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"Qingfeng, I love drinking, here, cheers!" Shi Lin raised the bottle for a cheer.

"Brother in law, I want some too." Hai Lin opened his mouth, asking for some alcohol too.

Qingfeng Li waved and said, "You are still a student, you shouldn't be drinking."

Hai Lin was not very happy about it. He wanted to have some but there was nothing he could do if his brother in law wouldn't let him have any.

After two glasses, Qingfeng Li and Shi Lin felt something was missing. Drinking was no fun without drinking games. So, the two started playing.

Shi Lin's biggest hobby is drinking so he is very good at the drinking games too. In the game "finger-guessing", he had never been defeated.

Although Shi Lin was good at "Finger-guessing", he had no chance with Qingfeng Li. He lost 10/10 playing with him.

Shi Lin looked at Qingfeng Li in bitterness. His eyes filled with confusion. I am your father in law, an elder. Can't you just let me win once? It is so embarrassing to lose so badly each round.

Xiaoyun Mu saw that Shi Lin had quite some alcohol and felt a bit sorry. She kicked Qingfeng Li under the table, trying to tell him to lose one or two rounds.

Qingfeng Li sure got his mother in law's message and let him win a few rounds. And had some glasses as punishment himself, which made his father in law very happy.

"Qingfeng, you must take good care of Xun after you guys get married." Shi Lin took a sip, feeling a little dizzy and said with a meaningful voice.

Qingfeng Li noded, "Dad, don't worry, I sure will take so good care of her and make her a chubby little wife."

Chubby little wife?

Xue Lin rolled her eyes at the sound of that. She was apparently not a fan of this word. She had always been in good shape and hated gaining weight.

"Chubby is good, then you can have a healthy baby." Xiaoyun Mu laughed.

In her point of view, a couple needs to have a baby in order to keep the relationship going well. Once they had a child, the couple will always be together and build a stronger bond.

Speaking of child, Xue Lin flushed all of a sudden. She shyly looked at Qingfeng Lin with her heart beating fast. She had never slept with Qingfeng Li, where would the baby come from?

But Xue Lin had made up her mind to hand her body over to Qingfeng Li after the wedding in half a month. She would give him a baby and that baby sure can chase the vixen Ruyan Liu away.

Xue Lin had no idea that Ruyan Liu had slept with Qingfeng Li a long time ago. If she knew they did, and that they have a baby already, she would have killed Qingfeng Li.

"Xue, why are you blushing? Are you having a fever?" Xiaoyun Mu asked in confuse.

"No, mom, I'm just not used to the smell of the alcohol." Xue Lin blinked and made up a white lie. The fact was that she was too shy to think of having a baby with Qingfeng Li.

Xiaoyun Mu and Shi Lin didn't think twice and believed it. It is quite natural for Xue Lin since she had always been blushing at the smell of alcohol.

"Dad, we already had an entire bottle, let's call it a day." Qingfeng Li said.

One bottle of Wuliangye, half wasfinished by Qingfeng Li and the other half by Shi Lin. Qingfeng Li could drink a lot and the half bottle was not a problem for him. But for Shi Lin, it was making him dizzy.

Qingfeng Li wanted him to stop drinking for his sake, but Shi Lin didn't agree.

"Qingfeng, I'm not drunk. As a matter of fact, I am way too sober. Here, let's have another one." Shi Lin dragged on Qingfeng Li's arm and insisted on another glass.

Qingfeng Li couldn't do anything but keep drinking with him and they soon finished the other bottle of Wuliangye.

Two bottles done, Qingfeng Li was still very sober. His father in law on the other hand, was already sleeping at the table, snoring from time to time.

"Dad, is that all you can drink?" Qingfeng Li looked at Shi Lin and said bitterly.

"Qingfeng, it is cold today, can we stay over at your place?"Xiaoyun Muasked, knowing she couldn't carry the passed out husband.

Qingfeng Li didn't expect his mother in law would want to stay over with them. He was okay with it, it was up to Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li frowned and turned to Xue Lin, waiting for her approval.

"Sure thing, mom, you and dad can take the first floor, Hai Lin can sleep on the couch, and me and Qingfeng will take upstairs." Xue Lin smiled. She knew it was cold and it was already midnight. She wouldn't let her mom go back home like this.

"Disagree, why do I have to sleep on the couch. I don't want to sleep on the couch." Hai Lin frowned and protested.

"There aren't so many rooms here. You can take the outside of you don't want to sleep in the couch." Xue Lin said. She never spoiled this little brother of hers.

"Alright, I'll take the couch." Hai Lin said reluctantly. He was a little afraid of this sister.

Qingfeng Li was thankful for his passed-out father in law because he could now sleep in the same bed with Xue Lin.

Qingfeng Li held on to Xue Lin's waist and walked upstairs.

"Qingfeng, my parents are here. Watch yourself."

"It's okay, you are my wife and this is normal."

"…" Xue Lin didn't know what to say. A flush of red appeared on her pretty face.

Even though this was not the first time she slept with Qingfeng Li in the same room, every time it made her so shy and her heartbeat would speed up.

In the business world, Xue Lin was a magnificent and arrogant queen. But at home, she became a little girl in front of Qingfeng Li.

"Honey, it's cold, let's share the cover." Qingfeng seemed excited. Even though he couldn't seal the deal with her, a little touchy wouldn't hurt.

Xue Lin felt warmth running through her body when she noticed Qingfeng's excitement. It made her a little uncomfortable. She knew what Qingfeng Li was thinking and it made her heart beat faster.

"Dear, I always kick the blanket when I sleep. Let's just each get under our own blanket." Xue Lin blinked her pretty eyes and smiled.

"No, honey, I was always a weak boy growing up and cannot stand the coldness. You can warm me up if we get under the same cover."Q ingfeng Li put on a pitiful face and pretended to be fragile and weak.

Others might have been tricked by his act but not Xue Lin.

She knew how strong he was and he didn't seem to be ill at all. The fact was: he wanted to take advantage of her.

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