even Emperor Shihuangdi and Emperor Wu of Han had ever resorted to us. As the Fiery Emperor Palace's power is beyond your imagination, joining us is completely beneficial to you." Xianzhi Qin continued, but what she had said was even more shocking.

Pressing the shock in his mind, Qingfeng Li asked, "By joining Fiery Emperor Palace, what benefits can I get?

Benefits? Xianzhi Qin smiled and said slightly: "Wolf King, joining Fiery Emperor Palace, is the best benefit you can expect."

Qingfeng Li was sort of unhappy with Xianzhi Qin's reply. Dragon King joined Fiery Emperor Palace and turned to sweep the floor. He would not do it if they asked him to be a janitor as well.

"Miss Qin, even if Fiery Emperor Palace is powerful enough, I am not interested now, so I won't join in." Qingfeng Li shook his head, and refused again.

Having been refused twice in a row, a trace of discontent came into Xinzhi Qin's eyes, and she said, "Wolf King, do you think you're very strong? I can tell you, the sect master of Iron Fist Sect is a Higher Heaven level master. Now that you've displeased Iron Fist Sect, there'll only be a dead end ahead of you, unless you join us."

"Lady, you don't need to worry about that. It's time to go." Qingfeng Li gave a faint smile, turned and left the bridge.

The reason why Qingfeng Li came over tonight was that he was a bit interested in Fiery Emperor Palace, but he immediately lost the interest when he heard that Dragon King was responsible for sweeping the floor there.

In fact, Qingfeng Li knew that Fiery Emperor Palace was strong, otherwise Dragon King would not be a janitor there. But Qingfeng Li had his own dignity, so he was not willing to do sweeping at Fiery Emperor Palace.

With sa lightly changed facial expression, Xianzhi Qin stared at Qingfeng Li's back, narrowing her eyes, lost in thought. She originally believed that Qingfeng Li would surely agree to join in as long as she explained to him about the glory of Fiery Emperor Palace, but unexpectedly he refused at the end.

After he left the bridge and went across two blocks, Qingfeng Li suddenly stopped, because there were two men ahead getting in the way.

Of the two, one was Ying Zhou, while the other was a young man in his twenties, who had dusky skin, wore an outfit of martial arts, and had a strong trace of power that was terrifying.

"Young Sect Master, he is Qingfeng Li, the one who beat me previously, and broke off Green Hair's leg yesterday." Pointing at Qingfeng Li, Ying Zhou said to the young man by his side respectfully.

Ying Zhou always treated others in an arrogant manner, but when facing the young man, he turned to behave very well like an obedient cat.

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