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"Brat, how dare you threaten me. You want a taste of my fist?" Ping Yang shouted with a sneer. 

Qingfeng Li laughed, feeling sorry for the guy in front of him. How come there were always dumb people like this one. Honestly, he didn't want to bully them because they are too weak. But they always came up to him themselves.

"Get the hell out of here before I count to three."

Qingfeng Li looked at Ping Yang and started to count, "1, 2, 3."

Ping Yang didn't move a bit but still looked at him with a mocking face. He even waved his fist at him to flex his biceps. Apparently, he didn't see Qingfeng Li as a threat at all.

Well, now I have to resort to violence since talking did not work.

Qingfeng Li walked to Ping Yang, reached out his right foot and kicked at his belly.

Seeing Qingfeng Li kicking towards him, Ping Yang wanted to block it. However, Qingfeng Li was too fast and he kicked at Ping Yang in no time. Ping Yang was kicked onto the floor quite a distance away and started to shout in pain.

"Sh*t, you dare to kick me, you are digging your own grave." Ping Yang was mad. He wanted to show off in front of his sister in law but didn't expect Qingfeng Li to kick him onto the ground with a simple move. This was way too embarrassing.


Ping Yang stood himself up. The pain was giving him a hard time keeping his face straight. He took out a switch blade from his chest and flipped out the blade, pointing it at Qingfeng Li.

"Ping Yang, no blade, put it away!" Seeing Ping Yang taking out the blade, Wanru Xu got scared and yelled. She didn't want Qingfeng Li to get hurt or lose his life.

Wanru Xu was very thankful for Qingfeng Li. If it weren't for him, she would have gotten hurt just now. Who would've thought Ping Wang was crazy enough to take out a blade. He was quite the bastard indeed.

A switch blade?

Qingfeng Li sneered at him. This kind of weak bastard was nothing for him.

"Here is a taste of my blade, boy." Ping Yang sneered and reached towards Qingfeng Li.

"Hurry and dodge it!" Wanru Xu was so worried she was about to cry seeing Qingfeng Li staying there and not moving at all.

Qingfeng Li only smiled at her reminder. He stayed still until the tip of the blade almost touched him and clamped the blade with two fingers.

What? Catching the blade with his bare hand?

Ping Yang was shocked. He had no idea the young man in front him was so cocky. Nipping it with your fingers? Who do you think you are? A martial arts expert? Ping Yang used his entire strength to rip the blade through Qingfeng Li's skin.

But what happened next shocked him completely. The tip of the blade not only couldn't cut Qingfeng Li's skin, but the blade's body also began cracking up.

Qingfeng Li's skin was so hard that no usual blade could harm him.


Qingfeng Li used a little force to snap the switch blade in half and whipped a slap on Ping Yang's face. His face started to swell with five vivid red finger-prints on it.

Wanru Xu was worried that Qingfeng Li might get hurt. But seeing him being so cool, snapping a blade with two fingers, she looked excited. This man was so strong.

"You slapped me?" Ping Yang said with his hand covering his swelling face. Still couldn't believe what just happened.

"You bet I did, damn, I came to get alcohol and you just keep bothering me. Now get out of here." Qingfeng Li slapped the other face cheek and left it swelling as well.

Ping Yang wanted to dodge it but it happened too fast for him to even react.

Qingfeng Li slapped him twice but he still wasn't satisfied. Another kick landed on Ping Yang. With a shoot of pain, Ping Yang was kicked four or five meters away out of the shop and landed heavily on the ground.

"Get lost." Qingfeng Li cursed in anger.

Ping Yang stood up in pain with his face swelling like crazy.

He looked at Qingfeng Li in fear and ran away like a crippled p*ssy. Qingfeng Li indeed scared the hell out of him and all he wanted to do is to run away from him now.

"Qingfeng Li, Thank you for that. Otherwise, I was going to be in trouble today."Wanru Xu thanked him.

Qingfeng Li waved at her, "Don't worry about it. I'm here for some alcohol. So just quickly get me two bottles."

Wanru Xu flushed with a little bitterness. Am I so annoying that you can't wait to leave?

The fact is, although she is a widow, she is only in her thirties and is very charming. She has a lot of admirers. However, Qingfeng Li didn't seem to have much interest in her.

"Boss, please hurry and get me two bottles, I have to get going." said Qingfeng Li, thinking this woman was taking forever.

Yes, Qingfeng Li admitted that the woman had a pretty face. But comparing to Xue Lin, she was not so good looking. And his father in law was still waiting to drink with him. He had no time to chitchat with this woman.

"Here, two bottles of Wuliangye (TL: some dank as* alcohol in China). "Wanru Xu handed him the bottles with bitterness.

Qingfeng Li took them from her and got ready to pay. But Wanru Xu wouldn't take his money. She insisted that they are free since he just saved her life.

Alright then! Qingfeng Li thanked her and left. If you don't want it then I can save it.

Seeing him leaving so fast, Wanru Xu was very confused. This young man is not attracted to me at all?

Qingfeng Li ran back home and heard his father in law's voice as soon as he opened the door.

"Qingfeng, how come it took so long to get it? I thought you were lost and was going to send out a search team." Shi Lin mocked.

Qingfeng Li smiled in embossment. He knew he took a long time so he apologized, "I'm sorry dad, It took me a while to find somewhere that sells alcohol."

Xue Lin frowned upon hearing this. The convenience store has alcohol and he had gotten some from there before. How come he didn't know where to go?

She wanted to ask but knew it was not a good idea to reveal his lie in front of her parents. The question mark floated in her mind.

"Dad, I was late, here, I'll have a glass as a punishment." Qingfeng Li opened the bottle, poured himself a cup and bottomed up.

Drinking is all about the face.

Qingfeng Li was very cocky in front of other people but he kept a very low profile in front of his father in law.

Alas, he was the son in law, the younger generation. The politeness and etiquette should still be there.

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