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"Qingfeng, this winter is too cold. Have some alcohol and warm yourself up." Shi Lin took a sip of tea and felt a little weird. His body felt a chill so he told Qingfeng Li to have some alcohol.


Xue Lin frowned. The air conditioner was on HOT in the living room and the heater is on. This temperature could not be any better. How can it be cold?

The truth was, her father jsut wanted to have some alcohol. He liked to drink so much he had to have some everyday at home. Sometimes he drinks by himself and other times he drinks with friends.

Xue Lin was not a fan of alcohol. She was even a little against it. When she was little, her dad would always go crazy after drinking too much. She did not like the smell of alcohol nor did she like when others drank. But now that her dad mentioned, she had to let him have this one.

Qingfeng Li sure noticed Xue Lin's worrying. But his father in law hadn't visited them for quite a while and now was a good chance for him to play the good man card.

"Dad, wait a moment, I'll go get some alcohol." Qingfeng Li said and left the house. He had to go get some more since the alcohol they owned had already been finished a long time ago.

Noble Palace was a high-end place so there was no convenience store or anywhere he could buy alcohol from. So in order to get some, he had to get out of there.

Luckily there was a convenience store at the entrance of the community, called Noble Convenience store. Even though it is named after the community, it was run by someone in the next community.

The owner's name was Wanru Xu, a widow in her thirties. Her husband died in an accident, which was where she got a large amount of money from.

She could have had a happy and settled life with this amount of money. But her in-laws were very sick and needed to be taken care of. She never re-married in order to take care of them and opened up this convenience store at the door of Noble Palace. On one hand, it was convenient for her to take care of them. On the other hand, she also has something to do.

Qingfeng Li had been here before so he was familiar with the place. Wanru Xu was putting things on the shelf when he walked in.

Wanru Xu had a pretty face. Her eyes shined like two pools of water and her red lips were sexy like a fresh cherry. The white dress she was wearing showed all the beautiful curves on her body. A woman in her thirties was the most sexiest of them all.

The shelf might have been too high for her. Wanru Xu lost her balance trying to put a few bottles of wine on the shelf and fell towards the ground. Not only that, the bottles on the shelf started to fall off towards her as well. In this case, not only would she fall onto the floor but she may also get injured when the wine bottles falls onto the ground.

Qingfeng Li saw this scene just when he walked into the store. Of course he wouldn't let Wanru Xu get hurt.


Qingfeng Li was already beside Wanru Xu in a blink of eye. He held her around her waist and easily caught the falling bottles like a magic show. Then he put them back onto the shelf.

Wanru Xu thought she was going to fall but then she fell into the arms of a man. The manly smell of his body was setting her off and made her blush like crazy. Her heart beat at a very fast speed as well.

She had never gotten so close to any man ever since her husband passed away, not to mention someone this handsome. She had trouble standing herself up.

Qingfeng Li was feeling a little awkward. He only came to get some alcohol for his father in law and now he helped her out of sympathy since he saw her falling. And now she wouldn't get out of his arms.

It was alright if she didn't want to get up. But what's important is that when he caught her, his palm landed right onto her butt, which was a special yet awkward position.

 "What are you doing?" Someone said from behind them when Qingfeng Li was going to put her down.

It was a young man in his twenties, with his hair dyed into bright yellow and arms covered with tattoo. From the first glimpse, you could tell he is not a decent person.

"Sister in law, I didn't know you are like this. How are you falling around with a man!"He smirked.

"Ping Yang, don't be absurd. I was about to fall and this man helped me out."Wanru Xu clumsily got out of Qingfeng Li's arm and said loudly.

Wanru Xu knew that Ping Yang was her deceased husband's younger brother. He did nothing all day but gambling. Not a good character after all.

"Sister in law, I did not expect you to hook up with another man so fast now that my brother had just passed away. If he knew, I'm sure as hell he would climb out of his coffin out of anger." Ping Yang said with a sneaky tone.

"Ping Yang, enough with the nonsense. He saved me just now and that's all."

"Saved you, you think you can fool me like a three-year-old. Then what was the deal with laying in his arm just now?"

"I, I, I…"

"I what? Sister in law? No excuses now? I won't say anything if you hand over the million Yuan from my brother's accident." Ping Yang smirked secretly.

As a matter of fact, Ping Yang wanted more than the money. He wanted to have her body too. But he didn't mention it since Qingfeng Li was still there.

"Ping Yang, that money is to take care of mom, I can't give it to you." Wanru Xu frowned and rejected directly.

"Sis-in-law, if you don't give me the money I'll tell mom that you are taking care of a sugar baby and spending all the compensation from the accident on your boy toy." Ping Yang pointed at Qingfeng Li.

Sugar baby? Boy toy?

Qingfeng Li wasn't happy about this comment. He only came here for a couple bottles of alcohol, and saved her out of a coincidence, and now he was called a boy toy.

Of course, Qingfeng Li got the idea from their conversation. This Ping Yang wants to take the million Yuan compensation and Wanru Xu won't give it to him since she needs to take care of the mother in law. Obviously, there was this conflict of interest.

"Ping Yang, have some respect. I'm only here to buy some alcohol and I'm no boy toy." Qingfeng Li glimpsed at Yang Ping and said with dissatisfaction.

Ping Yang smirked and scorned, "Bullshit, alcohol? Are you planning to buy some alcohol from my sister in law's chest? I can just tell that you are not a good man."

"I'm just going to say this one last time; I came here for some alcohol. I don't have time for this nonsense so I suggest you to get out of my way before it's too late." Qingfeng Li looked angry with his eyebrows twisted.

Father in law is still waiting for the alcohol and Ping Yang keeps talking. This is really annoying.

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